Germany Pavilion NEW Pressed Penny Set – Epcot

Just this past week my family was able to attend a special Passholder preview of the new Remy’s Ratatouille adventure ride in Epcot’s France Pavilion. I’m going to hold off on showing anything about that in this post because I’m crossing my fingers that a new Remy themed penny machine shows up in the future.

Before we were about to head over to Epcot for this preview as I always do, I checked out the website just to see if there were any reports of new machines. Sure enough earlier that day it was announced that a new machine was placed inside the Germany Pavilion.

After our Remy preview (which was amazing by the way, definitely check out that attraction after it opens official October 1st, 2021), we took a nice walk around the World Showcase Lagoon to the Germany Pavilion. This machine is a bit hard to find, as it’s tucked away in the back corner of the pavilion. The easiest way I can describe the location is if you find the Biergarten restaurant entrance it’s directly across from that.

This is also the location that the old 3-design machine used to be but that has been removed and is now considered retired.

The cabinet of the machine has a nice clean natural wood look to it. This reminds me a bit of the fancy coo-coo clocks you can get inside the nearby Der Teddybar shop, but not as intricately detailed.

The penny designs available in this new machine are mostly themed around Snow White. There is one design that is similar to a version in the old retired machine that has Mickey and says Germany on it. The other designs include some fun new images of Snow White, the Magic Mirror, the Wicked Witch, Grumpy, Dopey and even Prince Charming. There is a 8-design set still available inside Hollywood Studios at the Once Upon a Time store but thankfully there are no duplicate designs and this is a completely new set.

We had a really fun day experiencing the new Remy ride and hopefully we can see a new penny machine in the near future so we can review that new section of the pavilion. But I was also so excited to be able to acquire this new set from Germany. Snow White is the original classic Disney Princess and it’s always nice to see her get some new penny designs. Will the other pavilions around Epcot’s World Showcase continue to get more of these new machines? We did just see the one over in Canada get swapped out so maybe there are some more still on the way.

Thanks for joining me again today, and as always Keep on Pressing.


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