Classic Car Pressed Coin Sets | Privately Designed

In the past here we have reviewed some really amazing privately designed elongated coins from friends in our collecting community. It has become one of my favorite sub genres of my collection and I’m find myself always on the look out for new and unique sets. I actually have quite a few in my collection that I haven’t even had time to share with you yet, but stay tuned because we have plenty of them on the way in future posts. Today however I wanted to show off some fun sets created and rolled by Martin Spier and are these after some classic cars and automobiles.

This first set from Martin is celebrating some classic Volkswagens, specifically the T1, T2 and T3 Camper. One thing that I love about not just this set but the others we will look at shortly is the details in the backgrounds of these designs. It really sets the scene and seems like these could have been pulled directly from an advertisement for the vehicles.

The second set continues with some other famous Volkswagen models you may recognize. They include a 1971 Beetle under a bridge, a 1955 Beetle diving along the coast with a lighthouse in the background, and a 1966 Beetle causing along a tree lined street.

The third and final set may just be my favorite, and includes the unique Trabant 601, a classic Ford Mustang in the dessert, and Fiat 500 that looks to be parked in front of the Roman Colosseum.

All of these coins are really striking and I was completely blown away when I saw them in person. The details are incredible and I couldn’t be happier to have them a part of my collection. I can’t wait to see what Martin comes out with next, maybe some more classic car designs or something completely different. The fun of designing elongated coins is they are only limited to the imagination of each designer. If you are interested in checking out these sets or any of Martin’s other available coin sets you can visit his website here. Just note that it is a German website so you may need the assistance as I did from Google translator to navigate it. But feel free to email Martin through is website with any questions and he will be happy to help place your order.

Keep on Pressing!


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