SeaWorld Orlando NEW Collectible Medallions

It seems like quite a while since we visited SeaWorld here in Orlando. Well I should say that I have visited a few times this past year, but unfortunately they just doing update or change out elongated coin designs very often. So not much to report on until just recently when our friend and fellow collector Joe Watts reported that SeaWorld had released their first Collectible Medallion machine. Let’s head into the park and I’ll show you where to find it.

Once inside the park if you head towards the giant Manta coaster and just past the Flamingo habitat you find a random Build-A-Bear Workshop.

This workshop has some unique hours so due to that the machine is actually located outside the building, just along the right side wall. You will pass by it if you are heading towards the Stingray Lagoon.

Here you will find a pressed penny machine which is not new, but just relocated. This machine used to be under the Stingray Lagoon canopy. Today however we are focusing on the new medallion machine.

Above is a close up of the cabinet. The wrap is nicely detailed with some sea creatures. Now something that actually took me by surprise was the new cost for these coins. If you are buying just one design it’s still $5 each just like the other machines we have found at nearby theme parks. The full set cost however is $18. Still a bit of a discount when you buy the full set. I’m crossing my fingers Disney and Universal don’t find out about this increased cost.

The designs on this set of medallions include a Great White Shark, Bottlenose Dolphins, Orca Whales a some King Penguins. They did include their common names, but also their more scientific names which I’m not even going to try and pronounce.

The reverse side of coin has the same design for all and is the SeaWorld logo, but interestingly lists all their domestic park locations Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego. Guess this means these coin designs may be showing up in those other locations.

I do enjoy collecting these medallions, however that $18 price tag for the full set is really starting to reach what I feel they are worth. If the costs go much higher I think I’ll be leaving these behind and sticking to the slightly more reasonable pressed pennies. Now if only we can convince SeaWorld to give us some new penny designs we’d be all set. Keep on Pressing!


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