Disney’s Art of Animation NEW Pressed Penny Set – Part 2

I’m sure you are thinking didn’t we just find a new pressed penny machine at the Art of Animation resort and you would be absolutely correct. If you didn’t read about that machine you can check it out here.

From that last trip to the resort we found out that the 3-design machine that had the 2021 dated design available was removed and replaced with a new 8-design machine. I was in the area recently and thought I would head back over because I was sure that 2021 design would just be moved over to the second machine in the food court.

But once I walked inside I quickly realized that wasn’t the case. The above image shows the first new machine we found a couple weeks ago on the bottom right side.

As I walked a little further into the food court I noticed that second machine was gone and replaced with yet another 8-design machine.

This machine’s cabinet was custom formed for this tight space in the wall. It actually fits in there perfectly and even the color matches the surrounding walls pretty well.

The designs available here continue with the theme of this resort that focuses on The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Finding Nemo and Cars. There are some nice new designs available here that really stood out to me like the Ursula one and even King Triton. I was sad to see that 2021 design did not return but here is a bit of spoiler, lately I’ve found that quite a few of the other 2021 designs have started disappearing around property and replaced with some fun new designs which you can follow along here on those conversions.

Thanks for visiting this week. Have a fantastic day and Keep on Pressing!


2 thoughts on “Disney’s Art of Animation NEW Pressed Penny Set – Part 2

    • Most of the machines are now $1 to press, and the machines will supply the penny so you don’t need to bring your own. There are a few machines still around the property that are $0.50 but I would anticipate those being changed very soon. Up at the top near our banner, we have a Penny Maps page where we have free maps available for all the parks and resorts which also include the cost to use those machines, if credit card payment is available and whether you can use your own penny or not. Hope this helps!


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