New York Mets 2015 – Flushing, NY

I’ve posted in the past that my parents are big New York Mets fans.  They visit Citifield a few times a year to watch their beloved Mets and this current season was no different.  The Mets were recently playing their west coast rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers on a beautiful Saturday afternoon game.  No nicer way to take in a baseball game.

Mets Dodgers 2015

Before each game my parents always go into the team gift shop and check out the penny machine located there.  I will say that Major League Baseball Stadiums do a great job of having the penny designs updated each year.  I guess with most of the designs having the players faces and likeness on them, if the player is traded the design must be updated.  But whatever the reason when my parents visited this time they noticed the machine has a big “New Design” sticker on it so they took the little bag of change I give them in preparation for a new machine.

NY Mets 2015 01

Unfortunately when they went to use the machine it was jammed with someone else’s coins.  They walked over to a staff member to let them know and to their surprise they immediately called someone up to look at the machine.  Within about 10 minutes the machine was fixed and the nice man who worked on the machine gave my parents all 3 designs for free because of the inconvenience.  My parents thanked him and headed to their seats to enjoy the game.

NY Mets 2015 Pennies

Two of the designs are the same as last year (2014) which are the Mr. Met 50, and #5 Captain David Wright.  The New Design sticker on the cabinet of the machine referred to the third available design which is of the National League 2014 Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom.

With the playoffs coming soon to the baseball season it means the end of the line for a lot of the teams.  Be sure to visit your local ball park and see if there are any designs.  In my experience these change quite often and really make for a nice set of coins and are fun to compare throughout the years.


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