Polynesian Village Resort NEW Pressed Pennies

Disney has been releasing so many new pressed coins and even collectible medallions it’s getting a bit hard to keep up. But I promise I’m not complaining. Having too many new machines to write about is definitely a nice problem to have. As I’m sure you have seen recently I’ve been running around collecting the new 50th anniversary pressed pennies and medallions. On one of my stops I visited one of my favorite places the Polynesian Village Resort

There are quite a few buildings that make up this resort and it’s easy to get a little turned around when trying to find a specific guest room. The main lobby area is in the Grand Ceremonial house which is located near the center of the property. Inside is also where you will find the different restaurants, including the Pineapple Lanai should you be interested in cooling off with a delicious dole whip. Up on the second floor of this building is also where you can find ‘Ohana my personal favorite restaurant, and also a store called the Moana Mercantile.

Just outside of this shop used to be two machines, one was a pressed penny machine, and the second was a pressed quarter machine. Both of those machines have been removed and now replaced with a new 8-design touch screen model.

As I posted about previously this set does include four 50th anniversary designs including a really nice one of a retro looking Polynesian Village resort, the Orange Bird, Hei Hei from Moana, and Stitch. Finishing out this set of eight designs are a four more all themed around the Polynesian Village Resort including Mickey and Minnie, Trader Sams, Donald playing a drum and Goofy with a surfboard.

I am still sad to see the pressed quarter machines disappearing, but in there place we have seen a few collectible medallion machines instead. This is one of those locations and if you want to reach about the medallion machine you can check out this post. The medallions are quite a bit more expensive so I feel there is a limit as to how many of those they can release. Hopefully we continue to see more pressed penny machines instead and I think this is a really cool new set.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for a dole whip. Thanks for visiting the Polynesian Village resort with me today, I hope you have a safe week and as always Keep on Pressing.

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