Club Cool Beverly Privately Designed Pressed Penny

We have spoken in the past about all the changes going on over at Epcot, and after what seems like years some of the construction has started to end. Now I will say there is still a lot, and I mean a lot of construction happening all over this park, but some of the projects have started to wrap up. One of those is the infamous Club Cool that has been closed for almost 2 years.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with club cool, but for those that may not know it’s a very interesting place. It’s sponsored by Coca-Cola and allows guests to cool off by sampling complimentary Coca-Cola soft drinks from around the world. Plus there is a ton of Coke merchandise inside, but in all seriousness it’s really about drinking those…interesting sodas.

Some of you eagle eyed readers may notice that many of the soda offerings have changed. One of the old flavors I really liked was Inca Cola but I disappointed to see it was no longer available. I did go through and try all of these flavors and most of them were pretty good. The plumb flavored soda from China was not my favorite but the Viva Raspberry from Moldova was one I would see myself going back and getting again. It’s always fun to try these with your family and friends because almost everyone will have a different favor. That is until you get all the way to that last one on the left.

I did go ahead and try it again, I mean it had been over two years since I last had Beverly and who knows maybe my tastebuds had matured since then. Spoiler, that was not the case and in my personal opinion it is completely disgusting and barely palatable. I grabbed and extra cup of that Viva Raspberry as a chaser to try and help rinse out my mouth but that Beverly flavor just lingers way too long on your tongue. There is a companion video to this post on our YouTube channel which I linked at the top of this post and you can watch me drink this entire cup of Beverly to your enjoyment. Hopefully you feel at least a little bit bad for me.

As I’m sure you can guess this place is pretty popular and gets very busy from time to time. With all the soda you can drink it’s a fun way to cool off from the Florida sun. There is a one draw back that can happen from time to time and that is you may come across a sticker placed on one or more of the soda nozzles that says “Please Try Another Flavor”. As with so many things in Disney this sticker has become an icon among funs and due to its association with Beverly I’ve seen it on stickers, t-shirts, button and now a pressed penny.

This design is from our friend Don Cade who has created so many wonderful Disney and non-Disney themed elongated coins. When I saw this in his catalogue of designs I recognized it immediately and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the reopening of Club Cool to share this coin and adventure with all of you. Don makes his designs available through The Elongated Collector’s Facebook page. I’ve mentioned in the past that the group is a great resource for not just elongated coin collecting information, but also for unique pressed coin designs just like this one that you won’t find anywhere else.

Thanks for hanging out with me today at Club Cool. Have you visited this place on one of your own visits to Epcot? Did you try the dreaded Beverly? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear all about it. Stay safe and as always Keep on Pressing!


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