Velocicoaster Grand Opening Pressed Penny – Part 2

Recently I was visiting the Universal Orlando theme parks just checking on all the penny machines to ensure our park penny maps were up to date. In case you are unaware we maintain maps for most of the Central Florida parks to help collectors with their collections. These are completely free and you can find them here. During this visit I headed back over towards the Velocicoaster attraction to check out the gift shop inside the Discovery Center building.

My curiosity on new merchandise has got the best of me so I headed inside, but instead of new merch something else immediately caught my eye.

As you can see from the picture above the cabinet had a pretty cool looking wrap design making it look like it was carved out of stone and had some Dino foot prints going up the side.

Excited for a brand new set of pressed pennies I headed over for a closer look but when I saw the designed they looked very familiar.

The design in the middle is the same as the one we found initially celebrating the Grand Opening of the Velocicoaster attraction.

I’ve compared them myself and they appear to be identical. I’m kind of surprised they would release two of the same design but this location seems much more appropriate for this penny. It’s so much closer to the actual attraction and most guests will walk right pass this machine as they exit the ride..

The other two designs including the Jurassic World logo and Raptor coins I knew I had seen them somewhere else in property. I took to my online collection and sure enough found that they were available inside the Jurassic Outfitters Gift Shop. The machine is all the way in the back of the store near the exit to the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride. You’ll know you are in the right spot as there will be a bunch of soaking wet people exiting the ride. Above is a picture of that machine and you can see those same two designs.

As much as I was excited to find this machine it was a little disappointing that the penny designs are duplicates and available in other areas of the park. Maybe this means that these duplication ones will be replaced with other new designs in the future. Only time will tell and I’ll be sure to check back on them. Plus since the Grand Opening designs are date as 2021 I would think these also have a limited shelf life before they are replaced.

Have a fantastic week and as always Keep on Pressing!


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