Disneyland Holiday Coins – Updated

Happy New Year to everyone!

My 2015 collection has already begun.  Yesterday another package arrived from my California friend with some additional Holiday coins from the Disneyland parks.

The first set is from a machine located at the Kingswell Camera Shop in the California Adventure park.  There are 3 nickels with the following designs: Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto.


The second set is a machine located at The Small World Gift shop in the Disneyland Park.  This is another Frozen set, but the designs are pressed on Quarters which I’m always a fan of.  I always find the larger coin size gives more room for additional detail and they always come out great.  There are 3 designs: Anna and Elsa, Kristoff and Sven, and of course Olaf.


I did see online just a couple of days ago that there is a fourth machine with Holiday coins that just came on stage in California.  Hopefully my friend will be able to get a set for me and if so I will post pictures as soon as they arrive.

Updated January 2nd, 2015:
Just received the fourth set of Holiday coins from Disneyland for 2014.  This machine is located in California Adventure at the Wandering Oaken Trading Post and have more designs from the movie Frozen.  These are different designs of the famous characters Anna, Elsa and Olaf.  These designs were actually pressed on dimes which is pretty unusual.


For 2015 I’ve decided to avoid the usual resolutions of exercising more or watching what I eat.  Instead my resolution is to try to spread the word about pressed coin collecting and to press more coins than any previous year.  I have a lot of great trips coming up this year and can’t wait to share the adventures with you.  Come back and visit often.

Have a great 2015.

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