Epcot China Pavilion Penny Machine #3 – Just released

I don’t know if  I should necessarily call this breaking news, but  I guess in the Walt Disney World Pressed Penny collector circle that’s what this is.  Make sure if you are visiting Epcot you head over to the China Pavilion and check out the third penny machine that has been placed on stage here.  This is becoming quite a collecting corner for pressed coins.  Two of the machines are four design hand crank models, and the third is a three design electric model.  This new machine is located just outside the House of Good Fortune gift shop.

The designs include images off Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald.  Two of the designs list China, and the other two have a unique Disney logos on them.  There is no word on whether these are only for a limited time, but I’m excited to see the multiple machines at this location.

Hopefully some of the other pavilions will follow suit and gets some new updated machines.

2017 Walt Disney World Pressed Coins – Follow Up

** See below for contest to win a free set of 2017 WDW coins **

For those of you that read my original post with the concept design pictures of the new 2017 pressed coin designs this is a quick follow-up.  Shortly after that post I was contacted by a representative at CTM Group (The Pennymen), and we traded a few messages back and forth.  They were nice enough to offer a copy of the entire set of coins fresh from the machines throughout the resort so I could post pictures of the actual coins.


Above is a picture of all the coins together.  There are the same number as last year but I think the designs this year have definitely gone up in detail.


Here I have a picture of all the penny designs together.


Next are all the quarter designs.


The picture above shows a close up of a cool little sub-set within the 2017 dates set.  Each theme park had one design with Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey in the middle, and an icon from each park above his head.  For Epcot there is Spaceship Earth, Animal Kingdom has the Tree of Life, Hollywood Studios has The Tower of Terror, and the Magic Kingdom of course has Cinderella’s Castle.  These four designs are a numbered set which is listed directly on each coin.


All of these designs are really nice this year, but I must say the one listed above is my personal favorite.  When I first saw it I just thought it was fantastic.  This design is located in the Magic Kingdom at the Main Street Railroad Station.  It’s cool that all four of the park iconic symbols are all on one coin along with the 2017 year.  This is really a great way to start off the new year.

Obviously these will be around for the entire year, but do not hesitate to get yourself a set.  These are a great addition to any collection and will be gone before you know it.

**Thank you to the CTM Group team for all their work on these new designs, and for taking the time to reach out.  It was very much appreciated!

This is a chance for you to get a complete set of the 2017 Coins listed above.  This will include all 15 coins (8 Pennies and 7 Quarters).

All you need to do is post a comment below with any ideas you have for the 2018 annual set that you would like to see for next year.  This can be a set of movies, characters, ride or attractions, food (Mmm…Dole Whip Penny), let your imagination run wild.

Post as many times as you like.  Then at the end of the month (3/31/2017) I’ll randomly select a winner and will contact you for your mailing information.

Good luck!!

2016 WDW Trip Day 2 – Epcot

I mentioned previously that our Resort this time was the Beach Club.  Due to our party size we were assigned one of the villas which are primarily for the Vacation club members.


The villas include two bedrooms, a living room area and dine-in kitchen which made for plenty of room since we were a group of six.  The villas were a little bit of a hike from the main lobby and we actually got lost the first time trying to find them.  But ran into a very nice cast member that was more than happy to walk us over and make sure we found it.


There was actually a private pool for villas guests which was just a quick elevator ride down to the main floor.


The resort was under a bit of construction but we really didn’t run into any inconveniences.  One of the really nice perks of the villas was a pathway that lead right over towards Epcot and in about a 10 minutes walk we could be in the park.  On our second day we took advantage of this and had planned to spend the day here.  When we arrive at the back/side entrance to Epcot we scanned our MagicBands but had to wait a few minutes for the park to open.  As you would assume Disney has this area strategically setup with a gift shop called the World Traveler.


We decided to spend a few minutes wandering through this store and I came across the first machine of many this day.


This machine’s cabinet struck me a quite unique.  It wasn’t overly flashy or themed but was just a nice looking piece of hardware.  It worked very well and gave me a nice set of pennies.  The images on the coins were of Mulan, the China Pavilion, and Elsa from Frozen.  We saw people starting to move around outside and realized they were about to drop the rope.  Now something to remember is that the International Gateway opens up later in the morning so you are somewhat ushered towards the front part of Epcot where Spaceship Earth and Test Track are located.


One of our guilty pleasures at Epcot is Spaceship Earth.  It’s not the most thrilling ride but always entertaining and reminds me of visiting this park as a child.  We then headed over to the Land Pavilion for our Soarin’ Fastpass.  This year Hanna was tall enough to ride this with us and this was also our first time seeing the new Soarin’ Around the World experience.  I have heard a lot of negative things about it but I just try to enjoy it for what it is and not be overly critical.  Some of the in your face transitions between scenes are obviously heavily CGI, but it’s still enjoyable and Hanna was really amazed with it and talked about it for the rest of the day.  Some of our group needed a pit stop so I always take these opportunities to find nearby machines.


Just outside the Garden Grill revolving restaurant are three machines.  I had documented all three last year, and this year only one of the designs had changed.  This is one of the locations that has the new yearly designs.  This machine pressed the images on quarters and shows 2016 Donald with a Tuba, Merida with her Three Bear Brothers, and Mickey Donald & Goofy Soarin’.  Just a short walk from the Land Pavilion is the Journey into Imagination with Figment attraction.  I know I had been on the original version back when I was a child, and to be honest don’t think I’ve been on it in over 10 years.  I thought this would be fun for the kids this time around and they really seemed to like Figment.  After the ride was over we found ourselves checking out the Image Works store.


I had used this machine about 5 or 6 years ago and I must have been desperate for pennies because the ones I had used were almost completely black and the images were next to impossible to make out.  This time around I made sure to use much better quality coins and they came out great.  The designs had Imagination Institute Logo, Figment, and an Epcot Logo.  By this time the World Showcase had opened and we were on a missing to hit as many of the Pavilions as we could before the kids needed a break back at the resort.  One event we weren’t prepared for was that the Wine and Food Festival was going on and the crowds were crazy, at least crazier than we were used to.  To try to bypass the bottleneck of people flooding into this area of  the park we immediately jumped on the ferry from the Friendship port that transported us over to the France Pavilion.  We stopped inside for a quick-lunch and I went to find the penny machine located in Les Halles Patisserie.


This machine is located in the back of the gift shop.  The designs are of Mickey with the Eiffel Tower, and the France Pavilion.  Wait only two pennies?  I’ll let you in on a secret, there is a hidden third coin available here.  But as you can see from the picture above of the machine there is no button for a third design.  There is actually an in park game called Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.  Agent P is a secret agent platypus from the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.  You get an interactive phone that gives you clues taking you around the World Showcase trying to catch the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  One of the locations you go to is the France Pavilion and you use the phone on the penny machine to press the hidden design.  Now another quick tip, the game is random and you may not get the France clue so sometimes it takes a few games before you can get the coin.  Below I have a picture of this secret penny from my collection.  Kind of a cool way to make a special souvenir.


Right next door to France is Morocco,  sorry not geographically just Epcot Pavilion wise.  This is a really cool pavilion that I enjoy wandering through as the shops are really unique and the details of the architecture are really intriguing.  Hidden away in one of the side shops is their penny machine.


The penny available here have pictures of Mickey wearing a Fez hat, the Morocco Pavilion, and Mickey with a Suitcase and Globe.  A little further around the lagoon we stopped into the American Adventure.


In the gift shop (as with pretty much all of the pavilions) the penny machine was just inside the main door.  These pennies had designs of Uncle Same Mickey, Baseball Mickey USA, and Duffy Bear wearing a Baseball uniform.  Next up was the Italian Pavilion which has a nice wine shop that you cut through to the main gift shop.  They do have a very nice wine selection of imported Italian vino.


The penny machine in the Italy pavilion has very similar designs to many of the other pavilions.  These included Mickey with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Italy Pavilion, and Mickey’s Face / Italy.  The next stop has always kind of seemed out-of-place in the World Showcase, it’s not a full pavilion but is knows as the African Outpost.  There are some carts along the walkway with things for sale and a little shack/shed type building with some more items for sale.


This place has one of the few 4 design hand crank machines available.  The images are of Rafiki’s drawing of Simba, Pumbaa Simba & Timon, Safari Donald, and Tracker Mickey.  Another short walk away was the China Pavilion which is always fun to check out.  We actually ate dinner here one night at the Nine Dragons restaurant.  I had heard mixed reviews about the food and service, but on our visit everything was really wonderful and my family said it was one of the more memorable meals we had on this trip.  Make sure you stop by and give it a try.

ept-china-machine-01   ept-china-machine-02

I had written about these new designs earlier in 2016 and you can read about them here.  This stop just gave me the change to take some pictures of the new machines I wasn’t able to get previously.  Now we were at the big one, Norway.  I only say that because this pavilion has gotten crazy with the recent opening of the new Frozen Ever After ride that replaced the fan favorite Maelstrom.  We actually had Fastpasses to check out the ride but just as we got there all our phones started buzzing with notifications.  Apparently the ride was temporary down (broken) and we could either try coming back later and use our Fastpasses or we could experience any other attraction instead.  Not knowing exactly when this ride would be operational again we opted to ride Test Track once we were done with the pavilions.  So for now we just checked out the gift shops now filled with even more Frozen merchandise.

ept-norway-machine-01   ept-norway-machine-02

The first machine is located in the Puffin’s Roost shop and has designs of Mickey with a Viking Hat, the Norway Pavilion, and Mickey Holding lot of different Country Flags.  The second machine is an 8-design touch screen that was moved here recently.  This machine used to be located at the Once Upon a Toy Store in Disney Springs.  The images haven’t changed and it’s still a numbered set all with Frozen characters.  Feel up for a Margarita?  By this time of day we definitely were in need of some tequila and luckily the Mexico Pavilion was right next door.

ept-mexico-01  ept-mexico-01a

This penny machine is right in the middle of the pavilion and this place is pretty dark inside.  I’ve tried on various occasions to take pictures of this machine and they always come out terrible.  This time was a little better, but I included a photo of the marquee so you can see the designs a little better.  You can see they have Mickey with a Sombrero, Duffy Bear wearing a Poncho, and the Mexico Pavilion.  We were almost done with the pavilions but wanted to head over to use our Fastpass for Test Track I mentioned earlier.  Hanna wasn’t a fan of this ride but it’s still one of our favorites.  I quickly headed over to the Mission Space attraction gift shop.  Years ago I rode this ride and it was pretty intense for me so I haven’t ridden it since.  But that doesn’t stop me from heading into the gift shop to press the pennies here from time to time.


This machine has a nice themed cabinet but I find the coins press a little short every so often.  The pennies have pictures of Mickey and his team in Space Suits, the Mission Space Logo, Mickey Minnie and Pluto in Space Suits.  With an upcoming dinner reservation at the Polynesian Village Resort’s O’Hana we needed to get moving towards the front of the park to hop on the Monorail.  Cutting through the huge Mouse Gears gift shop was our next stop.


Interested in more of the 2016 annual designs?  Good because this is where to find one.  This machine has Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey with Spaceship Earth, Anna from Frozen, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey 2016 all pressed on pennies.

I’ll review our dinner at ‘Ohana and our trip to all the Monorail resorts to get more coins in the next post.  For now we will just skip forward a few hours and we are cutting through Epcot heading back to our resort.  Along the way through there were a few final machines I needed to visit.  Right where Future World and the World Showcase meet are two gift shops.

ept-traders-machine-02   ept-port-of-entry-machine-01

The machine on the left is from the Disney Trader’s store.  I’m not really sure what is going on with the design of this machine, but it pressed pennies perfectly so I’m not going to complain.  The images on these coins are Jessica Rabbit, Jack Jack from The Incredibles and a Large 2016 with Sorcerer’s Hat.  The machine on the right is from the Port of Entry store, and has coins with Tourist Mickey, Uncle Sam Mickey, and Duffy with a Chinese Outfit on.  We made a quick stop by the Canadian Pavilion (a must for us former Canadians) and finished our trip around the world at the United Kingdom Pavilion.


As far as I know this machine has never moved in all the years I’ve been visiting.  But it always is the hardest one for me to remember where it is located.  Most of the gift shops here are all interconnected but it’s in one towards the back of the pavilion.  If you ask the cast members here will be more than happy to show you where it is.  These pennies have pictures of Mickey with Big Ben, the UK Pavilion, and Duffy wearing a Kilt and Hat.

I’m sure you can image that by this time our little ones (and big ones myself included) were pretty exhausted.  Thankfully we only had a short walk back past the World Traveler store, over the bridge (and through the woods, just kidding) back to our resort room.  Everyone crashed pretty quickly without much complaint.  We had more parks to visit and a whole lot more machines to check out.

2017 Walt Disney World Pressed Coins

We are just a couple of days away from a brand new year and just this evening I was browsing some websites and came across an early surprise.  On one of my trips to WDW last year I noticed that a lot of the pressed coin machines had a website address listed to get the most up to date locations of all the machines across property.  I took a picture so I wouldn’t forget about it when I came home.


This website has become just another routine I go through a few times a week.  I check out the website to see if anything has changed, moved or best of all a new machine is available.  Just a short while ago I was checking out the website and almost fell off my couch when I started to see new 2017 coins all around the parks.  Unfortunately I am not currently near Orlando and won’t be for a few weeks so I cannot actually confirm that these machines are up and running.  But I’m sending out requests to friends in the area to try to get pictures but most importantly press these beautiful new coins.  As I acquire the coins I’ll update this post with the actual pictures, but for now I wanted to share the images that are available on the above CTM Group website.

mk-emporium-2017   mk-sir-mickeys-2017

These first two coins are available in the Magic Kingdom.  The penny on the left is in the Emporium Store, and the penny on the right is at the Sir Mickey’s Gift Shop.

ept-disney-traders-2017   ept-mouse-gears-2017   ept-the-land-2017-qtr

The next three coins are located in Epcot.  The penny on the left is from the Disney Traders Gift Shop, the penny in the middle from the huge Mouse Gears Gift Shop, and the quarter on the right is from The Land Pavilion near the Garden Grill Restaurant.


Over at Hollywood Studios there is just one coin listed at this time.  It’s available at what I call the Muppet’s Gift Shop but is technically referred to as the Stage One Company Store.

ak-chester-hester-2017   ak-wildlife-express-2017-qtr

Located in Animal Kingdom are the next couple coins.  The penny on the left is at Chester and Hester’s in Dinoland USA.  The quarter on the right is at the Wildlife Express Train Station.

rst-contemporary-resort-2017-qtr   rst-contemporary-resort-2017

The last batch of coins are available at various resorts.  However the resort locations have not changed from last year.  At the Contemporary Resort are the above two coins and are right near the Monorail station.


A quick Monorail trip over to the Grand Floridian will get you to the next machine.  It’s still located on the second floor just inside the doors that lead to the Monorail station.

rst-all-star-music-2017-qtr   rst-all-star-sports-2017-qtr

Finally the last two quarters are over at the All-Star Resorts.  If you aren’t staying at these resorts they can be a bit out of the way to get.  The quarter on the left of Goofy is over at the All-Star Music resort just outside the Note’Able Games Arcade.  The quarter on the right of Donald is at the All-Star Sports resort outside the Game Point Arcade.


hs-rock-around-the-shop-2017 mk-ms-train-station-2017-qtr

Found images of the “last” two 2017 designs that will be available.  I’m just assuming they are sticking with the 15 designs but we can always hope for more.  The above penny on the left is located at Hollywood Studios in the Rock Around the Shop, and the quarter on the right is in the Magic Kingdom at the Main Street Train Station.

Happy collecting, and have a great New Years!!

Flashback – 100 Years of Magic 2002 WDW

Every few years Disney has a celebration that extends through the theme parks and of course their merchandise.  Thankfully for us pressed coin collectors this can also mean special limited designs are available for only a few months or if we are lucky up to a year.  With some of the new coins for this year already showing up I have noticed that 2016 apparently is the year Disney will celebrate Music, Magic and Memories.

This got me thinking about another celebration that was going on during one of my visits to Walt Disney World.  As we flashback to 2002 the resort was celebrating 100 Years of Magic.  This was to commemorate 100 years since Walt’s birth.

I visited the resort in the summer of 2002 just on a small vacation with some friends. In preparing for this post I went through some old pictures trying to find anything that had the 100 Years of Magic designs but couldn’t find anything.  However what does stick in my mind was the huge assortment of pressed quarters that were available throughout the theme parks and resorts.  I must admit that at this time I wasn’t as obsessed with collecting pressed coins and would only use my spare change to pick a few random designs, and this pains me to this day.  Especially as I look back at this special set which I really think was a great collection.  I only picked up a few of the coins during that trip, and the years since I have spent trying to fill in the missing designs.


In total there were about 50 designs available during this celebration.  As you can see from the above picture I have 11 so far, but I keep searching and trading whenever I come across another design needed to finish this set.  I’m not sure what it is exactly about this set, but I just really enjoy it and think the designs are great.


These designs covered all aspects of the parks as well as each resort and other areas of the property.  The above design was what I considered the main design for the celebration.  It has Mickey sitting on top of the 100 Years of Magic logo.


One of my personal favorites the monorail was also available to press.  Another nice detail on each of these coins is the established date.  Monorail Est 1971.


Here is definitely a flashback, Pleasure Island Est 1989.  For those young ones out there this is the original Downtown Disney area.  I remember after a certain time of night you had to show ID that you were over 21 to access the numerous clubs and bars.  Next up the resorts.


The Polynesian Resort Est. 1971.


Animal Kingdom Lodge Est. 2001


Wilderness Lodge Est. 1994


Beach Club Resort Est. 1990


Pop Century Resort Est. 2002


Coronado Springs Resort Est. 1997


Port Orleans Resort French Quarter Est. 1991


Port Orleans Resort Riverside Est. 1992

I still have quite a way to go before completing this set, but the hunting and searching is part of the fun.  Be on the lookout whenever you are out collecting for special edition designs you just never know when you may come across them.  However make sure you have enough pocket change to get the entire set because you just never know when you may be able to find those coins again.

China Pavilion – Epcot WDW

In all my time collecting pressed coins from Walt Disney World I don’t remember a time when there was a machine located at the China Pavilion.  To be honest I didn’t go through each and every penny I have in my collection, but just from memory if there were coins here it was a long time ago.  Now all of a sudden as this beautiful pavilion they have not just one but two penny machines.

This really is one of the more picturesque pavilions located in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Unfortunately since my family usually starts by the Canadian pavilion and work counterclockwise around the Lagoon.  I’m not sure why other than we are Canadian, but in any case we are usually pretty tired by the time we get to the China pavilion and don’t spend much time here.  Which is really a same because this is a great place to check out.  When you do visit the pavilion you will want to stop by the House of Good Fortune Gifts.

Good Fortune Gifts

This place has all sorts of great goodies from China, including a large selection of souvenirs, candies, and of course tea, tea pots and beautiful tea sets.  Also located in this store near the doors that lead to the promenade is the first penny machine.  I will say that these coins did prove to be a little elusive for me, and I eventually found a set on eBay from a seller I use quite often.

EPT - China 01

It’s an electric three design machine that includes inmates of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto.  If you are visiting this pavilion and use this machine you can walk out into the promenade towards the museum building and you will find the second machine.

EPT - China 02 Pennies

The second machine is a 4 die hand crank model with images of Donald Duck “Strength”, Goofy “Good Luck”, Mulan in front of the China Pavilion, and Goofy pulling a Rickshaw carrying Mickey and Minnie.

After getting these two sets I am really impressed with the designs.  They make for a nice additional to the World Showcase series, which now includes designs for all of the country pavilions.  It’s the United Nations of pressed coins and fits neatly in your pocket.

2016 WDW Pennies & Quarters

They’re here!!!

It’s that time of year again and Walt Disney World has released their new 2016 pressed penny and quarter designs at various locations throughout the resort.  Just like last year they have released 15 designs in total.

2016 WDW Complete Set

As you can see above there is a nice variety of designs including the famous Disney Characters, the castle and even the ones with just the 2016 year listed.

2016 WDW Pennies All

Here is a shot of just the penny designs which just like last year have 8 designs in total, and below is a picture of the 7 quarter designs.

2016 WDW Quarters Complete

Now let me go over each individual coin so you can see a close up and I’ll review where to find each one.

2016 Magic Kingdom Penny 02

First up we will visit the Magic Kingdom where you can find 4 of these designs.  The picture above is of Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey with his hands outstretched is pressed on a penny and available at Sir Mickey’s Store near Cinderella’s Castle.

2016 Magic Kingdom Penny 03

The penny on the left is of Cinderella’s Castle and can be found at the Emporium on Main Street.

2016 Magic Kingdom Penny 01

The third design is also on a penny and shows Apprentice Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto surrounding the 2016.  This penny is available at the Splashdown Photos Preview at the end of Splash Mountain (Tip: You don’t need to actually go on the ride but can walk back trough the gift shop towards the exit of Splash Mountain to access this machine).

2016 Magic Kingdom QTR 01

The only 2016 quarter design available in the Magic Kingdom can be found at the Main Street Railroad Station at the bottom of the stairs.  The image is of Cinderella’s Castle above the 2016.

2016 Epcot Penny

Over at Epcot they have two designs available.  The first is located in the huge Mouse Gears gift shop in Future World.  The penny had Apprentice Mickey controlling the waves surrounding him.

2016 Epcot QTR

A short walk over towards The Land is where you will find the second coin at Epcot.  It’s located right outside the Garden Grill revolving restaurant and has Donald with a Tuba wrapped around his neck.

2016 Animal Kingdom Penny

At the Animal Kingdom park the penny design is available at Chester & Hester’s Dino Treasures.  Are you noticing a theme here?  This design also has an image of Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey with his magic wand.

2016 Animal Kingdom QTR

The second coin is available at the Harambe Railway Station.  Here you will find the quarter design which has Pluto playing a saxophone.

2016 Hollywood Studios Penny

So far Disney hasn’t released the new name of this park so for now I’m still going to call it Hollywood Studios.  This park also has two designs available.  The first is a penny located at the Prop Shop along with about 12 other machines (not really but pretty close).  This is a nice image of 2016 with the Sorcerer’s Hat on top of the zero.

HS - Mickeys of Hollywood 2016 QTR

UPDATED: This quarter design is in a machine that was originally located at the Mickeye’s of Hollywood store, but was moved to the Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios.  My friend was able to find the machine at the Pizza Planet but recently it seems to have gone missing.  If any of you have been keeping up with Disney renovation news the Pizza Planet is about to be closed down (maybe moved) to make room for the new Star Wars and Toy Story lands.

2016 Contemporary Resort Penny

Time to ride the monorail.  First stop is the Contemporary Resort, and the awesome wall of pressed coin machines located on the 4th floor concourse directly below the monorail platform.  The penny design has 2016 in the middle surrounded by 6 different Disney characters.

2016 Contemporary Resort QTR

The machine with the quarter design is also located on the 4th floor concourse.  This is a really nice coin.  2016 is in the middle and surrounded by Music, Magic, Memories (2016’s theme) and a banner that says Where magic lives.

2016 Grand Floridian Resort Penny

Three monorail stops later and we are at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  Taking the monorail will have you on the exact floor of the resort you need to be for the penny machine.  It’s located on the 2nd floor Lobby and has an image of Goofy playing a drum.

2016 All-Star Sports QTR

These last two will require a trip on a bus (or take your car) over to the All-Star Resorts.  The first stop is at the All-Star Sports Resort to find the above quarter design located at the Game Point Arcade.  The image is of Minnie Mouse playing a Bass Violin.

2016 All-Star Music QTR

Just one resort over and you arrive at the All-Star Music Resort.  The quarter machine is located at the Note-able Games Arcade and shows Daisy playing a violin.

Whew!!  That’s the whole set for this year, and as I said last year it looks like they are really trying to up the ante each year which I think is completely awesome.  I like that there are no duplicate designs this year and can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the year.

WDW Trip Day 3 – Epcot

Another beautiful day greeted us in Orlando and for our second full day we were headed to Epcot.  But first we took the elevator from our room down to the 4th floor concourse to have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.

IMG_5613 (1)

This is one of those location that is a must do at least once.  It’s a character meal and we obviously opted for the breakfast buffet that consists of pretty standard Disney items.  The main reason to visit is an up close and personal visit with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. We met each one in turn and they never rushed to the next table.  We got lots of great pictures and asked for each of their autographs to continue filling up our books.  Above is a picture of my niece Ava with Minnie Mouse.

With breakfast done we jumped on the monorail and headed to the ticket and transportation center where we had to get off one train, walk down a ramp, then up another ramp to an adjacent monorail that would take us over to Epcot.  It seems like it took a long time, but in reality was only about 15 minutes before we were wandering up to the giant golf ball…uh sorry Spaceship Earth.

IMG_5517 (1)

 We had a Fastpass coming up for Spaceship Earth but did have a little time to waste.  So we didn’t want to wander too far and chose to wander around Innoventions East.  There were some interesting exhibits that the kids loved playing with.  I slowly made by way around to the far side of the building where the two penny machines were located.  The first machine was located by the Video Playground, and the second was near the exit across from the Great Piggy Bank adventure.

Innoventions West  Innoventions East

Both machines were hand crank models with 4 designs each.  Machine #1 had: Phineas and Ferb, Spaceship Earth with Goofy outside, Agent P, and Duffy the bear.  Machine #2 included: Mickey’s face, Phineas and Ferb, Figment and Agent P.  Our Fastpass time had started so walked back to Spaceship Earth and got on with very little wait (Thank you again Fastpass).

After that we headed over towards Soarin’ but already it had over an hour wait.  Since we already had a Fastpass schedule for Test Track later in the day we weren’t allowed to have one for Soarin’ at the same time.  Instead we checked out the Livings Seas to ride Nemo & Friends.  This is an interesting ride that takes you through the large aquarium but projects the Nemo characters in a way that they seem to actually be swimming in the tanks with all the real aquatic creatures.  Once the ride was over in classic Disney strategy we exited through the gift shop which worked in my favor since there were two more machines located here.

Living Seas P  Living Seas Q

First was a 4 design penny machine with: Mickey in a scuba suit, the Seagulls (“Mine, Mine, Mine”), Crush the turtle, and Nemo, Dory & Marlin.  The second machine had 3 designs all on quarters: Nemo, Dory and Crush.

At this time we just started wondering around.  We were saving the World Showcase for later that night so we were avoiding that area for now.  Our kids came across a playground area with some topiary that looked like the Monsters, Inc characters Mike and Sully.  Knowing this would keep them busy for a while I quickly headed over to use some other machines.  On the far side of the dancing fountain behind Spaceship Earth is the Mouse Gears store.  Inside were 2 machines I was interested in.

Mouse Gears 01  Mouse Gears 02

Both machines were working perfectly and I quickly pressed my sets.  The first machine had 3 designs: Mickey and Spaceship Earth, Anna from Frozen, and 2015 Donald Duck.  The second machine also had 3 designs: Mickey with his Passport, Spaceship Earth, and Kristoff from Frozen.  With two more machines successfully collected I received a text message from my family that they were heading towards Test Track since our Fastpass time was ready.  We had intended to bring my daughter Hanna and niece Ava on but unfortunately they were about 1 inch too short.  Grandma decided to stay with the kids while we went on the ride.  It had been a few years since I was last on it and the inside had changed a little bit, but I always love when you head outside onto the track for a quick race around the building with the wind whipping through your hair.  Once the ride was over we were taken through the gift shop and right before the exit doors was the penny machine.

Test Track

I always like the cool blue color of this machine’s cabinet.  There were 3 designs:  Mickey with Test Track shirt, Mickey in Test Track car, and Goofy sitting by a caution cone.  We were approaching lunch time and decided to head to the closes pavilion which was Mexico.  They have a great outdoor quick service restaurant called La Hacienda.  After indulging in a few margaritas and some tacos, Hanna was getting a little fussy due to complete exhaustion.  While my family finished eating their lunch I took her for a quick walk inside the Mexican pavilion to look around.  Near the central marketplace inside is the penny machine.  Hanna helped me press the coins but I could tell she was even too tired to do this.


Another 3 design machine with the following: Mickey wearing a Sombrero, Duffy wearing a poncho, and Mickey in front of the Mexican pavilion.  I walked Hanna back outside and met up with our family.  They were ready to head back to our resort for an afternoon nap before coming back for dinner.

A few hours later we were back in Epcot and headed over to The Land where Soarin’ if located.  The stand-by line was still crazy (over 2 hours) but we were actually there to try the Garden Grill for dinner which is a revolving restaurant.  After we checked in for our reservation we still had to wait a few minutes for them to get our table together.  In the large waiting area were the 3 penny machines I had waited all day for.

The Land 01 The Land 03 The Land 02

Machines 1 and 2 shared the same large cabinet.  First was the penny machine with 3 designs: Belle, Doc and Chip & Dale.  The quarter machine also had 3 designs: 2015 Nemo, Merida from Brave, and Mickey riding Soarin’.  The third machine was a hand crank version with 4 designs:  Gardener Mickey, Farmer Donald, Garden Grill Restaurant Logo, and Soarin’ Logo.

The food was pretty good.  It’s a family style restaurant with all you can eat portions.  You get a big plate of mashed potatoes, turkey, steak and fish.  Then once finish off the plate they bring you another one, and another, until you have had enough.  While stuffing ourselves with the food we got to meet some characters that stopped by to say hi.  There was Chip and Dale, Farmer Mickey, and Pluto.


After dessert we rolled ourselves outside and were grateful to have the long walk around the World Showcase next on our list.  As we made our way towards the World pavilions I first stopped in to the Disney Traders  and next door neighbor the Port of Entry store to use the machines.

Disney Traders  Port of Entry a

The Disney Traders machine had the following designs: Olaf from Frozen, Mickey with the Epcot Logo, and Mickey Goofy & Donald holding a globe.  The Port of Entry machine also had 3 designs: Mickey with a suitcase, Uncle Sam Mickey, and Duffy wearing a Chinese outfit.

Now we were ready for the world pavilions.  Being originally from Canada this is of course where we decided to start.  Since we had a lot of places to visit we didn’t stay to long in any of them, mostly just going into each gift shop and looking and what they had to offer.  Lucky for me this is also where all the penny machines are located.

Canada  United Kingdom

The machine in Canada had designs of: Mickey wearing a Mountie hat, Canada Pavilion, and Duffy wearing a Canadian outfit.  Next up was the United Kingdom, this machine had the following: Mickey with Big Ben, United Kingdom Pavilion, and Duffy wearing a kilt and hat.

My family continued towards the France pavilion but I quickly stopped over at the International Gateway which is a back entrance to Epcot and will take you to the Boardwalk Resort and Yacht and Beach club if you don’t mind walking or waiting for a boat.  There are some great places and things to do over there if you ever need a break from Epcot.

International Gateway

This machine had a unique cabinet to it that I don’t remember seeing before.  The designs were: Mulan, Mickey at the China Pavilion, and Elsa from Frozen.  With this machine completed I quickly ran to catch up with everyone at the France pavilion.  They were checking out the decadent desserts available in the patisserie.  I wandered over to the penny machine and pressed another set.


This is another very unique machine.  As you can see from the picture there are only 2 designs pictured on the marquee, Mickey by the Eiffel Tower, and the France Pavilion.  However for those in the know, there is actually a third design available.  The only way to get it is to play the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.  There is a little phone type unit you obtain clues so you can catch the evil Doofenshmirtz.  The clues are completely random, but one you can obtain is if the game takes you to the France pavilion and you place the phone device up to the penny machine.  No coin is required as the machine will automatically start pressing a secret design for you.  Yes this coin will give you assistance with your clues, but for pressed coin collectors this is a very cool collectible.  I have managed get a couple in previous visits, but didn’t have time this trip to play the game for a shot at another one.

Next up was Japan.  There are two pretty new machines at this location.  One is located right outside the gift shop, and the other is by the stairs that lead up to the Katsura Grill.

Japan 01  Japan 02

Both machines need your manual strength to press, but will give you 4 designs each.  The first machines has: Mickey in Japan, Minnie with a Tiara, Duffy wearing a Kimono, and Mickey & Minnie kissing.  The second machine has: Minnie wearing a Kimono, Mickey wearing a Kimono, Mickey in a Samurai outfit, and Daisy with a Japanese hand fan.

Our next stop was the American Adventure, by this time unfortunately everyone was starting to get tired and were looking forward to heading back to the hotel for the evening.  So as they kept walking I quickly ran into the Heritage Manor Gift shop and pressed the coins.

American Adventure

This machine actually had quite the line I had to wait in.  Luckily everyone ahead of me seemed to only be pressing one design each so I pressed my coins after only a few minutes waiting.  The machine had 3 designs: Patriotic Mickey, Mickey with a Baseball cap, and Baseball player Duffy.  Next up was Germany and the Der Teddybar Toy Shop (I think I spelled that correctly).


I almost missed this machine.  Usually they are located right near a doorway, but this was in the middle of the store.  Thankfully a nice cast member helped point me in the right direction.  Three designs were: Mickey wearing a hat with a feather, German Pavilion, and Duffy wearing a German outfit.

Only one more pavilion to go and it was Norway.  This one my family did actually take some time to explore.  We used to love the Maelstrom ride that was here but it has recently been closed down to make way for a new Frozen ride.  We took the kids in to the gift shop to see the huge troll and take their picture with it.  I don’t think they like the troll too much but it made for a funny picture.

IMG_5551 (1)

The machine was located right inside the main door to the shop and my niece Ava helped me press the coins.  This may be just wishful thinking but I think she was getting the hang of the machines.  I had decided to bring a lot of extra change so help get her collection started and she liked picking out the different designs and helped find some of the machines.


I thought these may be all Frozen designs by now, but only one had changed.  The designs included: Mickey wearing a Viking hat, the Norway Pavilion, and Anna & Elsa from Frozen.

It had been a long day and we managed to visit every pavilion and do almost everything we wanted to at Epcot.  It would have been nice to go on Soarin’ but since it is one of the most popular rides in Epcot we just couldn’t justify the 120 minute standby time.  Maybe next time.  We headed back out to the monorail and made our way back to the resort to relax for the rest of the evening.

At the end of each night I always tried to catalog the coins I had collected and information on the machines just to keep things organized and a little easier to manage when we got back home.  But this night I was completely exhausted and went to bed early.  Tomorrow was another busy day with plenty of coins to collect.