100th Anniversary Souvenir Medallions – Walt Disney World Edition (Complete)

** Disclaimer this post is for the 100th Anniversary Medallions available at Walt Disney World in Florida. If you are interested in the Disneyland (California) Medallions those can be found at this separate post. I’m going to do my best to keep everything separate and as organized as possible. Please just make sure you are looking at the correct post to avoid any confusion when using these as resources for your collection.

** Updated 04/14/2023: The last two medallion machines have been placed and based on information from Cast Members all Medallion Designs for the 100th Anniversary are now available totaling 69 medallions. Check out details below on each of the locations and coin designs. Good luck collectors!

Here is a Printable / Downloadable Checklist for all the 100th Anniversary Medallions. Feel free to share and repost for other collectors that may find it useful. Happy Collecting!

Above is the reverse design that will be on all of the 100th Anniversary Medallions. These do specify Walt Disney World along with the 100 Years of Wonder celebration logo.

Magic Kingdom

Hall of Champions

Inside the Hall of Champions store which is the back part of the Emporium closed to Casey’s Corner, the medallion machine here has new coin designs of Mickey & Minnie, Donald & Daisy, Goofy & Pluto, and Chip & Dale.

Plaza del Sol (Pirates of the Caribbean Store)

Inside the Plaza del Sol aka Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Shop there is a medallion machine here with four designs available, but only one has been changed for the 100th Anniversary with a design of Jack Skellington.

Magic Kingdom – Adventureland Breezeway (Restrooms near Swiss Family Treehouse)

** Special Thank you to Ashley for confirming this machine at the Breezeway has finally arrived

This next machine is in a bit of a unique location although you can see in the photo above there is a penny press here as well. We are calling this location the Adventureland Breezeway that connects to Liberty Square. This is also where you can find the restrooms just across from the Swiss Family Treehouse. Medallions in this machine have designs of Captain Hook, Lady & the Tramp, Jasmine & Abu, and Madame Leota from The Haunted Mansion.


Disney Traders

In the area where you leave Future World (soon to be World Celebration) and enter the World Showcase there are two almost identical gift shops. First we will visit Disney Traders has a new set of collectible medallions featuring designs of Merida, Anna Elsa & Olaf, Chef Remi, and Nemo & Dory.

Port of Entry

On the opposite side if you were heading towards the Canada pavilion is the second store called Port of Entry. The medallion machine in this location has new 100th Anniversary designs with images of Figment, Indiana Jones, BB-8 and Rocket & Groot.

Hollywood Studios

Celebrity 5 & 10

Over at Hollywood Studios as you walk up Hollywood Boulevard towards the Chinese Theater you will pass by a store on the right side called Celebrity 5 & 10. There you will find the medallion machine with new coins featuring Buzz Lightyear, Cruela de Vil, Belle, and Mike & Sully.

Tower Hotel Gift Shop

Next head down Sunset Boulevard towards the Tower of Terror attraction. Don’t worry you don’t need to ride the attraction if you don’t want to. Continue past where the line starts into a courtyard and there will be an entrance/exit to the Tower Hotel Gift shop. Go all the way through the gift shop towards where the ride exits and you will find the machine along one of the walls. The 100th anniversary medallions available here are of Maleficent, Lumiere & Cogsworth, Kermit the Frog, and R2-D2.

Animal Kingdom

Ziwani Traders

At the Animal Kingdom theme park you will need to head back into the Harambe section and find the store called Ziwani Traders, it’s kind of in-between Tusker House and the Kilamanjaro Safari entrance. Outside the store is the medallion machine with new 100th Anniversary medallions with designs of Bambi & Thumper, Mowgli & Baloo, Simba Timon & Pumbaa, and Doug Carl & Russell.

Disney Springs

Pin Trader Store

The Pin Trader store is located in the general area of Rainforest Cafe, Earl of Sandwich and the Carousel. Inside there are quite a few penny machines, but only one Medallion machine that is pretty easy to spot as you walk around the store. The medallion designs available here include Pooh & Piglet, Woody, Black Panther and Grogu (Baby Yoda).

World of Disney Store – Machine #1

When visiting the World of Disney store if you enter through the center set of doors that would be closest to the Waterside Stage the machine is just inside along one of the walls. The medallions available in this machine feature Cinderella, Rapunzel, Dumbo & Timothy, Joy Sadness & Bing Bong.

World of Disney Store – Machine #2

** Special Thank you to Ashley for confirming this second machine has finally arrived and supplying the photos

Located in the middle sections of the store in-between rooms with the T-shirts / Home decor and the Hats / Headbands is the second medallion machine. Here you can collect medallions with Marvel themed designs including The Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man.


All-Star Music Resort

The All-Star Music resort has received some new collectible medallions. The machine is located in the main lobby building just outside the Note’Able Games Arcade. The new coins available here are of Bo Peep, Miguel & Dante, Lightning McQueen & Mater, and Joe Gardner playing the piano with Soul Cat.

All-Star Movies Resort

All-Star Movies resort is next on our trip and the medallion machine is located in the World Premier Food Court. The new 100th Anniversary designs available here include Aurora, Mulan, Vanellope von Schweetz, and Baymax.

All-Star Sports Resort

Make sure you don’t forget to stop at the All-Star Sports Resort as well. The new medallion designs are available in the machine found just outside the Game Point Arcade in the main lobby building. The coin designs here include images of the Mad Hatter & Cheshire Cat, Raya, Mr Incredible Elastigirl & Frozone, and Edna Mode.

Contemporary Resort

Time for a relaxing trip around the Monorail loop, and our first stop will be at the Contemporary Resort. The medallion machine can be found on the 4th floor concourse just outside the arcade. This machine has coin designs featuring Peter Wendy & Tinker Bell, Snow White, Pinocchio & Jimmy Cricket, Maribel Luisa & Bruno.

Polynesian Village Resort

A few stops away on the Monorail and we find ourselves inside probably one of the most popular Disney Resorts the Polynesian Village Resort. The medallion machine is inside the main ceremonial house (lobby) up on the second floor outside the Moana Mercantile store. The new coin designs for the 100th Anniversary having images of the Orange Bird, Ariel & Founder, Moana & Maui, and Stitch.

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Our last Monorail stop is at the gorgeous Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. As you exit the monorail station, or if you enter the lobby from the main floor just head upstairs and outside the doors leading to the Monorail platform is the medallion machine. Here can collect a set of the new 100th Anniversary coins with images of Tiana, Mary Poppins, Wall-E, and Alice with the White Rabbit.

Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

This location can be a bit difficult to access if you aren’t staying at the campsites or cabins. There are methods to get here either by Boat from the Magic Kingdom, or a Disney Bus from Disney Springs or one of the parks. Once there you will then need to either walk which can be quite a distance, or take the internal Orange Bus that will take you to the Meadows Trading Post. Just inside the doors you will find the medallion machine that has coins with images of Sid & Scrat (Ice Age), Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Red Panda Mei, and Pocahantas.

Medallion Collection Book

Just recently we got our first piece of evidence that this rumor of new coins may be on the way. Over at EPCOT (and I’m sure the other parks) I found the above eye catching 100th Anniversary Souvenir Medallion Collection Book. It seems strange to release this if special coins are on the way don’t you think?

The beautiful reflective cover wrapped all the way around. This book costs $24.99 but if you are an annual pass holder, or DVC member you can use your discount on it.

Inside there are 10 plastic pages, each will hold up to 8 medallions for a grand total of 80 coins. The other interesting thing about these booklets is I have received reports of similar versions in Disneyland California and even Hong Kong Disneyland. So there may be lots of new collectible coins on the way.


48 thoughts on “100th Anniversary Souvenir Medallions – Walt Disney World Edition (Complete)

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  2. This is exciting. the ‘hunt’ for the 50th anniversary medallions was really fun. No doubt the new hunt will be the same. Disney definitely should have an idea of how to do this the second time around.


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    • Fantastic. If you have any details on the ones we don’t have recorded below please feel free to let me know and I’ll update our post for everyone. If you have pictures of the machines or coins and would like to have them included you can email them to davidscointravels@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to give you photo credit for them. Thank you for the information, this is going to be quite a project to collect all these new coins.


      • I was able to get all 44 coins and the souvenir book at Disneyland and California adventure on Sunday January 29. I can’t wait to see what the next ones are. I can email you the images. I put them in order that your Disneyland post had them in. Thank you for that by the way it was really helpful in tracking down all of the coins.
        The hardest to find was the Pixar place hotel, because they are doing construction on that hotel and from the main street you can’t get in, you have to go around the back by the parking garage.


    • Hello.. i was yesterday January 29 at the Disneyland Resort and was able to get 40 coins. I thought i got all of them but i missed 4. where di you get the locations of the machines?


  4. Hello!

    Just leaving WDW, and as of today, Feb 21st, there are no 100th medallions, but did see the books, as you said. Not sure why they never made a book for the 50th medallions…. Or did they, and I missed it? Happy hunting to all!


  5. All locations at Disneyworld that had the 50th coins have been changed over to 100th coins. Machines are in the same locations. I hunted down all of the 50th yesterday and today was able to go back and get all of the 100th! It was exciting to see the change over.


    • Was there new 100th medallions at the back of the Tower of Terror shop? That medallions machine had 4 50th ones and figured since all the other 50’s have changed, that one might too.


  6. Update – first of all if you think a machine is broken try it anyways. If it really isn’t working or accepting credit cards it needs to be unplugged, wait 5-10 seconds and plug back in. I spoke to a technician from medallion mint that recommended this. I can usually convince a cast member to do it. It will go through a complete reboot in about 3 minutes. Also there are posts that say that a new machine should be located in the Adventureland breezeway in magic kingdom and a second machine added to World of Disney in Disney Springs but I have not found them yet. Will keep you posted!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. There is a machine in Adventureland Breezeway now. As rumored has Hook, Lady&Tramp, Jasmine&Abu, and Madame Leota.

    Thank you for compiling this list, it is very helpful!


    • Visited the Adventureland Breezeway machine last night and it was DEAD. Tried unplugging and plugging back in to no avail. I will call Medallion Mint today at 405-222-1133 to report it. Some machines have a phone number to text for issues but this one doesn’t. I NEED THOSE COINS!! LOL


  8. First of all, thank you for this site and all those that provide info. It is awesome! We are Disneyland Passholders but recently went to WDW while they converted from 50th to 100th. I was wondering if anyone knows how many of the 50th and 100th they will have? We were thinking 50 of the 50th and 100 of 100th? Between WDW and DLR, I found 72. Curious if the others may be in the other Disney locations, like Paris and Tokyo?


    • Here is the current list of known coin designs for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. There are some international park coins released for the 100th but I don’t have too many details on those but included what I do know in case interested. Good luck!

      50th WDW Pressed Pennies 61
      50th WDW Medallions 57 + 1 Cast Member Exclusive

      100th WDW Pressed Pennies 69
      100th WDW Medallions 69

      100th Disneyland Pressed Pennies 32
      100th Disneyland Medallions 44 + 2 Error Variant Designs

      100th Hong Kong Disneyland “Pennies” 6
      100th Tokyo Disneyland “Pennies” 7


    • No medallions in Tokyo, they do have the Penny machines for their 40th that just started, don’t know if currently any 100th penny machines in the Tokyo parks


      • Thanks Loui. I was going to go out and look and see if there’s anything online and see if I can do a trade between parts. Appreciate the info.


    • Thanks for the list. This is awesome! We are on CA, but visited there recently, and had a lot of fun finding them as they were just being introduced. Sadly, I missed getting some of these and hope to find options to get them online. Happy hunting to fellow collectors.


  9. Disney Springs World of Disney machine #1 has moved. It is now located at the main entrance to the right of Starbucks just inside the store next to the registers.


  10. Does anyone know if this is the full list? I see that Disneyland has a few with different characters like the hitchhiking ghosts, Sorcerer Mickey, steamboat Mickey, and a few others. Would love to have seen these at Disney World as well.


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