Universal Legacy Store | CityWalk Orlando

For those of you that may not be familiar with Universal’s CityWalk for lack of a better example it’s kind of like Disney Springs here in Florida, or Downtown Disney in California. It’s located in-between the parking garages and the theme parks so you will walk directly through it on your way into the parks. CityWalk is a collection of restaurants and shopping experiencing that include some Universal specific stores but also a wide variety of merchants selling all sorts of different things. Plus there is a nice selection of restaurants ranging from Bars, chain restaurants, a steampunk chocolate factory, nights clubs and even a hot dog hall of fame.

CityWalk is a nice place to just wonder around after your full day at the park, to pick up some souvenirs you may have missed while enjoying the thrill rides earlier in your day.

In the area near Vivo Italian Kitchen and the Big Fire restaurants is a Universal themed store. In years past this used to be the main Universal shop. But recently they renovated a different section of CityWalk and opened a huge new Universal Studio Store which houses the more mainstream intellectual properties like Harry Potter, Minions, Jurassic Park, Transformers and more. When that store opened this store was retimed to their Legacy store which in my opinion I actually prefer.

You may be curious what they mean by Legacy. But once you walk inside you can tell that this is a very unique store. It’s filled with so many different props and items from former Universal attractions like the fan favorite Jaws ride.

Sometimes you come across items from rides that are still in the park, but I mean come on E.T. is a classic opening day attraction. Will it be removed and replaced? I certainly hope not, but I feel like it’s time may be coming to an end soon.

Once of my favorite rides from years gone by was Disaster. There was something so amazing about hoping on board that tram and heading into a movie set with a full on disaster taking place all around you. If you never got to experience it there are quite a few videos online you can check out. Unfortunately this was removed for the Fast and Furious Supercharged attraction which is a pretty sad replacement.

If there was one attraction that I enjoyed more than Disaster it would have been Kongfrontation. Above was a model of the cable car ride vehicle. I can still remember smelling Kong’s banana breath at the end of the ride. Such a funny but memorable moment.

For you readers that have been around for awhile you may remember that inside this store just near the main entrance / exit was a 4 design pressed penny machine. Well you will be happy to hear that it is still in this store, but was moved over towards the check out area. In its place we found a brand new Collectible Medallion machine. Universal has certainly been jumping on the medallion bandwagon and I absolutely love it. First we found some amazing Halloween Horror Nights Coins, and then not too long ago they released some special Holiday Themed Coins. I am crossing my fingers that we will see some new Mardi Gras Coins very soon as that festival is starting in a few weeks so make sure you check back for details.

I love the cabinet for the machine. It’s simple but looks like one of the wood boxes from that storage warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Arc. That seems to be a common theme in this shop as all the props on display seem to be stored in similar containers for long term storage.

The designs on these new medallions included E.T., Kong, Jaws and the famous Back to the Future DeLorean.

All of the medallions have the same back design which is a fun throwback to the classic Universal Studios Florida logo. I’ve mentioned in the past that I do really enjoy these medallions, except of course the price. They are $5 each or $15 for the full 4 coin set. That can certainly add up especially for us pressed penny connoisseurs. I don’t think these will ever completely replace the pressed penny machines throughout the parks and CityWalk but I’d be happy if they do pepper in a few of these machines as long as they keep releasing fun unique designs like these ones.

Below are some additional glamor shots of the DeLorean and Jaws medallions to show off some additional details of the coins. Special thank you to our friends over at Summers Raceway for the props we used in our pictures. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel here if you or anyone in your family is into Hot Wheels collecting and racing. They have some unique and amazing content. Enjoy the rest of your week and as always Keep on Collecting!


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