2015 Walt Disney World Resort Coins – Part 2

Today I received another batch of the new 2015 coin designs.  Right now I have 7 out of the 15 available coins and am constantly on the look out for the remaining few coins.  This most recent batch consist of some designs pressed on Quarters which always look really great.  I think the larger coin allows for more detail and they always press really nicely.  Just like the other designs I had posted about these all have the 2015 year included in each design.

MS Railroad QTR 2015

The first design is of Cinderella’s Castle.  The machine is located in the Magic Kingdom at the Main Street Railroad Station.

Epcot Land QTR 2015

Next is a design with Nemo from the Pixar Movie Finding Nemo.  This is located in Epcot at The Land Pavilion.

AllStar Sports QTR 2015

Always a favorite the next design has Donald jumping and holding a hat over his head.  You can find this machine at the All-Star Sports Resort outside the Game Point Arcade.

AllStar Music QTR 2015

For now the last coin is of Daisy Duck wearing a hat with clasped hands by her face.  This machine is located in the All-Star Music resort outside the Note’able Games arcade.

I’m still on the lookout for the remaining 2015 designs and hopefully will have them before too long.  As soon as I have them I will be sure to share what they look like and where you can find them.


Family Vacation 2015 – Preparation Has Begun

My family is still about 2 months out from our big trip to Florida but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been hard at working preparing for it.  This job I volunteered for encompasses a wide range of tasks, but to be honest I’m loving every second of it.  My mother is getting concerned we are making this a heavily schedule trip so there is a thin line I’m traversing to try and please everyone.  We want to make sure and see as much as we can, but don’t want to be confined to a set schedule and not be able to enjoy the time together.

Initially I was I was in charge of setting up the dining reservations which seemed like it would be an easy thing to do.  But as I quickly found out it’s not just a simple as “Oh let’s do this place”.  First I did some research on crowd level predictions for the week we are visiting so I could make up a preliminary schedule of which parks we should visit each day.  The purposes of this was to try to have us attend a park that would hopefully have the smallest crowd each day.  Then I would check out different places we wanted to have a meal or the characters we wanted to visit and would send an email to each of my family members to see what they were interested in doing.  After a few emails going back and forth debating we made our final decision where to go and I was able to book of the restaurants and character meals we were interested in.


In a few days I’ll be able to book our Fast Passes and we went through the same procedure.  I made a list of rides that we could book a fast pass for, and sent them out to everyone to get their feedback.  These were much easier to agree upon and at this point I have all the information ready to go and just need the day to come so I can get those setup.

While I waited for that day to come I felt we were close enough to out trip that I could start working on my pressed penny schedule for the trip.  As I mentioned in my previous post about this trip it’s our first big family vacation with all the grandkids and I want to make sure I don’t hinder the time together by having them follow me to each penny machine.  To help make this as organized as possible I started planning out which coins I needed and where they are located.

First I used my vacation schedule to see which parts we were visiting each day and then got the list of penny machines I needed to visit.  On a side note this schedule is what I use to keep track of all our information.  I usually include not just the park for the day, but the restaurant reservation time and confirmation number.  This way I have one piece of paper to carry around incase I need it for anything.  I also take a picture of it with my phone for the rare instance I leave it behind somewhere.


Some machines I already have the coins from either from a previous visit, through friends, acquaintances or eBay.  These machines I just need to get a picture of the machine and the corresponding marquee for my website.  The other machines that have a new design I need to press the new coins and get a picture of the machine.  My next step was to create a checklist of all the machines I need to visit.  On this list I have the machine location, design description, coin type (penny, quarter, dime, etc) and what is needed (Picture Only or Coin & Picture).  This way at a glance I can mark off the machines I track down.


My last step is was to create a map for each park that I can use to know when we are approaching a machine.  This way I don’t take our group in multiple directions and possibly waste time backtracking to areas we have already visited.


I usually just do a Google search for the latest version of the park maps to use.  However this year I found a great site called Kenny The Pirate.  He is known for gathering information about all the available characters you can meet through the resort and parks.  His website has a lot of great information beyond that, and he has created his own maps with the character locations listed on it.  This was something I was already looking at creating myself and Kenny saved me the time.  We wanted to make sure and see as many characters as we can during our trip and this map was just what we needed.  To simplify my needs I tweaked Kenny’s map to include the penny machines I needed to visit.  I color coded them so I could see at a quick glance which machines I needed to press a coin at or just get the picture.  I was pretty impressed with my final result and think this will really help out during my trip.

I just repeated this process for each of the parks, and we even have a pool day half way through the week that I will instead use to visit a few resorts to collect new pennies.  I made a similar map of the entire Disney resort property and listed the resorts on it just as I did above.

From now until we visit all I need to do is update these lists and maps should any additional coins go one stage before (or during) our trip.  I always save the files on my computer and back them up multiple times so I always have a copy that can be updated easily.

Usually about the week before we leave I will ensure I have the appropriate number of quarters and pennies to press all the designs needed.  I also make sure to bring a few extra rolls of coins just in case we come across a new machine.  The cast members at the parks are always really great to make change when needed for the machines, but there are some other places that aren’t so accommodating so it always pays to come prepared.

Am I obsessed?  Of course and I don’t shy away from it but I’m also very passionate about my hobby.  I want to make sure my family vacation is as great as I know it can be, and want to ensure that my daughter, niece and nephew get to see everything Disney has to offer.  But I also want to collect some coins along the way.  Our vacation can’t get here soon enough.

Adventure Aquarium – Camden, NJ

Another weekend was upon us and we wanted to take our daughter out again to someplace we hadn’t been to in a while.  She has recently been really into identifying different animals from her picture books, TV shows and iPad games.  If it was warmer out we would probably have checked out a zoo, but with a few inches of snowfall last week we decided to find something indoors.  Luckily we have a really great place about an hour south from our house in Camden.  Now Camden is not the most picturesque place to visit, but right by the waterfront has been cleaned up and is really nice to visit.  During past trips we have visited the U.S.S. New Jersey Battleship, and even Campbell’s Field which is home to a minor league baseball team.  But this trip was all about the Adventure Aquarium.


The Aquarium sits right along the Delaware River and you can see right over into downtown Philadelphia on a nice day.  Saturday ended up being a great day to visit, with the recent snow there weren’t a lot of people there and it made for a very enjoyable and somewhat relaxing visit.

During the month of January 2015 they had a new exhibit on display titled “Dinosaurs of the Deep”.  We made sure to check this out and Hanna really liked the “Touch a Dinosaur” lagoon which was really just a place to check out horseshoe crabs but was still a cool thing to see.  They also have a Stingray exhibit that you can also touch, they swim right up to the sides and as long as you use the correct technique you can touch them without harming them.

Hopefully you have realized by now that if I’m posting about the trip you know there had to be penny machines and this is no different.  We had visited the aquarium a few years ago and I had picked up all of the 16 designs at that time.  Unfortunately the designs were still the same during this visit but the machines are always moved around to different locations.  I decided to press another set because I never know when someone may need a them for their collection.

After we were done with the petting areas we headed upstairs to the Kids Zone where Hanna was in heaven.  There were lots of things for the kids to run around, climb on, and make a lot of noise with.  Hanna found this metal dome that had a drum stick attached to it that she could beat to her heart’s content.  While I stood by filming her first public performance I saw the first penny machine out of the corner of my eye.  Once Hanna finished and very cutely handed the drum stick to the next little girl in line (I was so proud), I gently nudged her towards the penny machine.  Now she is still only about 2 1/2 so she hasn’t caught the penny collecting bug, but my wife kept her occupied while I pressed the first set of coins.

Adventure Aquarium 01

First off I’ll say that all the machines at the Aquarium worked perfectly and rolled great designs.  My family are huge zoo and aquarium fans so these designs I have seen at other locations, but they do have the Adventure Aquarium logo printed on each which makes them a little more unique.  The first machine has 4 designs: a Seal, a Penguin, a Tuna and Piranha.

The Kid zone continued with a frog section, jelly fish, and another shallow touch tank with some pretty large star fish that Hanna almost pulled right out of the tank to take home.  We then wandered back downstairs and checked out the Shipwrecked section.  This is a really unique area that makes it look like you are under the water with boat bottoms hanging from the ceiling and there are aquarium exhibits all along a winding hallway with all the usual underwater creatures.  Eventually the hallways opens up into a large stadium style room with a huge glass windowing looking into the massive center tank.  This tank contains a huge sea turtle, sharks, sting rays, and lots of fish all living together.  My wife and Hanna sat down to watch the show while I slowly headed towards the second penny machine located at the back of the room.

Adventure Aquarium 02

This machine included designs of a Tropical Bird, an Octopus, a Puffer fish, and a Parrot.  After the watching the fish swimming around and wondering how the sharks don’t just eat all the other fish we continued on to the next area.

Hippo Haven was a new area we had not seen the last time we had visited.  They had two large hippos in this very interesting area that had two different viewing areas, one above water and one below.  After the hippos was another large tank that contains many different types of sharks.  Another cool section we walked through was the Shark Tunnel where you get to walk through the tank with the sharks swimming all around the glass tunnel.  This seems to be a popular attraction at most aquariums now a days as I’ve seen this a few times before but it’s still a great way to see these amazing sharks.

Unfortunately once we had finished with the shark area we ended up at the Aquarium Gift Shop where most attractions end.  Hanna immediately ran off to check out all the stuffed animals and other toys on display to try to figure out what she would want as a souvenir.  While she shopped with her mother I found the third penny machine right by the entrance to the gift shop.

Adventure Aquarium 03

These designs were of a Hippo, Flamingo, Porcupine and Alligator (maybe a Crocodile I can never tell).  Once I was done with this machine I knew there was one more and started to think back as to whether we had skipped any areas because I couldn’t remember missing a machine. After walking around the gift shop Hanna had decided on a stuffed Mermaid which she shed a few tears before finally convincing us this was a must have purchase.  We waited in the check out line and as I was paying for the Mermaid I saw the fourth penny machine right by the exit to the gift shop.  After the Mermaid was adopted into our family I walked with my wife and Hanna over to the machine and pressed the final set of pennies.

Adventure Aquarium 04

This machine included designs of a Stingray, Longnose Saw Shark, Sea Turtle and Shark.  We left the gift shop and headed back towards the lockers where we had left our coats before heading home.

I figured I should mention that the aquarium also had 2 medallion machines available with 4 designs each.  I don’t usually collect these but did take some pictures of the designs in case anyone was interested in seeing what they had.

NJ - Adventure Aquarium Token 1a NJ - Adventure Aquarium Token 2a

The medallions are also a little more expensive.  I believe they are $3 each or 2 for $5.  They look pretty nice but the last thing I need is something else to collect.

The trip was a huge success and Hanna had a great time.  We got to see a lot of great sea creatures, and even some “dinosaurs”.  As with most places we will always be back and maybe by then they will have updated the penny designs.

2015 Walt Disney World Resort Coins – Part 1

Over the past week or so I saw online that the new 2015 Walt Disney World Resort pressed coins were finally on display.  For the past few years Disney has created an elongated coin with the year included in the design which started a great subset collection to try to obtain.  Each year the parks have upped the ante with adding additional machines with the same design, and even including a pressed Quarter instead of just a penny.  This year however they have outdone themselves again with 10 unique designs, and 15 total coins (some designs are the same but available on a penny and quarter).

Since first seeing these designs online I have been trying to get them for my own collection.  Even though my family will be visiting the resort later this year, I still couldn’t resist trying to get theses coins.  Over the years I have created some great friends all over the country to help with my collection.  I exhausted most of my connections and just didn’t have anyone that was able to visit the parks to get these for me.  So with all other options gone for now I decided to check out eBay which I usually use as a last resort.  There is one seller that I have used quite often and he came through with some of the first available designs.


The first design shown above is of Mickey wearing his Sorcerer’s Apprentice Hat holding a Mickey ice cream.  This penny is currently available at Sir Mickey’s in the Magic Kingdom.



The second design is of Tinker Bell flying with pixie dust floating around her.  This penny is available in a machine located at the Contemporary Resort on the 3rd Floor concourse.


The last penny I was able to get has Donald jumping and holding a hat overhead.  This design is currently on stage in Epcot at the Mouse Gears store.

I must admit I really do love these new designs, and the though of there being another 12 coins out there is getting the collector juices flowing.  I’ll keep trying to get the other designs and will post them as I get them.  Worse case I’ll just have to wait until my visit in a few month, but I’m hoping I won’t have to wait that long before I can show them off.

Please Touch Museum – Philadelphia, PA

This years cold and flu viruses have hit my family pretty hard the last few week.  It seems like we would just get over one cold and be infected with another.  My daughter was sick most of all and because of this she was house bound most of the time and lately had started to get cabin fever.  Finally the past few days she’s been feeling much better and we knew it was time to get out of the house and do something.

We are always trying to find new things to do, and with the winter weather finally hitting us in Jersey trying to do anything out side is just not an option.  With a quick google search we found a place we hadn’t been to before and thought it sounded like the perfect place to check out, and best of all it was just a short drive over the bridge in Philadelphia.


The place was called The Please Touch Museum located in Fairmount Park just outside of center city Philly near the zoo.  As soon as we walked in my daughter was off to the races checking everything out.  As the name of the museum suggests everything is geared towards kids and they can touch and play with everything inside.  There is a mock grocery story where the kids can get a small shopping card and pick up plastic groceries and even has a self check out they can use to “pay” for their items.  All throughout the museum there are different areas for the kids to pretend and play in scenarios like a kitchen, and even a restaurant.  Below is a picture of my daughter Hanna making dinner with some groceries she had picked out.


There was an Alice in Wonderland area with a hedge maze, and all the characters from the book helping us along the way.  The museum has a nice flow to the design that ensures you don’t miss any of the exhibits.  It was pretty busy when we went but it was so large that we didn’t feel we were crowded in, and the kids had lots of room to play with the exhibits.  There was even a public transit bus and trolley on display for the kids to explore.  Hanna enjoyed driving the trolley.


In the east end of the museum there is a large open area with an amazing carousel.  You have to pay for a ticket with your initial museum admission but it is well worth the small price to ride.  The carousel doesn’t have just horses, and it made Hanna’s decision a little harder with so many options of what she wanted to ride.  She ended up choosing a large rabbit.  As soon as the carousel started she was in heaven and the smile on her face only ended when we had to drag her off once the ride was over.


As we got off the carousel and headed back out to the museum something caught my eye.  There were a bunch of kids huddled around a penny machine trying to figure out how it worked and exactly what it did.


With my daughter by my side I walked up and grabbed some spare pennies and quarters I always make sure I have for just this type of situation.  Once we got to the machine the kids backed up bit to watch.  As I put the coins in the machine and started to turn the handle they were in hypnotized by the clicking noise of the gears pressing the pennies.  Each time a penny was pressed and it would drop into the cup at the bottom I held it out in my hand for everyone to check out.  With the 4 freshly pressed pennies in hand we walked away from the machine and I could hear the kids all running to their parents asking for spare change to use in the machine.


The four designs all said “Please Touch Museum” and had a picture of the Museum, the Statue of Liberty Torch, a Carousel Horse and Kids in the mock Grocery store.  We headed back into the museum and explored the remaining areas.  Hanna had such a great time she was nearly a sleeping zombie by the time we headed home.  She was asleep about 30 seconds after we got back in our car.  As I saw her sleeping but smiling face in my rear view mirror I knew this was a great little trip.  We would definitely be back, and now that I knew they had a penny machine it was truly a grace place to visit.

2015 TEC Member Coin

So far my 2015 has been off to a great start when it comes to my pressed coin collection.  It seems like every day since watching the ball drop in New York at midnight I keep receiving envelopes in the mail with coins waiting for me.  Today I received one of my most anticipated coins each year.

In previous posts I have mentioned that I am an active member in The Elongated Collectors (TEC).  For those of you that are pressed coin collected but are not a currently members of TEC, you simply must join.  I have been a member since 2010 and wish I had found out about this great club sooner.  The wealth of knowledge from the members is amazing.  Anything you want to know about the history of elongated coins, or how to create your own designs, tricks of the trade, or just trying to find some great people with a similar interest in the hobby this is the club to be a part of.

As a member of the club you get a quarterly newsletters filled with great information and articles from other members about any number of topics including my favorite “personal coin pressing trips”.  Included with the newsletters are always some unique pressed coins that in most cases you can only get by being a member.  About a year or so ago I started trying to save some trees and help the club save on postage by requesting the digital version of the newsletter which arrives in my email as soon as it’s available each month.  Then usually a few days later my special coins arrive in the mail and that is exactly what showed up today.

The coin that I really wanted to show off was the 2015 Membership coin.  Each year a new design is created and pressed on a nickel.  I have a special binder in my collection just for these membership coins as I like to keep them all together.  Hopefully TEC won’t mind me showing this coin off as I’m really proud to display it and thought by letting you check it out it may help you decide to become a member.


If your interested in learning more about TEC please check out the website www.tecnews.org.  You can even fill out a membership form directly on the website.  There is a small membership fee but this does include the newsletters, coins and you also help support a great organization.  Feel free to list that you were referred by TEC Member #4237.  This won’t get you any special treatment (sorry) but TEC always likes to keep track of how all the members find out about the club.

As the old American Express commercials used to say “Membership has its rewards”.  This is certainly true of TEC.

Disneyland Holiday Coins – Updated

Happy New Year to everyone!

My 2015 collection has already begun.  Yesterday another package arrived from my California friend with some additional Holiday coins from the Disneyland parks.

The first set is from a machine located at the Kingswell Camera Shop in the California Adventure park.  There are 3 nickels with the following designs: Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto.


The second set is a machine located at The Small World Gift shop in the Disneyland Park.  This is another Frozen set, but the designs are pressed on Quarters which I’m always a fan of.  I always find the larger coin size gives more room for additional detail and they always come out great.  There are 3 designs: Anna and Elsa, Kristoff and Sven, and of course Olaf.


I did see online just a couple of days ago that there is a fourth machine with Holiday coins that just came on stage in California.  Hopefully my friend will be able to get a set for me and if so I will post pictures as soon as they arrive.

Updated January 2nd, 2015:
Just received the fourth set of Holiday coins from Disneyland for 2014.  This machine is located in California Adventure at the Wandering Oaken Trading Post and have more designs from the movie Frozen.  These are different designs of the famous characters Anna, Elsa and Olaf.  These designs were actually pressed on dimes which is pretty unusual.


For 2015 I’ve decided to avoid the usual resolutions of exercising more or watching what I eat.  Instead my resolution is to try to spread the word about pressed coin collecting and to press more coins than any previous year.  I have a lot of great trips coming up this year and can’t wait to share the adventures with you.  Come back and visit often.

Have a great 2015.