2015 Walt Disney World Resort Coins – Part 1

Over the past week or so I saw online that the new 2015 Walt Disney World Resort pressed coins were finally on display.  For the past few years Disney has created an elongated coin with the year included in the design which started a great subset collection to try to obtain.  Each year the parks have upped the ante with adding additional machines with the same design, and even including a pressed Quarter instead of just a penny.  This year however they have outdone themselves again with 10 unique designs, and 15 total coins (some designs are the same but available on a penny and quarter).

Since first seeing these designs online I have been trying to get them for my own collection.  Even though my family will be visiting the resort later this year, I still couldn’t resist trying to get theses coins.  Over the years I have created some great friends all over the country to help with my collection.  I exhausted most of my connections and just didn’t have anyone that was able to visit the parks to get these for me.  So with all other options gone for now I decided to check out eBay which I usually use as a last resort.  There is one seller that I have used quite often and he came through with some of the first available designs.


The first design shown above is of Mickey wearing his Sorcerer’s Apprentice Hat holding a Mickey ice cream.  This penny is currently available at Sir Mickey’s in the Magic Kingdom.



The second design is of Tinker Bell flying with pixie dust floating around her.  This penny is available in a machine located at the Contemporary Resort on the 3rd Floor concourse.


The last penny I was able to get has Donald jumping and holding a hat overhead.  This design is currently on stage in Epcot at the Mouse Gears store.

I must admit I really do love these new designs, and the though of there being another 12 coins out there is getting the collector juices flowing.  I’ll keep trying to get the other designs and will post them as I get them.  Worse case I’ll just have to wait until my visit in a few month, but I’m hoping I won’t have to wait that long before I can show them off.


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