Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas NEW Pressed Pennies | Disneyland

I mentioned in a previous post that it has been a long time since Disneyland had released any new pressed penny designs and now they are starting to crank a few of them out. These I think you are really going to enjoy.

Photo Credit: Paul Hiffmeyer

This new machine has been a long time guest and collector favorite due to it’s very unique cabinet design. I’ve always wished they would create something like this here in our Florida parks, but I will admit that California gets much more creative with their machines. When visiting Disneyland if you head over to the area near the Port Royal Curios Curiosities Shop and The Pieces of Eight Gift Shop known as the Court des Anges you can find this machine.

Photo Credit: ParkPennies.com

Look at this beautiful creation. Such a cool design and I’m happy to see that even though it’s been converted from the previous 3-design Quarter press (read about that version here), they still decided to keep this fun design. How many times have you pressed a penny housed in a coffin?

The designs available in this machine include the Haunted Mansion plaque, each of the three Hitchhiking Ghosts, Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero. Plus a special dated design with 2021 on it commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion Holiday celebration.

Special thank you to our friends at ParkPennies.com for the details on this machines whereabouts. I wish I could get out to the West Coast more often but that’s not in the plans for now. Their website is my main resource to help with my Disneyland press coin collection. If you haven’t checked them out before be sure to head on over there and see the treasure trove of information they have available.

This is a wonderful new set and I’m happy to see Disneyland starting to release some new machine. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction and I always enjoy collecting new designs themed around that ride. You know any time there is a dated design you better pick it up quick before it’s gone and the end of the year will be here before you know it. As we have seen with these 8-design machines, there are actually 2 separate dies inside each with 4-designs on them. So depending on which die has the 20th anniversary design and additional three of these designs may also get the axe come the new year. Stay tuned and we will always keep you updated.

Keep on Pressing, and beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!


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