Halloween Horror Nights 2021 Collectible Medallions – Universal Studios Florida

It has official turned into Halloween season here in Central Florida. Yes i know it’s only just the beginning of September but this is my favorite time of year and I’m excited to start enjoying some park events. Of course the premier event in this area is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida. I was lucky enough to be able and attend the very first night and it was amazing.

However I may have been looking forward to it a little too much. The first night was on a Friday and I actually took he day off from work so I could get to the park night and early. The event didn’t start until later that evening, but I just needed to get to the park as soon as possible.

I figured this was a good chance to just walk around the park a bit, take in some of the decorations, make sure I picked up a new HHN t-shirt to wear during the event.

This is the 30th year that Universal has put on their Halloween event, and it seems to get bigger each year. For this special anniversary they were brining back all their iconic characters from years past including the biggest of all Jack the Clown.

This was also a great chance for me to check the new Tribute Store. This is a location that changes seasonally here in the park and is usually themed around the different events that park hosts. Earlier in the year it was themed around Mardi Gras, and more recently it was all about the new Velocicoaster attraction that opened next door at Islands of Adventure. By far the most popular is the Halloween Horror Nights decorations.

Inside the tribute store there are usually four different themed rooms, all filled with all the merchandise you could possibly imagine. This place can get really busy during the actually HHN events, so I would recommend visiting during the day time hours for a calmer shopping experience.

After picked up my new t-shirt I was heading out of the store but stopped in my tracks as I was confronted by an amazing sight, a brand new collectible medallion machine with Horror Nights coins.

The cabinet of this machine had a nice worn wood look to it that fit in perfectly with the theming of the tribute store.

The marquee on the machine was so cool and definitely eye catching as I saw it from a distance. Having the HHN 30 logo on it and the creepy slogan, Never Go Alone.

There were four different medallion designs available, and the price was the same as we have found previously over at Disney with their machines. Each was still $5, or you could get all four medallions for a discounted price of $15.

The designs available included the Tribute Store facade, Jack the Clown, Frankenstein’s Monster, and a spooky Jack-o-lantern. The reverse side of each medallion had the Halloween Horror Nights 2021 logo.

After I had collected my new coins I finished enjoying the daylight hours at the park before taking a break to rest before the big event later that night. Unfortunately Universal Florida does not allow any photography or videography inside the House mazes so not much I can share with you on that except that the houses this year were fantastic. Plenty of scares, the details inside are amazing and just the whole ambiance of the event is so fun I can’t wait to go back for even more scares.

This set of collectible medallions was an amazing find and it was definitely popular. While I was using the machine a line quickly formed behind me. I don’t know how many of these coins they produced or how often the machine will be restocked, but if you are interested in a set I would recommend getting there as soon as possible. I really like that they listed the year on the back of each coin as a commemoration of this years event. Hopefully this means that we can see this again for future events, and if they keep selling like they are now I’m sure that’s almost a guarantee. Thanks for visiting with me again this week, I hope you stay safe and enjoy the Halloween Season!


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