Canada Pavilion NEW Pressed Penny Set – Epcot

This all took place on quite a busy day of traveling around Walt Disney World property checking on pressed penny machines. Earlier in the morning I came across a new machine over at the Art of Animation resort and you can read all about that here. Then I headed home to write all about that new machine and was editing the video for our Youtube Channel when I received a message from one of my penny pals Thelma letting me know about a possible new machine inside Epcot.

I told myself that I would wait until the weekend to go and check it out, but then about 10 minutes later my curiosity got the best of me and I was in my car driving to the park before I knew it.

I was informed that this new machine was located back in the World Showcase inside the Canada Pavilion. There used to be a 3-design machine in the Northwest Mercantile so that’s where I started my search. I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m originally from Ottawa Canada and this pavilion is one of my favorites. I will admit this isn’t a great representation of the entire country but some of the architecture does remind me of home. I always wished they would have a ride here for guests to experience but instead we still have just the circle vision 360 movie. It was recently updated but I personally prefer the older version. One thing that this pavilion does have is one of the best restaurants not just in Epcot but possibly all of WDW property and this the signature steakhouse Les Cellier. It is quite expensive but for special occasions (is pressing pennies a special occasion?) it’s a great experience with wonderful food.

Inside the Northwest Mercantile is plenty of Canadian themed souvenirs, and even some candy that I haven’t seen since I was last visiting the great white north. Along the back wall near a cast member storage room is where I eventually found the new pressed penny machine.

Right off the bat we can see that the previous 3-design machine is no more. I did take a tour around the entire store and confirmed with a cast member that it has been completely removed and those designs we are going to consider now retired. In it’s place is this new 8-design machine that is quickly becoming the norm all over WDW property. The cabinet is a simple wood finish, it does fit pretty well with this store although it would have been perfect if it looks more like a wood cabin but that’s being pretty picky at this point.

Here is a close up of the marquee showing each of the designs in a little more detail. The first design shown on the left is very similar to one that was here in the previous machine. The (c) Disney is now at the top instead of the bottom so it has been slightly altered for this new machine.

The other designs show off many of our favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and even Pooh Bear all partaking in some classic Winter “Canadian” activities like Skiing, Sledding and even Snowboarding.

These are fun a new set of pressed pennies and I’m glad to see Canada getting a bit of an update as well. I do know of a new Pixar moving coming out soon called Turning Red that is supposed to be situation in Toronto Ontario so it would have been cool for them to wait and maybe release new designs around that movie. But again I guess we are trying to stick with the more stereotypical Canadian type of designs and Winter sports fit that scenario better I guess. Will you be picking up these coins for your own collection? Let me know below in the comments, and also when you visit the Epcot World Showcase do you head towards Mexico or Canada?

Have a fantastic week and Keep on Pressing!


PeopleMover Privately Designed Pressed Penny

The PeopleMover opened in July 1967 at the Disneyland Resort in California, and then years later at Walt Disney World Florida in July 1975. Guests board small trains that run on elevated tracks for a grand circle tour above Tomorrowland.

It was initially seen as a serious prototype for future intercity public transportation, and it even appears in Walt’s plans for his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow … EPCOT.

The California attraction closed in August 1995 for various reasons but most assumed was for cost cutting measures due to high maintenance expenses. The track and infrastructure still remain visible out in Anaheim as an unfortunate reminder to park guests of what used to be there. The version here in Florida however is still operating but under a slightly altered name. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

Guests on this popular attraction zoom around the elevated track getting some unique views along the way of Cinderella Castle, inside Star Traders gift shop, blast through Space Mountain, scan past the Carousel of Progress and even take a sneak peak inside Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

To commemorate this fan favorite attraction fellow collector and elongated coin designer Donald Cade has created another amazing coin. In the past we reviewed his Monorail design which you can read about here. This design shows off the original PeopleMover marquee signage but is altered a bit with a fun addition that states Elongated Collectors. It also includes the famous Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow around the edge of the coin.

As with all of Don’s designs he has created another winner here in my option. The PeopleMover has always been one of my favorite attractions, not because of any thrills but more because of the nostalgia. This was one attraction that my entire family would enjoy together usually later on in the afternoon as a break from the crowds and what seems like endless walking throughout the park. We would just sit together, resting our feet and enjoying a bit of a breeze as we toured around in these unique little trains.

Thank you for visiting again this week and I hope you enjoyed Don’s special pressed coin design as much as I do. Be sure to visit The Elongated Collector (TEC) Facebook group as that is a treasure trove of unique pressed coins that are available for your own collection. You never know what may be come available.

Enjoy the rest of your week and be sure to Keep on Pressing!

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort NEW Pressed Penny Set

For anyone that isn’t aware I created and maintain maps for the different central Florida Theme Parks including Disney and all the resorts. This was something I always wished was available years ago when I used to visit the parks every few years to help expedite my collecting. I’ve received many comments of gratitude for having these available and you can find them here for your own travels. But to ensure these are as up to date as possible I do make frequent trips to all the parks and resorts. This was the case on a recent trip over to Disney’s Art of Animation resort.

A couple weeks ago I visited the machine in the Landscape of Flavor food court that was home to one of the 2021 dated designs.

During this visit a few weeks ago I noticed the machine was missing (image above right). My assumption was that this machine had been removed temporarily so it could receive the new updated payment system we have seen many times in the past. The cost would be $1, and the machine would now supply the penny. I had no reason to think this machine wasn’t coming back especially since it has one of the 2021 dated designs and as of the printing of this article it’s only August so lots more time before the end of the year.

That is why on this quick visit I was completely shocked to see something different in this space. It was a nice surprise but also a bit confusing at the same time.

The new machine is one of the newer 8-design versions that has quickly become very popular at the Disney parks and resorts. It’s hard to tell in the above picture but this machine is quite a bit shorter than the other standard models. I assume this is just due to the recessed area it was being installed in. The machine has all the new payment system upgrades, and also some new designs.

A couple of the designs are the same as before, and also include a few from the second machine located not to far away in this very same food court. Due to this I’m assuming that second machine will be removed very soon. On this most recent visit it was still there and unchanged. But having duplicate designs seems odd and I will be surprised if that machine doesn’t disappear in the near future. Hopefully it will come back with other new designs, but now that they have this 8-design model here they may opt to just have the one machine. I’ll be checking back to see what happens here.

I always enjoy a nice surprise new penny machine, but this was definitely not on my radar of possibilities. With that 2021 dated design now missing I’m thinking we will see it back soon in a different machine. Possibly that second machine still here in the food court, or like they did with the Spaceship Earth 2021 design in Epcot it may get moved to a completely new location. This is what’s fun and at times a bit frustrating for collectors when designs are moved around out of the blue. I’ll make it my mission to continue following up on these changes and if I find out where that 2021 design goes you will be the first to know. Be sure to check out our maps for your future Disney, Universal, Sea World or Busch Gardens visits, I’m a bit biased but I think they will definitely help on your squishin’ missions.

Have a wonderful week and always remember to Keep on Pressing!

Velocicoaster Grand Opening Pressed Penny – Part 2

Recently I was visiting the Universal Orlando theme parks just checking on all the penny machines to ensure our park penny maps were up to date. In case you are unaware we maintain maps for most of the Central Florida parks to help collectors with their collections. These are completely free and you can find them here. During this visit I headed back over towards the Velocicoaster attraction to check out the gift shop inside the Discovery Center building.

My curiosity on new merchandise has got the best of me so I headed inside, but instead of new merch something else immediately caught my eye.

As you can see from the picture above the cabinet had a pretty cool looking wrap design making it look like it was carved out of stone and had some Dino foot prints going up the side.

Excited for a brand new set of pressed pennies I headed over for a closer look but when I saw the designed they looked very familiar.

The design in the middle is the same as the one we found initially celebrating the Grand Opening of the Velocicoaster attraction.

I’ve compared them myself and they appear to be identical. I’m kind of surprised they would release two of the same design but this location seems much more appropriate for this penny. It’s so much closer to the actual attraction and most guests will walk right pass this machine as they exit the ride..

The other two designs including the Jurassic World logo and Raptor coins I knew I had seen them somewhere else in property. I took to my online collection and sure enough found that they were available inside the Jurassic Outfitters Gift Shop. The machine is all the way in the back of the store near the exit to the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride. You’ll know you are in the right spot as there will be a bunch of soaking wet people exiting the ride. Above is a picture of that machine and you can see those same two designs.

As much as I was excited to find this machine it was a little disappointing that the penny designs are duplicates and available in other areas of the park. Maybe this means that these duplication ones will be replaced with other new designs in the future. Only time will tell and I’ll be sure to check back on them. Plus since the Grand Opening designs are date as 2021 I would think these also have a limited shelf life before they are replaced.

Have a fantastic week and as always Keep on Pressing!

Our First Custom Pressed Penny!

What to see more details on all the work that went into creating this pressed penny, check out our Youtube Video here.

Way back on March 18th, 2014 I created this blog and made my first post about a visit to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains. I had recently gotten back into the hobby of collecting elongated coins shortly before that and when searching online for stories or information on pressed pennies there really wasn’t much out there. I had found the TEC club and joins, but with newsletters released quarterly that left quite a bit of time in-between issues where I was looking for more stories. So I thought I would go ahead and start documenting my trips in case anyone out there was in a similar situation. When I first was trying to design the blog I didn’t have money to pay an artist or graphic designer so instead I took it upon myself to try and create it from scratch.

I sat at my office desk in the basement of our house trying to come up with an idea and thought about just laying some elongated coins on the desk. Disney is always very popular so I thought by using some Disney coins it would help grab readers attention, plus I figured why not include some TEC coins in case any club members stopped by. Then once I took the picture I though it looked pretty good, and added the black box in the middle to try and help make the text stand out a bit. Boom, there was my first banner for the blog and then in August 2017 when I launched our YouTube channel this same banner was used there as well.

It’s done us well for all these years, but earlier this year I had finally decided that it was time to rebrand a bit. I’ve shared hundreds of stories, shown off thousands of coins, chatted with so many of you fellow collectors and just felt we needed to come up with something new. Now I promise our blog and videos will continue to focus on pressed coins, that will absolutely not change. Below I’m going to review with you the entire process of working on a new official logo and a very special custom pressed penny.

First I needed to work on a new logo. I had tried to make something myself a few times but as I mentioned at the beginning that is just not something I’m good at. I’ll save myself the embarrassment of my designs, and instead will go right to the ones that I had hired professionals to create.

To try and do this on a very reasonable budget I thought I would try using the service I’ve heard both good and back experience but it seems that’s pretty common place for online services anywhere. After this entire process I can say that everyone I worked with was very professional and I didn’t have any issues. Above was the first logo design I received back, this was after a few revision requests. Initially the design was a circle and in a more silver color. I asked for it to be elongated so it looked more like a pressed coin and changed the color to a gold/bronze color to try and mimic a penny. This was not a bad initial design, but I wanted to see what else other designers could come up with.

The second logo design I received is pictures above. Similar to the first design I asked for a few revisions and this was the final product. I liked the circle and ring portion of the logo as being a bit unique, but then with the standard text below I felt it would be difficult to implement this eventually into a coin design.

Thirds times the charm. I was open to trying more and more until I found something that just grabbed me, but thankfully that happened with the third logo. I liked that it portrayed a pressed coins, also had the familiar dots within the logo that usually we are used to seeing around the board of our pressed pennies. This just immediately jumped out as the one I liked the best. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen this as my profile picture. I was so excited to get it that I immediately put on there as my new profile picture. It’s hard to remember all the different places that this logo will need to be updated without our community, but I’ll be working on that over the next few weeks. But before I get to that I was excited to get into the process of creating our own pressed coin design.

I took quite a bit of time chatting with some pressed coin designers, and also chatted with friends in our community that have had their own coins created to try and get some recommendations. That did help narrow my list down quite a bit and then I took more time to review the other designs they each have created to see what grabbed my attention. After all of that I chose to work with Paul Connor at Paul Conner Studios and I’ve included a link to his website in case you would like to see his other work. After a quick email over to Paul with a copy of my brand new logo I basically gave him carte blanche to come up with some ideas. To my surprise Paul got back to me within an hour or so with the above three initial designs. Just like with the new logo, when I saw these options one immediately jumped out at me. But I wanted to get some additional feedback so I showed some friends and family to see what they liked and it was almost unanimous.

I sent Paul an email confirming the design we wanted to proceed with, and placed the order. It took a few weeks for him to get the die created and then the coins pressed.

Waiting for the package of coins to arrive in the mail seemed like forever, but in reality I think it was only a couple of days. When it arrived I dropped what I was doing to tear into the box and see it in all it’s bright shiny glory, and I absolutely love it.

Now for the exciting part. This new logo and special pressed penny is all because of you. Without all your support and kind comments I wouldn’t have been able to do this. I have chatted with so many of you over the years about your own collections and am so happy to be able to share this penny with you my penny pals.

The penny is completely free if you would like one for your very own collection. I’ll just ask that you cover the postage cost to get it back to your home. So all you need to do is send me a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to our new P.O. Box address listed below. Once I receive it I’ll put your penny in the envelope and shipped back to you as soon as possible.

P.O. Box 135512
Clermont, FL 34713

Then if you want to share pictures on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook of your new penny be sure to tag us so we can share it with everyone. Also, I have had some penny pals ask if they can send me mail and with this new P.O. Box you can absolutely do so. I would love to hear from all of you, and just let me know if it’s okay to share your letters with everyone and I’ll create a special section on our blog where we can see all the letters or postcards that come in. It will be so much fun to see where everyone is from, and maybe include some pictures of your own collections.

I do want to say once again from the bottom of my heart that this is all because of your wonderful support that I’m able to make these improvements to the blog and our community. Hopefully this is the first of many special pressed coin designs we can release. Have a wonderful week and as always Keep on Pressing!

Fast and Furious Supercharged Pressed Pennies | Universal Florida

On a recent visit to Universal Orlando Resort, I was just checking in on all the machines to see if anything had changed or if any where missing. Plus I had received a tip about a possible new machine at one of the attractions.

For most of my trip around the park everything appears normal and as it had been on previous visit. Then I entered the San Francisco area of the park and decided to jump on a ride that has become almost a joke within the park. It replaced a guest favorite attraction called Disaster and there were high hopes for this new attraction based on the movie fanchise it was to be based on.

Fast & Furious Supercharged is not one of my favorite attractions, but it does have a few things going for it. The queue is almost entirely inside with plenty of nice crisp air conditioning.

While you are waiting in the queue which usually is not very long (another plus) has plenty of interesting props from the Fast and Furious movie franchise including plenty of cars.

Eventually you get to the actual attraction where you start out by boarding a large “party bus”. Then things get a bit disappointing. Basically your bus drives into a large room where it is surrounded by a large movie screen dome that completely surrounds your vehicle. This is to try and give the illusion that you are in the middle of the movie. But the effects are pretty bad, the story is strange and I know that the F&F movies are a bit out there when it comes to the stunts but it’s taken to a whole new level of weird in this one. After a few minutes of the attraction your party bus heads back into the loading station where you exit and then walk into a themed gift shop. Unfortunately Universal doesn’t allow any video or photos to be taken on their attractions including this one, but if you want to see more of it I’m sure you can google a few secretly filmed videos on Youtube.

The gift shop is called Custom Gear and you can access it without having to endure this attraction. Just outside the store are a few more cars on display and is also where I found the new pressed penny machine.

The design of the machine cabinet is pretty cool. I like the diamond plate trim around the edge kind of like a large mechanic’s toolbox. The red and black colors are pretty inline with the Fast and Furious franchise colors. You may also notice that this machine was released at the now standard $1 price point, and the machine will supply the penny to be pressed. You no long need to bring your own pennies.

The set of designs includes images of the Fast & Furious Supercharged logo, the F&F Family Forever shield logo, F&F Lightning Bolt and Wrench log, and lastly a cool looking exotic car.

So first off lets just revisit the attraction for a moment. I have plenty of friends ask if they should ride it and I always say they should at least ride once and make their own decision. I don’t completely hate it, as I mentioned it’s a nice way to get a break from the hot Florida sun. The movie you experience is pretty far fetched but to be honest that pretty much the same as the Fast & Furious movies. If you like the movies I’m sure you will enjoy this ride at least a little bit. Some friends I know do get a bit of motion sickness from the attraction since your “party bus” is sitting still, but the movie around you makes it seem like you are moving so your equilibrium can be thrown off a bit. If you are subject to this from time to time you may want to just skip the ride.

Now for those new pressed pennies. I do think this is a great new set and I’m happy that we finally got some for this attraction. It opened quite a few years ago and I was surprised back then when no new machine was released but this situation seems to be pretty common for Universal. Look how long it took for us to finally get some Harry Potter pressed coins. Better late than never I always say.

Have a fantastic week and be sure to visit back with us again soon. Thanks for visiting and as always make sure to Keep on Pressing!