Jurassic World NEW Medallions | Universal’s Islands of Adventure

This new machine almost slipped past us unnoticed, but thankfully we have some very sharp eyed friends in our collecting community. Not too long along I received a message about a new medallion machine inside of Islands of Adventure and I was anxious to get over there, but unfortunately due to my schedule I wasn’t able to visit. In comes our friend Joe Watts to save the day and helped get some pictures of this new machine and the medallions so I could share all the details with you. Let’s take a closer look.

I’m sure if you have visited Universal Florida you know that the Jurassic Park (hopefully soon to be Jurassic World) section is in the Islands of Adventure theme park. If you haven’t been here, well now you know. We have visited here many times in the past for plenty pressed pennies including some specifically for the Velocicoaster Grand Opening that you can read out here.

One downside is that this section of the park is all the way in the back of the park and there is no real direct way to get there. Heading to your right into Seuss landing, or to your left into Marvel Super Hero Island will both eventually get you into the Jurassic area. One of the popular attractions here is the River Journey Adventure and as with all great theme parks you exit from the attraction into a gift shop and this one is called Jurassic Outfitters. Of course if you are visiting just to grab these new medallions you can skip the ride completely if you prefer to stay dry, that ride will result in you getting completely soaked. You have been warned!

This store is quite large and has an immense selection of items all, as I’m sure you an assume, themed for Dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park / World franchise. I always enjoy the faux trees with branches and leaves all around and evening dangling from the ceiling.

The new medallion machine can be found in the back of the store near the ride photo preview desk. Just follow all the soaking wet people walking through the store and you will eventually find it against the wall. The machine cabinet is quite plain, with a nice wood finish to is. I’m always looking for theming when it comes to the machines and wish this was designed to look like a prop from the movies, or have some dino damage to the sides of it. But I guess this makes it easier to swap out the coins in the future without having to completely redesign the cabinet as well.

The cost of these has (so far) remained the same. $5 for one medallion, or $15 for four designs. The coins have some nice designs on them, including a couple Raptors, a T-Rex and what I believe is a Spinosaurus trashing a vehicle.

The reverse side of all the coins has the same image of the Jurassic World logo along with Universal Studios and the copyright / trademark information along the bottom. I really like these new designs and honestly almost like the reverse side best wit that classic Jurassic logo on it. My wallet doesn’t love these due to their higher costs that my beloved pressed pennies, however I just can’t seem to say no. The larger size and details available on each of these coin designs draws me back each and every time they put out more.

On a little side note just going back to the cost of these coins. Please note that if you want only one of these medallions you MUST pay with cash. If you swipe your credit / debit card or pay with a digital form of payment like ApplePay or Google Wallet you will automatically be billed the $15 that entitles you to select any four designs (or just four of one design if that’s what you want). I have seen quite a few guests swipe the card, push a button for one medallion and then start walking away before I have to explain to them what happened and ensure they get the rest of the coins they paid for.

Have a wonderful weekend. For some reason I feel like watching a Jurassic Park movie so I guess that’s my plan for later tonight. Stay safe and as always Keep on Collecting!


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