50th Anniversary Collectible Medallions – Walt Disney World (Complete)

** Updated 02/09/2023 The countdown has begun for when the 50th Medallions will be removed and no longer available to guests and collectors. Many of the machines now have these stickers on them confirming they will be leaving soon. So if you haven’t picked yours up yet, time is quickly running out.

** Updated 01/15/2023 **

With the WDW 50th Anniversary wrapping up in the next few weeks, there have been some rumors that new Medallions will be released to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. A special collectible Medallion storage Booklet has been released. I’m going to create a separate post that you can find here and we will use it as a central location for updates on those 100th Anniversary Medallions as they are released.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped find these medallions. This has been a lot of fun and the conversations we’ve had in the comments has really helped many other collectors work towards completing their sets. – DCT

I’m sure you have all been anxiously following along in the related article to this one where I’ve documented all the 50th Anniversary Pressed coins that I have been hunting down. If you haven’t be sure to check it out here. Something I’ve been hearing along my travels for those coins is that not only will we be seeing 50 special pressed coins, but also 50 collectible medallions. I don’t know for sure if this will be true or not, but just in case I figured why not keep this search in a separate post to keep things nice and organized. Here is what we have found so far.

Magic Kingdom

** Updated 08/05/2022 ** This first medallions machine was found inside the Magic Kingdom right on Main Street inside the Hall of Champions store. This store is connected with the Main Street Emporium towards the far end closed to Casey’s Corner. These designs are new as of 08/05/2022. The designs that were originally in this machine have been moved to the Port Orleans Riverside Resort Arcade (see below for details).

This set has some really nice designs of Tinker Bell, Donald, Mickey & Minnie and Walt with Mickey all in front of Cinderella Castle. The reverse of each coin has a smiling Mickey face, and says The World’s Most Magical Celebration 50 Walt Disney World which I really love.

Thank you to Lisa for spotting this single 50th Medallion design with Dante from the Animated movie Coco. This single medallion has been placed in the Plaza del Sol (Pirates of the Caribbean) gift shop. The other three designs are unchanged from before and are still Pirate themed but no associated with the special 50th designs. Originally this medallion was rumored to be headed over to the Port Orleans Riverside Resort but instead looks like this will be its permanent home.


The next set of medallions to be released was over at Epcot inside the Port of Entry store which is located just as you enter the World Showcase if you are coming from the Spaceship earth area of the park. There are two gift shops in this area that are almost identical and this is the one closes to the Canada Pavilion side.

This machine has been in this location for quite a while. In the past we have seen medallions for some of the different Festivals, but then it went stale for quite awhile with some Winter character designs that stuck around for much longer than we anticipated. I was happy to see these have finally been updated with some nice new 50th Anniversary designs of Figment, Miguel from Coco, the Genie from Aladdin and Jimmy Cricket.

Just across the courtyard from the above Port of Entry store is the similarly designs (almost duplicate) Disney Traders store. We had heard rumors that a second medallion machine would be released here and it finally arrived. The machine can be found just inside the side entrance near the main checkout area. The medallion designs available here are of Nemo, Dory, Flounder and Sebastien.

Hollywood Studios

Special thank you to Stephanie E, Matthew and Zizzy who all came across the newly released medallion machine at Hollywood Studios. This machine can be found in the Celebrity 5 & 10 store located near the front of the park as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard. The designs available her include Lumber, Woody, R2-D2 and Hei Hei from Moana.

The second set of medallions can be found in the Tower of Terror building. For those of you not interested in actually riding this attraction, no problem at all. The machine is available in the Tower Hotel Gift which can be accessed without actually riding. Just walk inside the gift shop and head towards the back where you will see plenty of guests exiting from the ride. The medallion machine is right next to the pressed penny machine. The designs available here include Goofy, BB-i, Bruni from Frozen and Cogsworth.

Animal Kingdom

Next up we took a headed into the jungle over at one of the most beautiful Disney parks Animal Kingdom. There was only one medallion machine I knew about in this park so that’s where I was headed first before exploring the rest of the park. Thankfully may assumption was correct and this existing machine had the old Lion King designs removed and replaced with the new 50th versions.

This machine is located in the Ziwani Traders store which is back near the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction entrance. The medallions available here include Simba, Bambi, Timon and Pumbaa.

Disney Springs

Before we start our pilgrimage to all the different resorts looking for medallions I was pretty sure we would find some a Disney Springs. More specifically in the Pin Trader store where there was currently a machine with some 2021 designs.

Sure enough my hunch was right and the machine was just recently loaded with these brand new 50th designs Donald, Daisy, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too.

The second machine available in Disney Springs can be found in the gigantic World of Disney store. The machine is just inside the doors to the left of the Starbucks in front of the store. This is also currently where most of the 50th Celebration merchandise can be found. The medallions of Olaf, Jaq and Gus have returned after being missing for weeks, but we have now finally found the infamous Cheshire Cat.

Contemporary Resort

The first set of collectible medallions I have come across at a resort was found in a brand new machine over at the Contemporary Resort. It can be found on the 4th floor concourse just outside the arcade near the monorail security check point.

These medallions were nice quality, bright and shiny. Plus they were really heavy, even more heavy than I think the standard medallions we have found around property were but I may have to double check on that. Could have been I was just more used to the penny weight lately instead. The designs are of similar characters we have found on the pressed pennies including Tramp, Bo Peep, Pinocchio and even a Contemporary Resort image. They are not exactly the same designs that are on the pennies but similar. I’m hoping this is not going to be the case where the medallions and pennies all have the same / similar designs but I’m sure we will find out before too long.

Polynesian Village Resort

The Polynesian Village resort is one of my favorites. Unfortunately I’ve never actually stayed here, but have visited many times either to collect some pressed coins or in most situations to eat at ‘Ohana which is my all time favorite restaurant on WDW Property. On the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House across from ‘Ohana is a shop called the Moana Mercantile and just outside this store is where the next medallion machine can be found.

Adding to this ever growing set of 50th Anniversary Medallions we found designs celebrating the Polynesian Village Resort, the Orange Bird, Stitch and Pua from Moana. The reverse image is the same as all the other medallions we have found so far.

All-Star Movies Resort

A very special thank you to Kathleen B. who submitted a tip on the next two sets of medallions.

This machine is found in the World Premier Food Court and has replaced the pressed quarter machine that used to be here. The cabinet matches the pressed penny machines which I think is a nice touch. The medallion designs here are of the Mad Hatter, Joe Gardner, Frozone and Edna Mode.

All-Star Music Resort

Thankfully this next resort was not too far away, and I just walked over to the All-Star Music resort. The new medallion machine has also replaced the pressed quarter machines that was outside the Note’able Games Arcade.

This is an other great set of medallions with designs of Dumbo, Timothy Mouse, Pluto and Abu.

Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds

The medallion machine at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds has been released and is available at the Meadow Trading Post. This can be a bit of a difficult location to visit. The campgrounds are currently on a very strict restriction and will only allow guests staying at the campgrounds or with a dining reservation to come in and park. Now you can get around this by parking at one of the Theme Parks or Disney Springs and taking a Disney Bus over, or the boats from Magic Kingdom. Once you are at the campgrounds you will need to take the Orange internal bus to the Meadow Trading post. There are other internal bus colors but they do not pass near this Trading Post.

The machine is located just inside the main set of doors to this store. The credit card option was not working when I visited, but it was accepting cash with no issue. The medallion designs available here include one special Fort Wilderness Resort with hiking Mickey, Thumper, Chip and Dale.

Grand Floridian Resort
(Formerly located at Port Orleans Riverside Resort)

** Updated 02/09/2023 ** This machine was originally placed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort has been relocated and can now be found at the Grand Floridian Resort in the main building on the second floor near the doors to the Monorail Station (**Thank you Rodney for the updated location). Just note the designs have not changed so if you already had these from earlier in the celebration from their previous locations in Magic Kingdom and then Port Orleans Riverside they are exactly the same.

This set has designs of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Lady and Tinker Bell. The reverse of each coin has a smiling Mickey face, and says The World’s Most Magical Celebration 50 Walt Disney World.

Cast Member Exclusive 50th Medallion

At a recent Cast Member special event known as EARidescent Evenings which took place in the Magic Kingdom as Cast Members were leaving they were gifted a special 50th Anniversary Medallion. The coin is sealed in a plastic capsule and attached to a card stating “WE are the MAGIC”. The front of the medallion has Mickey and Minnie in front of Cinderella Castle with fireworks in the sky. The reverse side of this coin is the same as all the others we have reviewed above with Mickey stating “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”.

There are a few more of these special Cast Member events through the summer but it is unknown whether these coins will continue to be gifted out. There are some currently available on eBay but due to their rarity the costs are pretty high so just be aware of that. Hopefully you may know a Cast Member that has an extra they don’t want so you can add this special medallion to your collection.

Storage Ideas

We have received lots of questions about recommendations for how to store and display these fantastic new medallions we have all been furiously hunting for. Below I have outlined some suggestions I received from readers and included links to where you can buy them. Please Note: Below includes Amazon affiliate links which if used will help support this blog. Please note I did include prices just as a guideline so you know roughly how much to expect for each option, but as we know with Amazon and other retailers these prices can change without notice.

First at these 41mm plastic coin capsules that include foam gaskets to surround the coin and ensure they fit snuggly in the enclosure. This also includes the plastic storage box which holds 60 coins. Here is the link if you would like to get more details or order them.

Next is this nice looking Coin Collection Book that has 60 pockets inside perfect for this entire set plus a few extra if needed. This book will hold 2 inch x 2 inch cardboard flips that will protect each coin then you jus slide them into each page. The nice thing about the cardboard flips if they can be written on to include information on the design, collected date, location or whatever you want to include. Here is the link for the Coin Collection Book if you are interested in this option.

As mentioned above if you wanted to use that coin book you would also need to get some of the 2×2 cardboard flips. These are available at pretty much every coin collecting shop or online retailer. These do come in a large variety of window sizes, so be sure and select the 40mm version as that will allow for the entire medallions to be visible. Here is the link for a version on Amazon but come in quantities of 50. Just be aware you may need to get a second order if you have the entire set of medallions.

If you are interested in the 2×2 cardboard flip option, but don’t want the smaller Coin Booklet you can use the above pictured plastic pocket sheets that fit into any standard three-ring binder. This is a common option for many coin collectors so you may already have some of these in your home. Here is the link for these sheets which usually come in packs of 20. Just be sure to get the 2inch by 2inch version which should give 20 pockets per page. I didn’t see where you could buy the pages individually so you may end up having plenty left over which we may need again for Walt Disney Worlds 60th!! Hint Hint Disney.

Our friend Donna mentioned the above beautiful display as another option for the 50th Medallions. This is labeled as being for Military Challenge Coin’s, but looks like it would also be a great option for our new Disney coins as well. Here is the link so you can check it out.

Our Friend’s Collection Display Ideas

Above is a beautiful display from fellow collector Michelle D. with some of her special 50th Medallions and Pressed Pennines. What a great idea, thank you for sharing!

Another amazing display from collector Annie M. with all her medallions and I love that 50th Mickey silhouette design. Thank you for sharing!

We are seeing so many fanatic display ideas for our 50th Medallion collections. Above is from collector Krystal H. with all her coins stored safely in the plastic capsules and nice arranged on a each display. Wonderful idea thank you everyone for sharing your displays.

Here is another beautiful display with all 53 collectible medallions, the special 50th anniversary park maps all inside a wonderful frame. This is so creative and another amazing idea from fellow collector Angie W.

So many fantastic display ideas from more of our friends. Above is a beautiful wall shelf shaped like Mickey showing off all of the coins. Great idea from collector Laura O.

This frame and matte idea is a great way to show off those wonderful medallions. Thank you to collector Robert R for his display.

Above we have another really nice wall display from collector Angela G. with a beautiful background of the castle, and fireworks. Also looks like the medallions are extra protected inside some coin capsules.

Wow I was blown away when I saw the above display of 50th Medallions from collector Dawn H. This is really fantastic and I can only imaging the work it took to get it put together. Amazing job!

The challenge coin wall mount displays seem to be a popular option for our collectible medallions. Above is a photo from collector Ashley A. showing off her entire collection. This looks fantastic!

Wow we have so many talented friends in our community. Above is another display from collector Renee L.


196 thoughts on “50th Anniversary Collectible Medallions – Walt Disney World (Complete)

  1. The extra three 50th medallions are: Contemporary Logo (The Resort with Mickey & Minnie), Polynesian (Big 50 with a tribe mask and hawaiian flowers), and Fort Wilderness Campground (Hiking Mickey-no 50 in the front but the 50th medallion logo on the back).


    • Yes the machines all take credit cards as well as cash. Just note that if you use a credit card you have to pay the full $15 to get the entire 4 coin set. The machine won’t let you use a credit card to pay for just one medallion, to do that you would need to use cash. Hope this helps!


  2. Thank you so much for this article – on my November trip i was able to get 52 of the 53 medallions. I was unable to obtain the Polynesian Resort coin due to the machine at the resort being out. But I am very happy with my new collection.


    • Thank you so much! I’m so happy to here that it helped out with your collection. This was a lot of fun to put together and we had plent of help from everyone out there. Hopefully you are able to get that last coin!


  3. Awesome article! THANK YOU.
    Does anyone know what they’re made of? I searched far and wide for an answer.
    Some of my Medallions need a cleaning before encasing them and I don’t want to damage these.


  4. Hello all!

    I was able to collect 52 medallions this trip – Lumiere wasn’t working at HS and ended up with a double Woody that I gave away to a little Cowboy in Toy Story Land. I checked back on my way out and the whole machine was “out of order” so I’ll check back there my next visit. I was also able to get three “pirate” medallions with Dante (paid with credit card so couldn’t just pick one) but I know those aren’t technically 50th Collectibles.

    I keep seeing folks mention Rocket and Groot but did not see those anywhere. Anyone happen to know where those two are or were?

    The list we have here is up to date as of tonight when I made it back to my room! I had a great time with my “scavenger hunt”. Thanks David for all your work keeping us up to date! 🙂

    Thank you!!


    • That is fantastic thank you for the update Jennifer. I’m happy to hear you were able to get almost all of the medallions. Hopefully you can get that last one and it was so nice of you to share your extra coin with a lucky guest in Toy Story Land.

      The Rocket and Groot designs were just assumptions since the coin designs seemed to be followin the golden statues around WDW property and they have statues but it appears that no coins were made for those two character which is too bad as I know those would have been very popular.

      I hope you had a fantatic visit to the parks and made lots of fun memories on your scavenger hunt for these coins! Take care and stay safe.


  5. My wife and I just got back from a week at WDW at Caribbean Beach Resort. I had concerns about hopping all over the property to get these medallions, but I really wanted them. I was concerned my wife would get mad about resort hopping, so each morning, before going to the parks, we would do just that. Sometimes by bus, sometimes Skyliner. We also did boats and monorails. MY WIFE LOVED IT!!! She really enjoyed exploring all the resorts and means of transportation, and I got all 53 medallions. We may book a stay at the Polynesian because of this. Thanks for the guides here and to you future collectors, get out there and enjoy the hunt. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling it is.


  6. Hello! We read this article on Sunday after seeing it linked in a Disney fb group and got so excited about the idea of collecting these medallions, that we’re headed to WDW this weekend with the sole purpose of collecting. I ordered the plastic case with coin capsules you linked from Amazon on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. We leave tomorrow morning at 6am to drive down from South Carolina, and I’m SO excited! I feel like a kid! Thank you!


    • That is so fantastic I’m happy you found us here and hope that we can help on your upcoming trip. It is definitely a project to hit all the locations but I know you will have a lot of fun along the way. Be sure to check back in after your have returned and let us know all about our trip, I’d loved to hear all about it. Good luck and enjoy!


  7. There may be more to come. I accidentally went to pop sport and almost got arrested as they were not even open yet and I am wander the place looking for the coin machine. They asked me what I was doing and they told me they did not get there machine yet try back when they open at the end of the month. So there could be more to come. Maybe Groot and Rocket in that batch.


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  9. Not sure if anyone has commented yet. But the machine in the Pirates merch area only has Dante for 50th coins. The other 3 are regular pirates coins.


  10. Hi there! We just came back from WDW and we get to collect all the 53 medallions! Thanks to the wonderful blog! Now we are looking for a good way to expose at home!!


    • Hi Anbaco. That is fantastic I’m so happy to hear that you were able to collect all 53 medallions, I know from experience that is quite a task. Great Job!! I hope you were able to include some rides and snacks as well on your trip. I’d love to see what you come up with for a display idea, some of our friends here have sent over some amazing ideas. Thank you again for letting me know how things went and I’m so happy we could help with your collection. Enjoy!


  11. Thank you so much! Wonderful displays and where to get the items I can’t thank you enough . You have made my hobby into a beautiful collection .thank you for taking the time to share with others and Providing hours & hours of enjoyment for this new member to the hobby .


    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy to hear we were able to help. It was certainly a community effort with everyone helping to report on new locations when they were released. I’m certainly grateful for all our collecting friends!!


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    • Currently that I’ve found there are 57 coins available. The machine in the Magic Kingdom at the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop only had one 50th design, the other 3 designs were just regular pirate-themed coins. I haven’t visited the Pirates machine in a few weeks so if those coins have changed please let me know and I’ll investigate and update. Thanks for checking in.


      • You’re right I double checked. There is only 1 coin at Pirates and 3 at Fort Wilderness, which gives you 56. How did you get your hands on the 57th cast meme we medallion?


      • There should be 4 coins at Fort Wilderness for the total of 57. The cast medallion I wasn’t really counting since it’s not available to the general public. I have a neighbor that works for Disney and got one of the medallions from a cast party at Magic Kingdom. He was nice enough to let me take pictures of it, but I gave it back to him for his own collection.


      • The fourth 50th Medallion at Fort Wilderness is actually the hiking Mickey. His shirt/sweater has the 50 on the front. Jason Gervais was kind enough to point it out to me. So definitely 53, 57 with the new MK ones, and 58 if you get the Cast Member one.


  13. I was so proud of myself, because in January, we went on vacation and made it a point to hit every spot and get every coin. Life was good. Now they go and add 4 more. I just ordered them off ebay, 40 bucks for the set so not so bad. However, I had to have the cast member exclusive also, another $120.00 on ebay. Sigh, what is wrong with me?


      • AS Sports received a medallion machine earlier this year when it reopened. The medallions available were sports themed, but recently it looks like they have placed some 50th medallion designs here temporarily. The Mickey and Minnie coins are the same as can be found over at Port Orleans Riverside, the Goofy design is the same as in Hollywood Studios at the Tower of Terror gift shop, and the Donald coin is a duplicate of the one over at Disney Springs in the Pin Trader store.

        My guess is either the sports themed coins are out of stock and they didn’t want an empty machine at this report and filled it with extra 50th designs, or they are just trying to push out remaining 50th design coin stock as they start to wind down the celebration. Hope this helps!


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  15. Just visited magic kingdom to test ride tron and saw a new machine placed at the main street train station with info on all 4 trains on the medallions! They are pretty cool!


    • I’m surprised they would release non-100th anniversary designs at this time of year. I figured they would need all the machines for those designs in the very near future. May be a good idea to pick up those railroad designs now incase they are removed!


  16. Just to mention, the medallions with Mickey, Tink, Lady, and Minnie that was in the Port Orelans French Quarter arcade have now moved to a machine right near the entrance to the monorail station in the Grand Floridian. Just an FYI! Found them getting a different penny.


  17. So it looks like our first 50th casualty will be the Donald Duck Partners coin that was available at the Magic Kingdom Emporium. It has been replaced with Lady. The end is near!!


    • Thank you for the update. I have received some messages about other machines being removed today (3/21) from the Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts. If anyone still needs 50th designs I think your time is just about up unfortunately.


      • Polynesian machine is still there as of tonight. Important note: Apparently when the 100th coins rolled out at Disneyland the collector’s books available for $24.99 were gone instantly. They are in abundance right now at Disney World in anticipation of the 100th coin rollout. Do not wait! All signs say they will be gone quick!!!


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