Jenkinson’s Sweet Shop – Point Pleasant, NJ

This always happens, we have a great time visiting somewhere new (in this case the Jenkinson’s Aquarium) and as we try to leave our daughter has a melt down.  Luckily on this trip we had a quick way to turn the frown upside down.  Right next door to the aquarium was the Jenkinson’s Sweet Shop.  Nothing gets tears to stop but a huge store filled from top to bottom with candy.

Jenkinsons Sweet Shop 01

This place had it all, fresh fudge, candy coated apples, and chocolate covered twinkies on a stick (this was new to me, but nothing surprises me at the Jersey shore).  I will admit I did buy one of these twinkies and ate it almost immediately.  After I finished (it was fantastic by the way) I realized I forgot to take a picture, sorry.


Of course they also had the famous Salt Water Taffy which is always a favorite of ours.  Most places on the shore will have prepackaged boxes of taffy which I never liked unless I was getting it as a gift for someone.  This place had bins filled with all different flavors and you could pick and choose which kinds you wanted.

Jenkinsons Sweet Shop 02

As my wife carefully selected our taffy flavors I noticed by the exit that the Sweet Shop had a penny machine.


Upon further inspection of this machine I noticed that this used to be located nearby on the boardwalk at the Castaway Cove mini-golf.  Since it was February the mini-golf course was closed for the season so I’m assuming this was moved here for the winter.  If you come for a visit and the machine isn’t in the Sweet Shop check next door at the mini-golf course and you may find it there.  The designs were the same as when I last used the machine, but I pressed a new set anyways.

Jenkinsons Sweet Shop Pennies

These pennies all pressed short same as they did the last time I used the machine.  The designs included the Castaway Cove golf course logo, Skull and Crossbones, and a Treasure chest.

With our trip to the beach in the winter completed we quickly headed back to our car to get the heat blasting so we could defrost ourselves.  With our stomachs full of candy and an updated set of pressed pennies it had been a nice day trip out with the family.


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