Transformers NEW Collectible Medallions | Universal Florida

At Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure there are two very similar attractions. The Adventures of Spider-Man and Transformers The Ride 4-D. Personally I prefer the Spider-Man ride which I think may be a hot take. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the Transformers ride, I just get a little more queasy on it so I don’t ride it very often. Due to this I may have missed a brand new Collectible Medallion machine that was recently placed in the Supply Vault gift shop for this attraction. Thankfully our friend Les G. did find it and was kind enough to pass along the tip.

So I immediately headed over to the park to check out this new set of coins. I did wait in line to experience the attraction just due to it being awhile since my last ride. But I will let you know that you do NOT need to ride the attraction to access the medallion machine.

There are a couple entrances / exits to the Supply Vault gift shop from the park that will allow you to shop for all sorts of Transformers themed merchandise along with these medallions. The cabinet seems really large, but I do enjoy the design of it as it does seem to fit right in with the store theming.

As with the other collectible medallion machines, there are four designs available. It does cost $5 for one coin, or you can get all four coins for $15. This machine does accept credit / debit cards, digital payments like ApplePay or Google Wallet as well as cash. The designs on these coins include Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, the Autobots emblem and the Decepticons emblem.

The reverse image on all the coins is same. It has the NEST Transformers Logo in the center, Universal Studios across the top, and some copyright information along the sides and bottom.

I am happy to say that I survived my ride on the attraction and came off of it without any issues, so this may be a good sign that I can go back to riding this more frequently. I still think I prefer the Spider-Man version, but this is a lot of fun and honestly who doesn’t want to ride along with the Autobots to save the planet from time to time. Universal Studios has certainly seemed to embrace these collectible medallions and I’m happy to see more new designs being released. Keep on Collecting!


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