Walt Disney World – 100th Anniversary Pressed Pennies (Complete)

Just a quick disclaimer that this post will include information on the special 100th Anniversary Pressed Pennies available in Walt Disney World Florida. If you are interested in information about the Disneyland 100th (California) Pennies Click Here. There is no information at this time as to how many total designs will be released, but I will work to keep this updated as best I can.

If you have any updates, pictures or information on new machines and penny designs please let know in the comments. Keep on Collecting!

Our friends over at the Disney Coin Pressers Facebook group have been helping to keep us up to date with all the new penny releases. They have also created a PDF printable list that I have linked here for you to use. Keep on Pressing!

** Updated 03/31/2023: Currently rumors are circulating that all of the pressed penny designs have been released with a total of 69 individual designs all of which we have reviewed below. I have no firm confirmation if this is true, but if we find more designs released in the future I’ll be sure to keep this post updated. Thank you to everyone that helped track down all of these wonderful pennies!

Magic Kingdom


When visiting the Magic Kingdom once you have scanned your Magic Band, or park ticket at the entrance before going under the train station, if you head all the way over to the left side you will find the Newsstand and the penny machine beside it. Here you will find a 100th Anniversary penny featuring Cinderella with her two mice friends Jaq and Gus Gus.

Main Street Train Station

** Special Thank you to Super Fan for reporting the Main Street Train Station penny designs **

On the first floor of the Main Street Train Station directly behind the big double staircase is where you will find the next penny machine. Just note there are two separate machines here, but only one of them will have new 100th Anniversary designs. Here the pennies will have images of Maleficent, Madame Leota, the Mad Hatter & Cheshire Cat, and Miguel & Dante from Coco.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

You do not need a reservation at Tony’s Town Square to visit this pressed penny machine. It can be found in the waiting area of the restaurant near the restrooms. The design on this penny is a very adorable one of Lady and the Tramp sharing a long string of spaghetti from their infamous movie scene.


On the opposite side of Main Street just head inside the Firehouse and you will find a very strange looking piece of fire fighting machinery, but that is actually the penny machine. Here is is just one 100th Anniversary penny design and it’s of Cruella deVille.


As you stroll along Main Street be sure to head inside the Emporium also known as the giant Souvenir Shop, and just inside the doors closed to the Train Station direction) you will find the first machine. The machine offers 8 designs, but only 4 of them are part of the 100th Celebration and has designs of Captain Hook, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan Wendy & Think, and Pinocchio.

This second machine is a bit hard for me to explain where it can be found. If you are walking through the Emporium starting from the park entrance side and heading in the direction of the castle you will come across the machine about halfway through the store. Even though this is one large building that extends down the entire length of Main Street it’s actually three different stores that are inner-connected. The penny designs here are of Mickey & Minnie, Donald & Daisy, Goofy & Pluto, and Chip & Dale.

Hall of Champions

If you were just inside the Emporium above keep heading in the direction of the castle and the store at the end closed to Casey’s Corner is actually called the Hall of Champions. At this machine there are four 100th Anniversary designs available to press and include images of Dumbo, Jasmine & Abu, Snow White and Merida from Brave.

Heritage House

This machine is actually located near the exit to the Hall of Presidents attraction. There is actually a pathway that goes behind the Sleepy Hallow food stand leading towards the Hall of Presidents. In this little back alley you can find the machine all by it’s lonesome. There are three penny designs here of Baymax, Jack Skellington, and Woody.


Living Seas SeaBase Alpha Gift Shop

Inside the Living Seas Pavilion at the exit to the Nemo Attraction, or you can bypass the ride and just enter through the Sea Base Alpha Gift Shop to find this machine. The four designs here are of Remi, Figment, Ariel & Flounder, and Nemo & Dory.

Port of Entry Gift Shop

As you enter into the World Showcase there are two large gift shops, the first is towards the Canada Pavilion side and is called Port of Entry. Inside there is a 3-design pressed penny machine, but only one of the designs is celebrating the 100th and has the cutest image of little Grogu (Baby Yoda).

Disney Traders Gift Shop

The sister store this the one above is towards the Mexico side called Disney Traders. Inside is another 3-design penny machine with one special penny available for the 100th with another adorable design of Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Norway Pavilion The Fjording Gift Shop

As you head around the World Showcase take a little stop at the Norway Pavilion. All the way in the back is The Fjording Gift Shop (this is also where you exit if you ride the Frozen Ever After attraction) and you will find the pressed penny machine. The single design available here for the 100th Anniversary is of Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

International Gateway Gift Shop

This one can bit a bit difficult to find. This gift shop is near the entrance / exit in-between the France and UK pavilions, also where you would go if you are heading towards the Boardwalk Inn, Yacht & Beach Club resorts or the Disney Skyliner. The penny machine here also has just one design available for the 100th with a fun image of Lumber and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast.

Hollywood Studios

Oscar’s Super Service (Near front of the Park)

Just inside the park entrance if you head towards the right you will find Oscar’s Super Service. This is also where you would go to rent a Stroller, Wheelchair or ECV. Inside the little shop you will find the machine near the exit doors. There is only one design available here for the 100th and it’s of Kermit the Frog in his fanciest Tuxedo.

Hollywood Junction

This second machine is just a little stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and you will see a nice water fountain on the right side. There is a small building there called Hollywood Junction and this machine can be found around back of this building right beside an ATM. The designs available here include Lightning McQueen & Mater, Indiana Jones, BB-8 and R2-D2.

Animal Kingdom

Discovery Trading Co Gift Shop

As you enter the park and head towards the Tree of Life, there is a large gift shop on your right side called the Discovery Trading Co. Just outside one of the doors you will see a wall with three penny machines sitting side by side. Each machine has one new design available. This first machine has the special penny with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia.

The machine located in the middle will have a 100th Anniversary Penny featuring Carl, Doug and Russell from Pixar’s Up!

This one is interesting. The machine on the right side has a special anniversary penny featuring some new characters added to the Disney family with the acquisition of FOX. Here you can find a 100th Anniversary penny featuring Sid and Scrat from the Ice Age movies.

Chester & Hester’s Dino Treasures

If you wonder over into Dinoland USA, back near the Triceratops Spin ride is a gift shop called Chester & Hester’s Dino Treasures. Inside you can find a unique looking penny machine with a 100th anniversary design showcasing Bambi and Thumper.

Curiosity Animal Tours

This is another machine that can easily be missed. It’s found inside the Harambe area of the park, and if you head back towards the Kilimanjaro Safari. When looking at the entrance to the Safari turn around and there is a wall behind you that will have this machine up against it. The 100th anniversary design here features Baloo from The Jungle Book.

Dawa Bar

The last machine available inside Animal Kingdom is also found inside the Harambe area. Near the Tusker House restaurant there is a place called the Dawa Bar, as well as a waiting area for the restaurant. Near the corner of this covered area is where the penny machine can be found. This has a new penny design of Timon, Pumbaa and Simba from The Lion King.

Disney Springs

Pin Trader Store

The Pin Trader store is over in the general area of the Rainforest Cafe and Carousel. Inside there quite a few machines, but only three of them have new designs. First is the above pictured machine with a 100th design featuring Ironman.

Just a few steps away is the second machine with a 100th anniversary design featuring Captain American.

The third and final machine in the Pin Trader store has a third Marvel themed design featuring The Hulk.


Contemporary Resort

The penny machine inside the Contemporary Resort is up on the Third Floor Concourse, just past The Game Station Arcade kind of behind the Fantasia Market. As with the other machines, there are only four 100th anniversary designs here and they have images of Aurora, Belle, Mulan and Bo Peep.

Polynesian Village Resort

Inside the main Ceremonial House up on the second floor you will find the Moana Mercantile store. Just outside is where the penny machine can be found. Only four of the designs are celebrating the 100th anniversary so becarful when selecting which ones you want. The penny designs here include the Orange Bird, Maribel Luisa & Bruno, Moana & Maui, and Stitch.

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

At the Grand Floridian resort, they have a couple penny machines inside however it’s the 3-design machine out in front of the resort near the Bus Stop if you were going to one of the other parks. The machine has just two 100th Anniversary designs including a great one of Mary Poppins, and the other of Alice with the White Rabbit.

Boardwalk Inn

This location can be a bit difficult to find. Once you are inside main lobby building, with the check-in desk on your left side, head down the long hallway on the right. This will lead you towards the Belle Vue Lounge. The two machines are beside the elevator in this area. The first machine has a 100th design featuring Vanellope von Schweetz.

The second machine is right beside the first one above, and has a 100th penny design of Rapunzel from the animated movie Tangled.

** Special Thank you to Anthony Fernandez for reporting the new penny designs on the Boardwalk **

I will admit I completely missed this machine on my previous visit to the Boardwalk Inn. This machine is actually located outside of the resort on the actual Boardwalk near the boat launch for the Friendship boats that take you to Epcot, Hollywood Studios and a few other stops along the way. At this machine there are four new designs all Pixar themed with images of Bing Bong, Mr Incredible Elastigirl & Frozone, Edna Mode, and Joe Gardner.

Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

I will admit I was kind of hoping this location wouldn’t get a new set of pennies just due to it probably being the most challenging to visit. Unless you are staying at the Campsite getting in here needs a bit of time and creativity. You can take the boat from Magic Kingdom, or a bus from Disney Springs. Both options drop you off at either the Marina or the main Check-in area. Then you will need to hop on the internal Orange bus that has a stop at the Meadows Trading Post. Inside this store you will find the penny machine towards the back set of doors. The penny designs here celebrating the 100th Anniversary include Pocahontas, Pooh & Piglet and my personal favorite Red Panda Mei.

POP Century Resort

There are a few way to get into the POP Century resort if you are not actually staying there, and my personal favorite is taking the Disney Skyliner. Once inside the main lobby building head towards the Everything POP Shopping & Dining area. In the area where the gift shop transitions into the food court, four penny machines can be found. Only two of them have new designs but it should be easy to check out each one to find the ones you want. The first machine has a 100th Anniversary design of Thor from the Avengers.

Just across from the machine we visited above is the second machine with another 100th Anniversary design featuring Black Panther. Wakanda Forever!

Port Orleans French Quarter Resort

** Special Thank you to KC for reporting the Port Orleans Resort penny designs **

One of my favorite resorts on Disney property is the Port Orleans French Quarter resort. If you head inside the main lobby building, and go into the Jackson Square gift shop the penny machine will be towards the back near the beverage coolers. The penny design here is a beautiful one of Princess Tiana.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Not too far away is the Port Orleans Riverside resort that is home to our next two penny machines. Both are located inside the main lobby building, this time however you will need to seek out the Medicine Show Arcade. The two penny machines are sitting right next to each other. The first has a 100th Anniversary design of Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc.

The second machine has a great design of Wall-E with his little plant and the Disney 100th Logo.

Wilderness Lodge

Another of my favorite resorts on Disney Property is the Wilderness Lodge and my family loves all the antics at the Whispering Canyon restaurant. While you visit this beautiful resort, be sure to head out of the main building and down the long pathways towards the Bus Stop for the parks. There is one penny machine located here that has recently been updated with a new 100th Anniversary design of Raya.


15 thoughts on “Walt Disney World – 100th Anniversary Pressed Pennies (Complete)

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  2. Port Orleans Riverside has a Mike and Sulley coin and a Wall-E coin in the arcade where the 50th Abu and Edna used to be.

    Also POFQ has a Tiana 100th coin in the store where the 50th Donald Duck castle coin used to be.


    • I’m working on a printout. Would you prefer just a list like a spreadsheet with locations and penny design? Or something with photos? Trying to figure out what would be best and also be able to keep it all on one page


  3. Pin Traders at Springs has Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man in 3 different machines.
    POP Century has Thor and Black Panther in 2 machines.
    The Wilderness Lodge bus stop has Raya.
    All those replace the 50th designs that were there.


  4. The email I got from Disney was clear as mud, so I’m gonna try asking here. Do you have to be a guest at the resort hotels to get at the penny machines, or are they in places open to the public?


    • Yes the penny machines are in public areas that any guests can get to. However just be aware that many of the resorts will not allow you to enter with your own car unless you are a guest of the resort or if you have a dining reservation. Most collectors end up having to use other forms of Disney Transportation to get inside the resorts like the Buses, Monorail, Boats or Skyliner. A popular option is to park for free at Disney Springs then hop on the buses to the different resorts. This can take quite a bit of extra travel time so you will want to calculate that in to your plans. Good Luck!


  5. The machine at Hollywood Junction appears to be moved/removed… looking around the immediate area and nearby shops, I could not find it


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