Newly Renovated Park Stores at Orlando International Airport

Just a few days ago I had to make a trip over to the Orlando International Airport so I could pick up some family.  Their flight was due in around 7pm and never really knowing how traffic will be on I-4 I left a bit early to make sure I had plenty of time to get there.  But as luck would have it traffic wasn’t too bad so I had quite a bit of time to wander around the airport.  Thankfully I remembered that some of the Theme Park stores in the airport had recently gone through some refurbishments.  Years ago they all used to have penny machines but most have disappeared, and the only one that was available was in the Disney Earport store but that is now closed for renovations. Go figure!

First I stopped by the Seaworld store.  I always liked that Seaworld blue color and it was all over the store.  The stuff here is the same as you will find in the theme park but I’m sure probably has an airport premium on the price.

I did notice that there was an abundance of Sesame Street merch in the store which would be thanks to the new Sesame Street land that opened earlier this year in Seaworld.  As I wandered through the store I kept an eye open for a penny machine but there wasn’t one to be found.

Next up I headed to the recently opened Magic of Disney store.  This was one of two Disney stores in the airport which are at opposite ends of the main terminal building from each other.  I always felt a bit claustrophobic in this store as it was just small, and not very open but that has completely changed now.  It looks like most of the walls were removed and it’s very nice and open.

I really liked this illuminated Mickey head behind the check out area with the castle silhouette.

Lots of pictures from the theme parks inside and the store was split into areas for all the different Disney properties like Star Wars, Pixar, and classic Disney items.

There was a bit of Halloween merch already in here but that’s not too surprised.  They are already hosting Halloween parties in the Magic Kingdom and it’s only September.  Unfortunately, this store didn’t have a penny machine either which I thought at the very least the Earport machine would have been relocated here temporarily.  But that was not the case.

The last store that was open for me to check out was the Universal Orlando store.

Of course, there was a big section of the store dedicated to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  All the different school houses, more wands that you can imagine and plenty of other fun souvenirs to take home.

The rest of the store was a big mashup of their other theme park icons like The Simpsons, Fast and Furious, and Jurassic Park.

Just like the other stores, there was no pressed penny machine.  But something that did catch my eye is this 2019 Universal Coin.  It was encased in this thin acrylic case with a large cardboard mat around it.  The coin itself just had the Universal Studios globe logo surrounded by reels of film.

The back of the coin has more of the film reels and says “The EPIC Adventures at Universal Studios 2019”.  It’s nice that it was dated so I’m assuming it will only be available through the end of the year.  Although to be honest there were a LOT of these in the store.  Did you see the price tag?  $24.99 for this one coin.  I was really interested in picking one of these up but wow that price was a bit steep and even I couldn’t justify spending that amount.  Maybe if I hold out until the end of the year they will be discounted, fingers crossed.

Located near that big coin I did find a basket with some new Universal Pressed Penny booklets.

The price wasn’t too bad at only $8.00.  Plus you do get one pressed penny embedded on the front cover.

It’s just the classic Universal Studios globe logo but still a fun penny to have in your collection.  I didn’t pick this booklet up at the airport as I’m sure they have them back in the parks so I’ll double-check the next time I’m there.

That was about the closest I got to a new pressed penny at the Orlando International Airport.  As I mentioned at the beginning there is one other Disney store called the Earport that is being renovated right now.  It is due to open again in a few months I believe so I’ll be sure to go back and see if the old machine is back or if maybe we can expect some new designs.  Safe travels!!


Seaworld Gift Shop in Orlando Airport – Orlando, FL

Another weekend has flown by and I had a quick trip down to Orlando for just a couple of days.  My trip was packed with appointments so I was unable to visit any of the theme parks located in the area which left my penny collecting obsession feel a little incomplete.  I mean Orlando is like the mecca for pressed pennies how could I leave without getting at least one.  Thankfully the very last place I was in Orlando happened to have a machine available.


Orlando Airport of all places.  Luckily I had a little time to waste before my plane took off so I wondered around and found more than one machine available.  The first machine I had already collected on a previous visit was located at the Disney Earport Store and you can read about it here.  Since those coins hadn’t changed I bypassed them and kept looking.  There is a Universal Studios gift shop with lots of Harry Potter merchandise but no pennies.  My next stop I hit pay dirt.


The SeaWorld gift had just what I was looking for (plush sea creatures) but more importantly a penny machine.  I could feel my collecting anxiety start to melt away.


The machine was a 4 design hand crank model.  There were some stray coins in the bottom of the machine which always gives me a little concern, but the machine worked nice and smoothly without any issues.


The four designs were basically advertising the multiple SeaWorld theme parks.  The coins included SeaWorld, Aquatica, Discovery Code and Busch Gardens.  This was a nice set to collect and when I finally got home I realized I had collected this set years ago.  This made a nice update to the collection even though the designs hadn’t changed.  My collecting itch had been scratched for a short while and my flight back home was pretty uneventful which for me is a success.  I’m scheduled to go back to Orlando in January and will do everything I can to schedule in time to visit some of the other parks and get as many new pressed coins as I can.

Disney’s Earport – Orlando , FL

For anyone that has taken a trip to Orlando Florida regardless of whether it was to visit the Magic Kingdom, or any other non-magical place (Just kidding) when you come back to the Orland Airport you have probably spent some time in the numerous gift shops available in the terminals.  I know I always visit the Universal Studios store, the SeaWorld store, the Kennedy Space Center store and of course the Disney Earport store.

Orlando Earport Store

Usually by the time we are at the airport our bags are already stuffed with additional gifts and souvenirs but that doesn’t stop us from checking out the store just in case we missed something.  Also for those of you that may not know most of these stores also have pressed penny machines.

Unfortunately in my experience these machines don’t get updated very often.  I checked each of the stores in April when we had our big trip to Disney World and they were the same designs I had pressed some 4-5 years prior.  That was until just this past week.  I read a post online that the Disney Earport store had finally added a machine.


It took me a few days of trying to get some contacts around Orlando to make a trip to the airport but unfortunately that didn’t work out.  So I went to my next resource which is eBay and found that one of my favorite sellers had some sets available for purchase so I quickly ordered a set and a few days later they arrived.

Orlando Earport 2015

The machine has 3 designs which include: Pilot Mickey, Pilot Stitch and Elsa from Frozen.  The Elsa design is the same one available in Hollywood Studios at the In Character Shop and kind of seems out of place in this set but who am I to complain.

So if you’re experiencing a layover or have some time to kill before you flight leaves Orlando International Airport be sure to check out not just the Disney Earport store but the other shops as well for some last-minute pressed pennies.  It will help elevate the sting of knowing your vacation has come to an end, or least that’s what I try to tell myself.  I’ll let you know if it ever starts working.