Canada Pavilion NEW Pressed Penny Set – Epcot

This all took place on quite a busy day of traveling around Walt Disney World property checking on pressed penny machines. Earlier in the morning I came across a new machine over at the Art of Animation resort and you can read all about that here. Then I headed home to write all about that new machine and was editing the video for our Youtube Channel when I received a message from one of my penny pals Thelma letting me know about a possible new machine inside Epcot.

I told myself that I would wait until the weekend to go and check it out, but then about 10 minutes later my curiosity got the best of me and I was in my car driving to the park before I knew it.

I was informed that this new machine was located back in the World Showcase inside the Canada Pavilion. There used to be a 3-design machine in the Northwest Mercantile so that’s where I started my search. I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m originally from Ottawa Canada and this pavilion is one of my favorites. I will admit this isn’t a great representation of the entire country but some of the architecture does remind me of home. I always wished they would have a ride here for guests to experience but instead we still have just the circle vision 360 movie. It was recently updated but I personally prefer the older version. One thing that this pavilion does have is one of the best restaurants not just in Epcot but possibly all of WDW property and this the signature steakhouse Les Cellier. It is quite expensive but for special occasions (is pressing pennies a special occasion?) it’s a great experience with wonderful food.

Inside the Northwest Mercantile is plenty of Canadian themed souvenirs, and even some candy that I haven’t seen since I was last visiting the great white north. Along the back wall near a cast member storage room is where I eventually found the new pressed penny machine.

Right off the bat we can see that the previous 3-design machine is no more. I did take a tour around the entire store and confirmed with a cast member that it has been completely removed and those designs we are going to consider now retired. In it’s place is this new 8-design machine that is quickly becoming the norm all over WDW property. The cabinet is a simple wood finish, it does fit pretty well with this store although it would have been perfect if it looks more like a wood cabin but that’s being pretty picky at this point.

Here is a close up of the marquee showing each of the designs in a little more detail. The first design shown on the left is very similar to one that was here in the previous machine. The (c) Disney is now at the top instead of the bottom so it has been slightly altered for this new machine.

The other designs show off many of our favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and even Pooh Bear all partaking in some classic Winter “Canadian” activities like Skiing, Sledding and even Snowboarding.

These are fun a new set of pressed pennies and I’m glad to see Canada getting a bit of an update as well. I do know of a new Pixar moving coming out soon called Turning Red that is supposed to be situation in Toronto Ontario so it would have been cool for them to wait and maybe release new designs around that movie. But again I guess we are trying to stick with the more stereotypical Canadian type of designs and Winter sports fit that scenario better I guess. Will you be picking up these coins for your own collection? Let me know below in the comments, and also when you visit the Epcot World Showcase do you head towards Mexico or Canada?

Have a fantastic week and Keep on Pressing!


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