Contemporary Resort Two New Pressed Penny Machines

Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy running all around Walt Disney World Property looking to see if they released any new 50th Anniversary pressed coin designs and spoiler alert they have. If you haven’t seen the post you can check it out here. One of the stops along my travels was to the World Famous Contemporary Resort or as many people just know it as “the one where the monorail goes through the hotel”. I have been fortunate enough to stay here on a couple different family trips and it really is a unique hotel. Some of the rooms are a bit dated, and Chef Mickey’s buffet does not have greatest selection of food, but the California Grill is one of the best places I’ve ever eaten. Did I mention the monorail drives right through the middle of the hotel? Yeah that’s still pretty cool no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

Once inside the resort I headed up to the 4th floor concourse which is where Chef Mickeys, Contempo Cafe, the Outer Rim Bar, the gift shops and arcade are all located.

If you head over near where the monorail security check point is you will find the resort arcade and along the outside wall used to be the most amazing vision that could almost seem like a mirage to pressed coin collectors.

This has one of the biggest selections off pressed coin machines I’ve ever found all in one place. It consisted of 3 separate 3-design pressed penny machines, and then 3 separate 3-design pressed quarter machines which you can see pictured above.

Now however that wall of amazingness has been removed and retired. In it’s place are two new 8-design machines and a collectible medallion machine which you can read about in a separate post here.

The first machine actually includes some special 50th Anniversary penny designs which I had been searching for but also a few other nice new images. The set includes a 50th Contemporary with Mickey & Minnie, 50th Donald Duck, 50th Gus mouse from Cinderella, and 50th Bambi. The non-50th designs include a Classic Mickey, Ariel and Prince Eric, the Contemporary Resort with Monorail and the Chef Mickey logo.

Side stepping about 12 inches to the right you come to the second brand new machine. There are no 50th designs in this one, but instead some updated designs including Chef Mickey with a large Fork and Spoon, Carl and Russel from Up, Mickey and Minnie, Timothy Mouse from Dumbo, a Broom from Fantastia, Stitch, Mulan and Aladdin.

It is a very sad day to see that wall of pressed coin machines finally kick the bucket, but at least we got something in its place. You can’t get quite as many coins all in one location anymore, but it’s pretty close. As we have assumed it looks like the pressed quarter machines are certainly disappearing and there are only few left on property. Thanks for tagging along as I visited one of my favorite resorts the Contemporary. Now it’s time for me to hop back on the monorail and keep looking for more new machines. Have a fantastic weekend and Keep on Pressing!


4 thoughts on “Contemporary Resort Two New Pressed Penny Machines

  1. At the poly I ran into a machine technician and she to me a new machine at the tin soldier coming soon…she said a great Pooh and Christopher Robinson penny


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