Holiday Penny Set 2022 | Disney California Adventure

Not too many years ago collectors were on the edge of their seats during the Holiday season anxiously waiting for the Disneyland Holiday pressed nickel sets to be released. It has been an annual staple at the parks for quite a few years dating back to 1995 in Disneyland and 2010 in the California Adventure park. But then in 2020 when the entire world seemed to shut down we missed out on that years special holiday coin designs. That continued into 2021 with another year passing by and still no holiday coins. Many collectors assumed this beloved tradition was gone for good.

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Then just a couple weeks ago our friend and fellow collector Kelly B was visiting the parks and noticed some new designs that were released in Disney California Adventure back in the Kingswell Camera Shop where it seems like all new pressed coin designs have been released lately. Now first off I should mention that these are not pressed nickels like in previous years. I have a feeling this is due to the machine having recently been converted over to the $1 price point and is pre-loaded with pennies. It seems like the vendor doesn’t want to pre-load these with nickels and have to figure out an even higher price to use the machine.

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As much as I really enjoyed those pressed nickels, I’m just as happy to have these pennies. Something is better than nothing, and I really missed them the last couple years.

The designs include Minnie Mouse holding a gift with Joy towards the top of the design. Next is Goofy trying to balance a large pile of gifts. Then finally we have Mickey Mouse with a more reasonable two packages and Noel just above his head. These images are really cute and I love having them in my collection.

The backstamp on all of the pennies is the same and just has the classic Disney California Adventure logo. I do miss the unique Happy Holiday backstamp that used to be on the more recent nickels, but again I don’t want to complain too much since I’m just happy we got these. There used to be separate sets from both Parks, but so far at the time of posting this there was only this one set available. Time is running out on 2022 so I don’t know if we will see another set appear over in Disneyland, but if it does show up I’ll be sure to share it with all of you.

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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