Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 MLB Champs – Elongated Coin Set

I think we can all agree that COVID has changes things severely throughout 2020 and now into 2021.  I’ve posted in the past about how it has effected theme parks and in my mind more importantly how they have adjusted once they were allowed to reopen.  Professional sports was no different during this difficult time and some were able to adapt better than others.  The NHL decided to delay their season, the NBA had their season in a secure bubble within Walt Disney World property, and then there was Major League Baseball (MLB).

Due to the pandemic the MLB and Players Association agreed to a shortened regular season of just 60 games instead of the regular 162 games.  Then there was a modified post-season in protective “bubble” environments to try and limit  the chances of further outbreak.  Fans were not permitted to attend games during the regular season, but it was then announced that fans would be able to attend the National Championship series and World Series games at 25% capacity limitations.

The 116th World Series was between the American League champs Tampa Bay Rays, and the National League champs Los Angeles Dodgers and started with game 1 on October 20th, 2020.

Photo Credit: GlobLifeField Twitter

The World Series was played entirely at the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas a neutral site also used for the National League Championship series.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Dodgers Twitter

The series went back and forth through the first 4 games with each team winning two games, then games 5 and 6 were won by the Los Angeles Dodgers taking the series and becoming World Series Champions for the first time in 32 years.

To celebrate this victory fellow TEC memberJamie Bennett come up with an idea for a special elongated design.  Hi daughter Kami came up with the artwork which is really fantastic, and they had some assistance from another TEC member Oded Paz who rolled the coins.  They offered a few different denomination sets through The Elongated Collector Facebook group and I immediately reached out to place an order.  I opted for the 6 denomination set which includes a Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Kennedy Half dollar and Golden Dollar coins.

This is a fantastic set and I’m so happy Jamie and his daughter put so much work into this and made them available to fellow collectors.  We have such a fantastic community that just really enjoy sharing the passion for this hobby with others.  I’m not sure if there are any additional sets still available but if you are interested please feel free to reach out to Jamie at cafilmlover@hotmail.com to inquire.

Have an amazing week and Keep on Pressing!


2019 MLB All-Star Game – Cleveland, OH

It’s that time of year again for the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game.  This year marked the 90th All-Star Game and was hosted by the Cleveland Indians.

The game was played on July 9th, 2019 and (SPOILER) the American league won 4-3.  As with previous years, there were some special pressed penny designs issued for the game.

There were six pennies in total which is similar to other years.  The designs included the 2019 All-Star Game Logo, the Host City, and some other really nice images.

This was the 6th time the All-Star Game was hosted by Cleveland and the first since 1997.  This also established Cleveland as the team to host the most All-Star games, breaking a previous four-way tie with the Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cinncinati Red all having hosted 5 games.

The game was played at the Indian’s home Progressive Field.  The ballpark originally opened in 1994 as Jacobs Field and held that name until 2007 when it was renamed after the Progressive Company paid for the naming rights.

The above design was made for the Home Run Derby which is one of my favorite parts of the All-Star week.  This year’s winner was Pete Alonso of the New York Mets.

This is always a fun set of pennies I look forward to being released each year.  I wish I could say that I was able to press these in person but I’m not lucky enough to be able to attend every All-Star Game.  Thankfully the CTMGroup (Pennymen) press some extra sets and offer them for sale on their website.  If you are interested to be sure and head over there quickly before they sell out.  Now I just need to wait until next year.

2018 MLB All-Star Game – Washington, DC

I’ve mentioned in many previous posts that I’m a casual baseball fan.  It’s a sport that I played as a youth, and jump at any chance to see a game live in person.  Unfortunately being a Toronto Blue Jays fan (I used to live in Canada when I was young) and now living in Florida I don’t get to see them play very often.  There is plenty of baseball in Florida but to be honest with the summer heat it’s hard to get up the energy to spent an afternoon in the blazing sun and humidity.

There is however one game that I never miss every year on TV which is the All-Star Game.  This year the game was to be played in Washington, DC at Nationals Parks.  Now I do have a bit of history with this team, as I mentioned above I used to live in Canada and saw quite a few Montreal Expos games.  In 2004 the Expos transitioned out of Montreal down to Washington, DC and were renamed the Nationals.

The All-Star game was played on July 17, 2018 and the American League eventually won the game 8-6 in 10 innings.  In years past it was quite a tradition for a special penny machine to be available at the All-Star weekend stadium with unique designs only available for a short time.  The last couple years no pennies were available, but they were back for this year.

I wish I could say that I was able to visit Washington for the game and get these coins in person.  But that was not the case.  The designs were made available through the pennycollector.com online store and may still be available if you act fast.  These are always a great mini-set that I used to look forward to each year and I’m glad they returned.

The All-Star Logo had the game date on the penny design.

A special design was also included for the host city and team also with the year listed.

One of my favorite events from the All-Star Weekend is the Home Run Derby and of course there is a penny for that as well.  In 2018 the Home Run Derby was won by Bryce Howard who plays for the Washington Nationals which brought the home town crowd a little something extra to celebrate.

Another item that seemed to have disappeared for a couple of years was the Baseball pressed coin booklet.  With my order for these All-Star coins I saw the 2018 booklet was available and picked one up as well.  I don’t actually use these booklets to store my coins, but I just can’t help myself and got one any ways to add to my penny booklet collection.

It seems like the relationship between Major League Baseball and pressed pennies has not been what it was just a few years ago.  I remember visited numerous stadiums around the Northeast and all of them had at least one penny machine.  Then recently these machines seemed to have been slowly removed with no replacements.  About a month ago I headed into Tampa Florida for a baseball game and visited every nook and cranny of the stadium with no penny machine to be found.  Hopefully with these new All-Star coins that is about to change and some new designs will be released to your favorite MLB team stadium.  Play Ball!!

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Click here to see my YouTube channel video on this destination

Growing up in Canada we are pretty much born with a hockey stick in hand.  I’ve always loved pretty much any kind of sports, but always had a special place in my heart for Hockey.  But in Canada we do have a few weeks of warm weather from time to time and during that warm time I did play quite a bit of baseball.  During middle school and high school I played basketball, volleyball and even some Rugby for a very brief time.  I think it was partly due to the competition I loved, but also the camaraderie with my team mates and the satisfaction with improving your playing skills.  When I was young the facilities we played at were pretty limited, but they did the trick and we enjoyed playing wherever we could.

Flash forward years later and now that we are living down in Florida hockey is around but not like it was in the Great White North.  So what is a sports fan to do.  Of course with the internet and TV I can still watch all my favorite teams, but there is still something about amateur sports.  During a conversation with my parents about Spring Training Baseball they mentioned the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney.

I’ve mentioned in the past that for the last few years they started coming down to Florida to see their beloved New York Mets over in Port St. Lucie.  Usually they would try to visit other teams in central Florida and a few times came to the ESPN complex to watch some games.  I looked up the complex online and was amazed at how big this place was, and it isn’t just baseball/softball fields.

There are fields for Soccer, Track and Field, Tennis, and indoor arenas for Basketball and Volleyball, plus I’m sure a lot more I didn’t even notice.

After parking in the lot you walk up to a central hub with the complex logo in the middle.  This is a big photo-op for the athletes, their family and all fans looking to document their trip here.

Just up a little walkway from the hub is the main entrance that takes you to the different fields and restaurant inside.  Tickets are required to get into this area, but for most of the events the prices are pretty inexpensive.

Back down by the hub is the ESPN Clubhouse which is like the souvenir shop for the complex.  No admission is needed to access this store.

As with all the other gift shops on Disney property there is a lot of character merchandise, but also a lot of ESPN stuff as well from t-shirts to shots glasses.

In the back of the store near a Cast Members only door/backroom area in among some sweatshirts was the main reason for my visit this morning.

This machine has had the same designs for a few years now.  I remember visiting this machine years on a previous trip and it was located at the front of the store near the cash registers.  When visiting keep and eye out for it as they seem to move it around from time to time.

The machine is a three design electric model.  The images on each of the pennies included the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Logo, Minnie & Daisy, and Team Mickey.

Also during some special events there is an additional penny machine located in the J Center Arena.  I went during the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend to use this machine.  You can read out it here.

This is a cute little set of pressed coins.  Getting to the complex without a car can be a little difficult, but there are Disney buses from time to time taking guests over there or of course you can take a cab or uber.  You can check the complex website to see a schedule of games that are going on year round.  Be sure to buy some tickets and support the young athletes (and some professionals) as their teams play here.  This is kind of a hidden gem but a really nice place to take in a great morning or afternoon of sports.  The competition is great, the complex is fun and there is even a penny machine for a quick souvenir of your visit.

Cubs Win, Cubs Win!! 2016 World Series Champions

In some of my previous posts I’ve mentioned that my family are pretty big baseball fans.  Now I will admit we are not actually Chicago Cubs fans, but when they made it into the World Services we couldn’t help but jump on the band wagon.

For those of you that may not know the Cubs had last been to the World Series in 1945, and the last time they won was in 1908.  That’s a 108 year drought and they finally broke it, but it was a long season and there were some bumps along the way.

To commemorate their journey the folks over at pennycollector.com put out a special limited number set of pressed pennies for each of the playoff series.  When I got the email about this set being made available I quickly headed over to order my set.


This set includes 3 pennies and I think just make a really cool collectible set for any Cubs fan, baseball fan or just pressed penny fan.


The first playoff series for the Cubs was the NLDS – National League Division Series where they played the San Francisco Giants in a best of 5 series.  They bested the Giants in 4 games (3-1).


The next series was the NLCS – National League Championship Series again the Los Angles Dodgers.  The Cubs won this series in 6 games (4-2).


Finally they had made it to the 2016 World Series against the Cleveland Indians.  This was a really fantastic series.  The Indians went up 3 games to 1 and it looks like the Cubs drought would continue.  But they wouldn’t go away quietly and eventually came back and forced a game 7 which is the holy grail of sports events, and to top it all off the game went into extra innings.  The Cubs eventually won in the 10th inning with a final score of 8 to 7.  What a season they had and were able to win the ultimate goal.

Congratulations Cubs fans you’ve waited long enough, enjoy it.



2016 Subway Series – New York, NY

As a baseball fan with a family split down the middle of Yankee and Mets supporters every year there is an event that allows us to temporarily settle the dispute of who is better.  The New York Subway Series.

NY Subway Series

I’ve posted in the past that my parents are big Mets fans, and my sister’s family and my wife and I are Yankees fans.  We all go into this series with a lot of big talk and put downs, but at the end only one group of fans can be left standing.

The four game series started on August 1st at CitiField the home of the Mets.   Game 1 went to the Yankees (yay). Game 2 to the Mets (boo).  Games 3 and 4 were now a nice Subway ride away in the Bronx at Yankees Stadium.  Game 3 went to the Yankees, and finally game 4 went to the Mets.  A 2-2 series tie was a little disappointing my family was left without bragging rights over the other.  What a rip off!

Thankfully the great people over at pennycollector.com put together a special limited edition pressed penny set commemorating the 2016 Subway series.

2016 Subway Series Blog

The first penny has an image of both Yankees Stadium and CitiField with the team logos.  The second coin has an iconic New York City Subway train and says Subway Series with the team logos.

Now sort of semi-related to these coins is another special design that was included with this set.  To celebrate Famed New York Mets Catcher Mike Piazza being inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame a coin was created with his image.

2016 Mike Piazza HOF

All these coins were really cool and a great addition to my Baseball coin collection.  As far as I know these coins were not available at either New York team stadium and can only be purchased through the pennycollector.com online store.  These were listed as having a very limited number available so get yours before they are all gone.

2016 MLB All-Star Game – San Diego, CA

For those baseball fans out there we are fully into the second half of the season and getting ready for the mad dash to the playoffs that will be here before we know it.  But before all that we got to enjoy the 2016 MLB All-Star Game.  This year the events were held in San Diego California at the Padre’s home field Petco Park.

2016 MLB All-Star Logo

The last few years the fantastic people over at pennycollector.com have issued a special pressed coin.  Usually the machine is only available at the All-Star weekend events and a very limited number are available for purchase from their online store which is how I was able to acquire this years version.

2016 MLB All-Star Game Blog

The pressed penny has a nice design of the 2016 All-Star Game Logo.  In the past there have been additional designs for the Fan Fest but I was unable to find out whether they were also available this year or not.

It’s been awhile since the game played so this should hopefully not be a spoiler for anyone.  The home run derby winner was Giancarlo Stanton who plays for the Miami Marlins.  The actual All-Star Game was won by the American League with a final score of 4-2.

Also included in this purchase was the new 2016 Baseball Booklet.

Baseball 2016 Booklet

The booklet includes a special pressed penny as part of the cover and I have a close up view of it below.  I don’t actually store my penny collection in these booklets but have just continued to collect the booklets regardless.  I always enjoy the great cover art work.

Baseball 2016 Booklet Coin

These made a great addition to my baseball coin collection and always enjoy getting these special All-Star coins each year.  Make sure you pick yours up as they are in very limited supply.  Good luck collecting!!

NJ Minor League Baseball Stadiums

For baseball fans this is a great time of year with the World Series in full gear (game 4 is later tonight).  After what always seems like a very long season it’s down to just two teams, the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals.

2015 MLB WS

For the Royals this year is a return to the World Series who unfortunately lost last year to the San Francisco Giants.  The only World Series Championship the Royals have, was in 1985 when they defeated the St. Louis Cardinals.

KC Royals 1985 Ring

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my parents are huge Mets fans and have been waiting for this moment for quite a while.  The last time they were in the World Series was in 2000 when they played a Subway Series again their cross town rivals the New York Yankees but the Yankees won the series.  Then in 2006 they were one win away from going back to the World Series but came up short.  Their last World Series win was back in 1986 when they beat the Boston Red Sox.  Needless to say my parents are anxiously awaiting to see if they can finally bring home the championship once again.

NY Mets 1986 Ring

With baseball on my mind I thought back to a couple of years ago when my family decided to check out a handful of local Minor League baseball teams.  This ended up being a great experience, we saw some excellent baseball, tickets are dirt cheap, and if memory serves me every stadium had a penny machine.  So I dug through my collection and decided to post about these stadiums and the coins that were and in some instances are still available.

Our first team to visit are the Camden Riversharks who play in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.  They are not associates with any MLB team and would be considered a Single-A level team.  Their home is Campbell’s Field which is located along the Delaware river by the Camden waterfront.  Behind the outfield fence the stadium gives a beautiful view of the Ben Franklin Bridge and on nice days the Philadelphia Skyline.

Camden Riversharks Stadium

The last time I visited the stadium they had two penny machines available right on the main concourse.  Some of the stadiums keep their machines in the gift shops which can be very hectic during games.  But the benefit of having them in the gift shops is that they are usually available on days when games are not being played.

Camden Riversharks Machine 01

The first machine had three designs.  I always like these sets of coins as they are unique for each team and rarely do I see generic baseball designs at multiple machines.  The first set of designs were: the RiverSharks “C” logo, My Lucky Penny Camden NJ, and the RiverSharks Main Logo.

Camden Riversharks Pennies 02

A short walk along the concourse and I found the second machine which couldn’t have been more than 100 feet away from the first with an additional three designs.

Camden Riversharks Machine 02

The images available on these coins were: Campbell’s Field, I Love Baseball, and RiverSharks with the Ben Franklin Bridge in the background.

Camden Riversharks Pennies 01

This really was a nice stadium to visit and most times I schedule to see a game after spending the day at the nearby Adventure Aquarium or USS New Jersey Battleship which are located right nearby.  Unfortunately as I was researching this post I read that the RiverSharks would be relocating to New Britain, CT for the 2016 season.

Next we traveled over to see the Lakewood BlueClaws who play in the South Atlantic League and are associated with the Philadelphia Phillies.  They are also considered a Single-A level team and have had some famous MLB players come through their doors: Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, and Shane Victorino to name just a few.  Their home field is called FirstEnergy Park which was built in 2001.

Lakewood Blueclaws Stadium

This is another really nice stadium to take in a game.  I have seen quite a few games here as the stadium isn’t too far away from our home.  They have great in-between inning events to keep the crowd entertained.  One of our favorites is the Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese race that takes place at the end of the 4th inning each game.  For those of you that don’t know what Pork Roll is, well it’s a Jersey thing and is kind of like Canadian Bacon but not.  If you really want to know more you can click here to get some more information.  Anyways, the premise of the race is simple there are people dressed up in costumes that look like a Pork Roll slice, a fried Egg, and a wedge of Cheese.  They start their race just behind first base and have to run around the field with the winner crossing the finish line near home plate.

Pork Egg Cheese

As with all other Stadiums their gift shop is stocked full of souvenirs, jerseys, hats, t-shirts and anything you can image that would fit the team logo.  At this stadium their Pressed Penny machine is also located there.  This can cause some difficulty trying to use the machine as these gift shops tend to be very busy but the die-hard penny collector can always make do.

Lakewood Blueclaws Machine

This penny pincher machine has rolled the designs short in the past, but I was able to get a nice set the last time I was there.

Lakewood Blueclaws Pennies

Each design had some nice detail and were inspired by the team.  The designs included: A Blueclaw Crab holding a baseball bat, another BlueClaw Crab throwing a baseball, Buster the team mascot, and a special 10th Season design.  As you can see from the picture the teams 10th season actually took place in 2010 but they still had this design available until the machine was removed late in 2014.  I visited this park earlier this year (2015) and the machine had not been returned but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s just taking a little longer to create some new great designs.

 Located in Somerset which is near Bridgewater Township are the Somerset Patriots which is a member of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.  They are also a team not affiliated with a major league team and is a Single-A level team.  The team plays at the TD Bank ballpark which first opened 1999.  The Patriots are the winningest franchise in the Atlantic League with 6 championships (2001, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2015).

Somerset Patriots Stadium

I have gone to about 3 or 4 games and the Patriots really are a consistently great team. Each game I have gone to they dominated their opponents.  This is another really nice stadium with some great concessions and they also have made a pledge to offer health food to those looking for an alternative to the usually ballpark fare of hot dogs.  The Patriots Team store is located right near the main gate.  The penny machine located here has moved a few times.

Somerset Patriots Machine

Sometimes it’s inside the gift shop and other times it’s outside, so if you don’t immediately see it just keep looking.  The last time I made it to a game was in 2013 and it was located outside as pictures above.

Somerset Patriots Pennies

This penny pincher machine has always pressed nice full designs every time I had used it, but unfortunately the designs have not changed since my very first visit.  The four designs are: Somerset Patriots Logo, Slider one of their mascots, Sparkee their other mascot, and their stadium the TD Bank ballpark.  I sent an email to the stadium asking about this machine and was informed that it is still available but with their season over the machine won’t be available until next season.

Our last stop on this trip around New Jersey is right in my backyard.  Well not exactly but the Trenton Thunder are only about 10 minutes away so this is a team we go and see a few times a year.  The Thunder are a Double-A level team, are a member of the Atlantic League, and happen to be associated with the New York Yankees.  Their stadium used to be called Waterfront Park as it was located right along the Delaware river, but was renamed in 2012 as Arm & Hammer Park.

Trenton Thunder Stadium

The Trenton Thunder have had quite few Yankee alumni come through as they rehab from injuries and always attract a huge crowd when they come to town.  These alum include Roger Clemens, Robinson Cano, and Derek Jeter but there are many that have graced this field.

Jeter Trenton

Whenever you manage to pull yourself away from the action on the field as with the other stadiums you can visit the team gift shop.  The first few times I visited the field their penny machine was located here, but the last time I was able to find their machine it was located near the press box near seating section H.

As you can see from the above picture the machine was located at the top of the steps for some of the more popular seating sections located right behind home plate and was also beside some vendor tables.  This made the location a little busy and the ushers don’t let you go to your seat during play so if you try to use the machine during an inning the crowd around the machine can make accessing it almost impossible.

Trenton Thunder Pennies

As you can see from all the designs listed in this post they were for the most part unique for each team which makes them fun to collect.  These pennies for the Trenton team included their multiple mascots: Boomer, Strike, Trenton Thunder logo, and Chase & Derby their bat dogs.  Let me explain that one a little bit  Instead of having bat boys that run out to collect the home teams bats after each at bat, they have dogs that run out and get the bats instead.  It’s kind of cute and helps them bring awareness to adopting animals from local shelters.

Chase Thunder Bat Dog

Chase as seen above was the original bat dog and made his first appearance in the 2002 season.  One of his puppies Home Run Derby (Derby for short) was also trained and help with the duties during games.  Chase retired due to health reasons on July 5th, 2013 with a part and video tribute hosted by the Trenton Thunder team.  He died only a few days later on July 8th, 2013 from lymphoma that he had been diagnosed from earlier in the year, Chase was 13 years old.  The tradition has continued on as Chase’s granddog (Derby’s puppy) named Rookie made his first appearance in the Thunder’s 2015 season.  Below is a picture of Derby and his pup Rookie.

Rookie and Derby

Well that was a fun little way to end this post.  I always find it fun to just peruse my collection and see where I have been and what I have collected.  As our lives get busier and stress levels maxing out some days it’s nice to take some time and just partake in something you really enjoy and have a passion for.  This post did just that for me as I love my pressed pennies, and now it’s just about time to get ready for someone to be crowned World Series Champions.

MLB Hall of Fame – Cooperstown, NY

The first weekend in August every year for the last 37 years has been reserved for my mother’s side of the family to get together rain or shine for a family picnic.  My immediate family moved away from Canada about 19 years ago down to New Jersey and this makes for a great excuse to go back and visit.  The drive from New Jersey to Ottawa is about 8 hours give or take depending on how many pit stops need to be made along the way.  The last couple years we have tried to break up the trip back to Jersey by stopping someplace for the night and of course I take the opportunity to find a penny machine I may not get to visit again.  Last year we stopped by the Finger Lakes region in New York state and I posted a visit to a Bass Pro Shop in Auburn, NY which you can read about here.  As I have also posted in the past my family are pretty big baseball fans and this year we decided to make a little detour before heading home to visit the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.


This truly is a baseball fans paradise.  The hall of fame sits right on Main Street and is surrounded by amazing little stores that contain anything baseball related you could think of.  Our first stop of course was the Hall of Fame itself.

HOF Front

The weekend before we arrived had the induction ceremony for the new 2015 class that included four great players.  Craig Biggio, Randy “Big Unit” Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz.  The Hall of Fame has three floors with some really great memorabilia, history, interactive exhibits and even a loop of the classic Laurel and Hardy sketch “Who’s on First”.  We spend a good two hours checking everything out but to be honest we could have been there all day there was just so much interesting history to see.

HOF Yankees

The day before we visited the Hall of Fame we had actually arrived in Cooperstown in the late afternoon.  After checking into our hotel and a quick rest in the room to recharge, we headed down to Main Street to check out all the stores and attractions that filled the town.  Were there any penny machines?  Oh you bet.  I had done my usual research before our trip but found that there were a couple of machines that had seemed to move around from store to store over the years.  Most of the machine notes hadn’t been updated in over a year or two so I didn’t know if they would still be there or not.  Luckily they were still in their most recent locations and weren’t too hard to find.

Yastrzemski Store

First was the Yastrzemski Store.  This wasn’t a big place but did have some nice little souvenirs.  The penny machine was located inside the front door to the left.

NY - Yastrzemski Sports Machine

The machine worked very nicely.  It cranked smoothly and made almost no noise which I wasn’t used.  The designs came out very nicely and of course were baseball related.

Yastrzemski Sports

The 4 designs included: I caught this in Cooperstown NY, Peace Love Baseball, No plate like Home Plate, and Abner Doubleday the Father of Baseball.  We continued walking along Main Street checking out other stores when they peaked out interested, then crossed the street and started to head back.  Eventually I came to the next potential penny machine location in the Pioneer Sports Cards store.

Pioneer Sports Store

The machine was located towards the front of the store but was in among a lot of other things handing all around it.  For some reason I didn’t see it when I first walked in and ended up wandering around the entire store until my father thankfully pointed it out.

NY - Pioneer Sports Cards Machine 01

Now this machine is a 4 die model.  However as you can see from the Marquee in the picture above one of the designs is covered up, and there is also a note right above the handle stating that one of the designs doesn’t work.  I had read about this online and initially was going to try pressing it anyways, but once I was there I didn’t want to run the risk of damaging the machine.  So I only pressed the 3 known working designs.

Pioneer Sports Cards

The designs were: Doubleday Field, Play Ball and Sand Lot Kid.  Each penny also included Cooperstown, NY in the designs.  I was a little disappointed at not being able to acquire the full set but I’ll be on the look out for it online or maybe at a penny trading session with my fellow TEC members at a future get together.  I was able to find a picture of the fourth design through a quick google search.

Pioneer Fan Penny

It’s a pretty nice design and would have made a nice additional to my collection but sometimes it’s just not meant to be.  I’ll keep my eyes open and I’m sure at some time I’ll be able to find it.  I may even send a letter to the store in a few months to see if the machine is fixed and hopefully they will help press it for me.  It never hurts to ask.

After a nice long weekend trip of visiting family and indulging in some baseball history it was nice to get home.  I’ve already catalogue these new coins and have some other adventures scheduled for the next few weekends.  The end of summer is quickly approaching and I still have so many places to visit.

New York Mets 2015 – Flushing, NY

I’ve posted in the past that my parents are big New York Mets fans.  They visit Citifield a few times a year to watch their beloved Mets and this current season was no different.  The Mets were recently playing their west coast rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers on a beautiful Saturday afternoon game.  No nicer way to take in a baseball game.

Mets Dodgers 2015

Before each game my parents always go into the team gift shop and check out the penny machine located there.  I will say that Major League Baseball Stadiums do a great job of having the penny designs updated each year.  I guess with most of the designs having the players faces and likeness on them, if the player is traded the design must be updated.  But whatever the reason when my parents visited this time they noticed the machine has a big “New Design” sticker on it so they took the little bag of change I give them in preparation for a new machine.

NY Mets 2015 01

Unfortunately when they went to use the machine it was jammed with someone else’s coins.  They walked over to a staff member to let them know and to their surprise they immediately called someone up to look at the machine.  Within about 10 minutes the machine was fixed and the nice man who worked on the machine gave my parents all 3 designs for free because of the inconvenience.  My parents thanked him and headed to their seats to enjoy the game.

NY Mets 2015 Pennies

Two of the designs are the same as last year (2014) which are the Mr. Met 50, and #5 Captain David Wright.  The New Design sticker on the cabinet of the machine referred to the third available design which is of the National League 2014 Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom.

With the playoffs coming soon to the baseball season it means the end of the line for a lot of the teams.  Be sure to visit your local ball park and see if there are any designs.  In my experience these change quite often and really make for a nice set of coins and are fun to compare throughout the years.