The Mandalorian Medallions NEW | Downtown Disney, CA

I’ll admit that I am completely blown away and was taken by surprise when I found out about this new set of collectible medallions. As I’m sure you saw in the title Disney has released Mandalorian themed coins. I knew it would eventually happen, but this seems much quicker than they usually move to implement designs based on new movies and TV shows. Sure The Mandalorian already has 2 seasons out, with a third scheduled for the new year but that is certainly quicker than some of their extremely popular movies or attractions that can take many many years before they are available to collectors and guests.

Ok I know I’ve complained about this in the past, so let’s move on to these new coins. They can be found in the Downtown Disney district on the West Coast in California. Located inside the old Rainforest Cafe building which has been transformed into a Star Wars themed Trading Post.

Photo courtesy of Kelly B

Just inside the main entrance to the Trading Post on the left side is where this new medallion machine has been placed. The cabinet is wonderful. You know me, I love themed cabinets and this one looks great and fits right in with the wall color and design.

Photo courtesy of Kelly B

Unfortunately I was not able to actually visit this machine in person, but I have heard from fellow collectors that this is already a very popular machine with guests. They seem to have quite a good inventory of each design on hand, but as we have found in the past this can change without notice.

Let’s take a nice close look at the images on each of the coins in this set. You can see among them Grogu / Baby Yoda, Mando, Ahsoka Tano and a mythosaur skull.

The reverse image on all of the coins is the same. It includes the Star Wars and Mandalorian logos along with the copyright LFL (Lucasfilms Ltd).

In case you couldn’t tell I absolutely love this set. I hope we get something similar (but not identical) here in Florida. My gut tells me if we do get a similar machine the designs will probably be identical which just seems to be how things work and I’m sure saves the vendor additional costs from having to create so many different designs.

Are you a Mandalorian fan? Will you be picking up these coins for your own collection? Would you prefer these were elongated coins / pressed pennies? Let me know down in the comments below, I’d love to heard all about it. Enjoy the rest of your day and we will be back soon. Keep on Collecting!


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