2015 Walt Disney World Resort Coins – Part 2

Today I received another batch of the new 2015 coin designs.  Right now I have 7 out of the 15 available coins and am constantly on the look out for the remaining few coins.  This most recent batch consist of some designs pressed on Quarters which always look really great.  I think the larger coin allows for more detail and they always press really nicely.  Just like the other designs I had posted about these all have the 2015 year included in each design.

MS Railroad QTR 2015

The first design is of Cinderella’s Castle.  The machine is located in the Magic Kingdom at the Main Street Railroad Station.

Epcot Land QTR 2015

Next is a design with Nemo from the Pixar Movie Finding Nemo.  This is located in Epcot at The Land Pavilion.

AllStar Sports QTR 2015

Always a favorite the next design has Donald jumping and holding a hat over his head.  You can find this machine at the All-Star Sports Resort outside the Game Point Arcade.

AllStar Music QTR 2015

For now the last coin is of Daisy Duck wearing a hat with clasped hands by her face.  This machine is located in the All-Star Music resort outside the Note’able Games arcade.

I’m still on the lookout for the remaining 2015 designs and hopefully will have them before too long.  As soon as I have them I will be sure to share what they look like and where you can find them.


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