TECNews Oct-Dec 2022 Issue Elongated Coins

As we head into the final stretch of 2022, the latest issue of TECNews has been released along with the exclusive elongated coins generously donated by the club and club members. Each issue is filled with fantastic auricles by members about their own coin travels, special collections, tips about the hobby and many other topics. Plus they have special events like the Design contest we reviewed a couple months ago, and this time it was a coloring contact for our younger members.

There is plenty of great information inside each issue and I really look forward to each new edition. Then of course we always get to look forward to the included elongated coins. Let’s take a closer look at which ones we received this time.

This first charming looking coin was donated by John and Nancy Wilson. They have had elongated coins created for the World’s Fair of Money (ANA Coin Show) for over 20 years. With this most recent event being held in Chicago Illinois, John included in this design a fun piece of Chicago Bears history along the bottom. The design was engraved by John Gusmano and rolled by Cindy Calhoun.

Next we have the World’s Fair of Money TEC elongated design that was created and rolled by Paul Connor, and engraved by John Gusmano. It has World’s Fair of Money across the top with a marvelous collection of starts just inside the border surrounding a large owl that Paul made to look similar to the eagle on the back of a Kennedy half dollar. We also have 2022 inside of the owl’s wings, the dates of the show in the bottom right and TECNews.org on the left side.

Finally let’s take a look at the World’s Fair of Money ANA elongated design. This was also created and rolled by Paul Connor, and engraved by John Gusmano (they were both certainly busy these last few months). Paul said of this design that he wanted to make a more historic looking elongated. The lettering and style he used was similar to posters and material from the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago. But my personal favorite part of this design is the lettering for Chicago that looks like it was plucked fright from an old fashioned theater lighted marquee.

Well there you have it just a little preview of the October to December 2022 edition of TEC News. As always I have included a link to the TEC website here in case you are interested in more information or are ready to sign up and start enjoying this incredible club. I hope you enjoyed these very exclusive coins. Have a fantastic week and as always Keep on Pressing!


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