Harry Potter Spell Coins – Hogsmeade

In a previous post we checked out a new collectible available at Universal Studios the Harry Potter Spell coins or markers at the parks are calling them. We first visited Diagon Alley which you can read about here, but today we are heading over to the Islands of Adventure theme park by way of the Hogwarts Express and into Hogsmeade.

I mentioned this in the previous post but wanted to go over it again here. To help store and display your spell coins there is a special map available for purchase at the time of this post it was $22 (separate maps are available for Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley). It’s made of similar material to a Monopoly game board and has cut outs that can be removed and your coins inserted quite well to keep them from falling out. The coins are sold separately for $8 (at the time of posting). One thing I realized when trying to find all of the coins for both parks is that there are a couple duplicate spells but the coins have a banner on them that specify either Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley so just be careful when searching to make sure you get the correct coins.

The coins are all available inside the Island Supply Gift Shop at the front of Islands of Adventure. I did not see these available inside any of the Hogsmeade shops for some reason. It does make finding them a bit easier, but every so often at least for me, it would be fun to have to visit more than one location to track them all down. Guess I’m just a glutton for making things more difficult on myself.

Over in Universal Studios at Diagon Alley there were only 8 spell coins available, but here in Hogsmeade there are 9 to collect. The front of each coin will match a spell marker that are located throughout Hogsmeade where visiting wizards can cast spells to trigger a reaction within the environment. The reverse side of the coins all have the same image of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Studios logos.

I really do love these coins and find the details on them really fantastic. A few of them will have a crack along one side adding to the authenticity of them. These seem like they could have come straight out of a Gringotts vault.

The spell coins are quite a bit larger in diameter than a US Cent and even a US Quarter, but only slightly thicker.

Here is a look at the completed Hogsmeade map with all the spell coins inserted and on display. They are nicely secured in the cutout sections, but could be knocked out if this is dropped. The cost of the map and each coin this can be quite an expensive collection to complete and I have seen many guests looking at the coins, but seem to only pick out one or two representing their favorite spells. I’m not sure how many other people are working to collect the full set, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed checking out these new Harry Potter themed Spell Coins (Markers).
Keep on Collecting!


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