2016 Holiday Nickels – Disneyland and California Adventure

We are just a few days away from Christmas and as luck would have it my brand new set of pressed nickels showed up from Anaheim.  These annual tradition at the Disneyland and California Adventure have become something collectors look forward to each year.  Thankfully I had a friend in the area that was able to press me a set and ship them back so I could share them with everyone.


First up is the set available at Disneyland.  The machine can be found at the Main Street Penny Arcade.  The images include Season’s Greetings Mickey 2016, Season’s Greetings Olaf 2016, and Happy New Year Mickey Ornament 2017. Each coin also says Disneyland Park.


The back of these coins has a nice backstamp with Snowflakes and Disneyland Park printed in the middle.


The second set is available over at California Adventure and can be found in the Los Feliz Five & Dime Store.  These coins include images of Happy New Year Carthay Circle 2017, Season’s Greetings Lighting McQueen 2016, and Season’s Greetings Frozen’s Anna and Elsa 2016.  Each coin also says Disney California Adventure.


the backstamp for these coins is very similar to the other set.  Snowflakes surround the Disney California Adventure logo.

Another year has (almost) come and gone and these new Holiday coins were definitely worth the wait.  Nice detail, and being pressed on Nickels makes them just a little more unique.  These are only available for a limited time so make sure you pick up a set, and get ready for another great year of pressed coin collecting.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and Holiday season!!

Merry Christmas 2015!!

Amazingly my daughter is still asleep this morning, so I’ll try to type this up quick before she comes running down the stairs to see what Santa left for her.

I wanted to just wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and hope you get everything you asked for and get to spend some time with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas 02

What did I ask Santa for this year?  New penny machines for 2016 of course.  Plus maybe new kitchen gadget I just can’t help myself.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Disneyland Holiday Nickels 2015

Isn’t this a wonderful time of year?  Originally being from Canada I was pretty used to having a white Christmas year after year, but this year the East coast has been hit with a warm spell.  Today was over 70 degrees which is pretty unheard of, but I’m not going to complain it’s just nice not to have to shovel any snow yet.

Another reason this is a great time of year is that the annual Disneyland holiday nickel set has finally made its appearance.  I was able to acquire a set from a follow collected in Anaheim and just received them in the mail today and I wanted to share them.


The machine is currently located at the exit to the Main Street Opera House, but they are only available for a short time.  The nickels have some great detail to them.  The first image is of Santa Mickey and says Happy Holidays 2015, the second design is of Dumbo with a Candy cane held in his trunk.  The last image is of Mickey wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2016.

Be sure to pick up a set before the machine disappears for another year.  I started collecting these seasonal sets just a couple of years ago but I truly do look forward to their release each year.  They make a nice special set within the Disneyland collection.

Happy Holidays!!

Pennies for the Penny Press – Christmas in the City

A week or so ago I was checking out my Facebook feed wishing some friends a Happy Birthday, and “Liking” various photos of babies, and my personal favorite cute/funny animal pictures.  Then as I aimlessly scrolled the lasted status updates a picture caught my eye.

Since I was a kid I have collected a lot of things, comic books, sports cards, stamps, coins and a bunch of other things but I’ve never gotten into the holiday porcelain collections.  The ones I usually see come out around this time of year and have all different types of buildings, and characters so you can build your own holiday village.  I know some people who have huge collections and take great pride each year building new configurations that cover their entire dining room table.  But once I saw this picture online I had to have it, and it may end up starting a new collection in my house.

Porcelain Penny 03

To be honest at first I thought this was a Christmas tree ornament which would have been really cool.  But once I did some Google searches I found that it was a porcelain piece.

Porcelain Penny 04

Above is a shot from the back.  I will say that this little figurine is pretty detailed, and I could swear I’ve used that machine before.

Porcelain Penny 05

Here’s a close up of the machine and little boy turning the handle as his father searches his pocket for some spare change.

Porcelain Penny 01

I included a picture above of the box the piece comes in.  It’s from the Christmas in the City collection and is called Pennies for the Penny Press.  I found it on Amazon and also quite few on eBay.  It ranges from $10-30 depending on whether is the figurine only or an unopened piece.  Right now I have it sitting on the desk I use to work on my penny collection, but must say it seems a little lonely without a quaint little town to put it into context.  Looks like I’ll be heading out to find some more pieces to start my new collection.