Disneyland California – 100th Anniversary Pressed Pennies

Just a quick disclaimer that this post will include information on the special 100th Anniversary Pressed Pennies available in the Disneyland Parks in California. If you are interested in information about the Walt Disney World (Florida) 100th Pennies Click Here. There is no information at this time as to how many total designs will be released, but I will work to keep this updated as best I can.

If you have any updates, pictures or information on new machines and penny designs please let know in the comments. Keep on Collecting!

Downtown Disney District

Tortilla Jo’s Restaurant (Outfront)

This machine is found out front of the Tortilla Jos restaurant to the left side when facing the main entrance just past the outdoor seating area. The designs available here are of Ariel, Belle, Moana and Tiana. They also include the Disney 100 across the top of each design.

Wetzel’s Pretzels

This pressed penny machine is located near the Wetzel’s Pretzels store front, not the mobile kiosk. The machine is towards the back of the building near the restrooms. These pennies have designs of Maribel & Bruno, Judy Hops & Nick Wilde, Wreck-It Ralph & Vanellope, and Raya.

World of Disney

Here in the large World of Disney store is a newer 8-design pressed penny machine. All 8 of the available designs are now 100th Anniversary themed with many classic Disney Characters including Mary Poppins, Simba, and fan favorite Marie from Aristocats.

Something very unique about this machine is it’s the first 8-design version to have a backstamp on it. Pictures above is the design on the reverse side of all the coins at this machine. I’ll be curious to see which other machines will include this same feature.

Disneyland Park

Port Royal Curios & Curiosities

The Port Royal Curios & Curiosities gift shop has had a very unique looking penny press machine that resembled a coffin. Recently the designs have been replaced with new 100th Anniversary versions all Haunted Mansion themed including the Hitchhiking Ghosts, The Bride, the Mansion Facade, the Hatbox Ghost and even Jack and Sally from the Holiday overlay.

Pixar Place Hotel – 1st Floor near Elevators

Inside the Pixar Place Hotel on the 1st floor near the elevators you can find another new pressed penny machine. This one currently offering 8 unique designs including Remi & Linguini, Panda Mei, Edna Mode, Lightning McQueen, Buzz & Woody, Luca, Mike & Sully, and Joe Gardner & 23. This is such a cute set and I’m sure will be very popular once guests realize it’s here.


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