Main Street Confectionery – Magic Kingdom

As we got closer to Christmas and the new year we had family in town which is always a great time but very busy.  Plus my job has its busy time of year leaving up to January 1st so there was a lot going on.  To top things off I was anxiously waiting for the new 2019 pressed coin designs (detailed post coming soon!), so I was surprised when a new machine made an appearance in the Magic Kingdom.

My sister and her family didn’t need much convincing to visit the Magic Kingdom that evening after I was done with work.  But we knew that being this close to the holidays the crowds of guests was going to be pretty crazy.

I always think the Magic Kingdom looks beautiful at night with all its lights on, and Main Street seemed even more magical.

If you are familiar with the current location of the penny press machines along Main Street, most of them are along the left side (when you are facing the castle).  This new machine though was in the Main Street Confectionery on the right side and maybe starting a new set of machines along that side.  There are quite a few shops along that side that have plenty of room for some machines.

Inside the Confectionery is like being in a candy factory.  All the shelves are stuffed with candy apples, popcorn, cotton candy and bags of all kinds of sweets.

In the back you can see some cast members working on a fresh batch of caramel apples.

Each of these stores connect to one another so you don’t need to go outside and back inside.  Rather there are just connecting doors in the wall, and on the far side of the Confectionery by this door was where the penny machine was located.

The cabinet of the machine is a plain white design.  I was hoping it would have candy themed designs on it, but the theming of these new machines doesn’t seem to go into that amount of detail unlike some of the older style machines.

Thankfully the store wasn’t too busy.  I think mostly because everyone was outside on Main Street were preparing for the fireworks.  I walked right up to the machine and pressed my coins.

The designs on the pennies in this set are really cute, and do fit in with the location of the machine.  The set includes images of your favorite Disney characters enjoying some sweet treats.  Mickey and Donald with Candy Apples, Goofy with some Candy Canes, and Minnie with Ice cream just to name a  few.

I have only been in this store a handful of times.  Usually with my kids on visits to the park we avoid candy stores whenever possible.  But it’s really a fun store, and if you have a sweet tooth it’s a place you can load up on some enjoyable treats.

I walked outside just in time to see some of the fireworks above Cinderella’s Castle.  We live close enough to the parks that most nights we can hear the fireworks, but there’s nothing like being there in person to see them high in the sky.

Now it was time to hit up some rides and maybe find a savory snacks, I think I had enough candy for one day.


NEW Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff Pressed Pennies – Disney California Adventure

It didn’t take too long for the second rumors pressed penny set to make its appearance at the new Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure park.  I recently posted about the first set available at Knick’s Knacks, and was able to just get a set of the new pennies.

This new machine can be found in the newly opened Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff candy store.

In side there is a quite the selection of Pixar merchandise like t-shirts, plush toys and all the other standard items.  But the main draw for this new store was all the candy and snack items themed around your favorite Pixar characters.

After you have indulged in your sugar fix with the cute Bing Bong candy apples, or Wall-E and Eve cake pops make sure to head over and press a set of these new pennies.  The set is themed around the Inside Out movie and has images of Joy, Bing Bong and Anger.

The back of each coin also has the same backstamp with the Pixar Lamp and Ball.  This is the same design that is on the back of the other Pixar Pier pennies at Knick’s Knacks.

Inside Out was a movie that I enjoyed when I first saw it, and seems to get better each time I watch it.  I’m glad to see these new fun designs around this movie.  There are still quite a few other Pixar movies that haven’t been given the pressed penny treatment so hopefully this is a new area of the park that can help solve that problem.

Chocolate World – Hershey, PA

This past weekend we decided to take a trip over to a magical town in Pennsylvania that’s name explains it all.  Hershey.  Driving along roads named Chocolate Avenue and Cocoa Avenue you can’t help feeling like you are entering into Willy Wonka’s Factory.


Unfortunately we didn’t have a special golden ticket, but thankfully Hershey takes credit cards instead and lets you wonder through a building known as Chocolate World.


This is located just outside Hersheypark, and can be accessed without a Theme Park ticket, and is quite the attraction all its own.  Inside there is a theater showing the 4D chocolate mystery movie, the Hershey Chocolate tour ride, you can create your own candy bar, and of course one of the largest Hershey stores I have ever seen.


This is a really deadly place to visit for me as Hershey chocolate is a childhood favorite of mine, and I usually need a large truck to get all the candy and souvenirs out of this place.  But they also have a couple of penny machines which is just the cherry on top.


The first machine is located near the main entrance doors towards the bathroom area.  The machine does have a change machine attached incase you didn’t come prepared (Shame!).


This set of pennies includes images of a Cow “Made on the Farm”, Hershey’s Chocolate Soldier, A Kiss for You, and Airplane.  As luck would have it you need to make your way through racks and racks of chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, and licorice until you find the food court.  In among the tables you will find the second penny machine.


As you can see above this machine also has an available change machine.  When this area of the food court is busy I would anticipate this machine is a little hard to use because there were some tables located right beside it.  But thankfully the area was pretty calm so I was able to press the coins without any issue.


This set includes some familiar faces, Mr. Reese’s, Miss Kiss, Chocolate Bar Man, and one with all three together.  With my new pennies collected I finished shopping for more candy than anyone really should try to consume.


Case in point check out the 5 pound Hershey bar my daughter Hanna found.  As much as it would have been entertaining to watch her try to eat this we convinced her to put it back and get something a little more portable.  Chocolate World is really a chocolate lovers wonderland.  If you’re in the Hershey area be sure to check it out and let your inner child just have a blast.

Jenkinson’s Sweet Shop – Point Pleasant, NJ

This always happens, we have a great time visiting somewhere new (in this case the Jenkinson’s Aquarium) and as we try to leave our daughter has a melt down.  Luckily on this trip we had a quick way to turn the frown upside down.  Right next door to the aquarium was the Jenkinson’s Sweet Shop.  Nothing gets tears to stop but a huge store filled from top to bottom with candy.

Jenkinsons Sweet Shop 01

This place had it all, fresh fudge, candy coated apples, and chocolate covered twinkies on a stick (this was new to me, but nothing surprises me at the Jersey shore).  I will admit I did buy one of these twinkies and ate it almost immediately.  After I finished (it was fantastic by the way) I realized I forgot to take a picture, sorry.


Of course they also had the famous Salt Water Taffy which is always a favorite of ours.  Most places on the shore will have prepackaged boxes of taffy which I never liked unless I was getting it as a gift for someone.  This place had bins filled with all different flavors and you could pick and choose which kinds you wanted.

Jenkinsons Sweet Shop 02

As my wife carefully selected our taffy flavors I noticed by the exit that the Sweet Shop had a penny machine.


Upon further inspection of this machine I noticed that this used to be located nearby on the boardwalk at the Castaway Cove mini-golf.  Since it was February the mini-golf course was closed for the season so I’m assuming this was moved here for the winter.  If you come for a visit and the machine isn’t in the Sweet Shop check next door at the mini-golf course and you may find it there.  The designs were the same as when I last used the machine, but I pressed a new set anyways.

Jenkinsons Sweet Shop Pennies

These pennies all pressed short same as they did the last time I used the machine.  The designs included the Castaway Cove golf course logo, Skull and Crossbones, and a Treasure chest.

With our trip to the beach in the winter completed we quickly headed back to our car to get the heat blasting so we could defrost ourselves.  With our stomachs full of candy and an updated set of pressed pennies it had been a nice day trip out with the family.