… All I got was this Magical Penny | Privately Designed

My wife always says I’m very difficult to shop for. I’m one of those people that if there is something I want or need I just go out and get it. There is never really a list of things I would like that haven’t already been acquired and I understand that can make things a bit difficult for my loved ones. But if your loved one is like me and maybe just a tiny bit into…ahem… obsessed with elongated coins well I may have just the gift.

Our friend and fellow collector Kelly Buchwald who helps take photos of all the Disneyland penny and medallions machines that I use here on our blog and in some of our Youtube videos (make sure to visit and subscribe for lots of penny related videos). Her assistant with those photos is very much appreciated. But her latest project has been a really fun and unique pressed penny.

I’m sure if you are like me you have seen a similar sentiment on many t-shirts but this one certainly made me smile when I saw it. What better gift to give your penny collecting friend or family member that has everything than this quirky coin design letting them know “My Family went to Disneyland and All I got was this Magical Penny”. The phrase is circled by a fun border of what look like bubbles and I’m not 100% sure, but some of those look suspiciously like hidden Mickey’s.

If you are interested in one of these for a family member or yourself you can contact Kelly through the Disney Coin Pressers Facebook group that I have linked here to place your order. Now I just need to convince her to create a Walt Disney World version.

As I’m finishing this post up I just realized I did it again and purchase this unique item for myself. Oh well I guess my wife can just get me some rolls of copper pennies and quarters to use in the machines along our travels. Thanks for checking out another fantastic privately designs pressed penny. Keep on Pressing!


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