Guardians Mission Breakout Updated Pressed Pennies | Disney California Adventure

When I first hear murmurings on the Disney coin groups a bout new Guardians of the Galaxy pennies I immediately thought we were getting them here in EPCOT for the Cosmic Rewind attraction that opened earlier this year. But that was not the case, instead new “Updated” versions have been released at the Mission Breakout attraction in Disney California Adventure.

Every time I see pictures of the outside of this attraction it just looks amazing. The details are so unbelievable and from what I’ve seen inside that continues all the way through. Now I am not a fan of this type of drop ride so I’ll be skipping it this time around, and instead we are going to jump right over to the exit gift shop called the Collector’s Warehouse.

Photo courtesy Kelly B

As you walk through the stop it’s towards the exit door in one of the corners. At first glance it looks like a pretty standard 3-design electronic machine, but don’t let that fool you. The cabinet is nice and details for this shop, but that marquee is no marquee instead it’s actually a digital screen that changes and moves when you use it. I have not personally been out here to see it in person so I don’t have any video clips of it, however I hope to soon be heading to the west coast for a family trip and will be documenting those screens in plenty of details for future reviews.

First let me show of my glamour shot of these coins. They are really fun and have a ton of detail on them. Peter Quill Star-Lord, Groot Floral Colossus and Rocket as Pet Rodent.

On the above left is the new versions we just looked at and the right are the previous versions. They look identical, maybe with some slight detail changes around the characters but you’d need a pretty good magnifier to see those.

Instead the new variant is on the reverse side of each coin. Thanks for Boomer over at he was able to confirm that the backstamp on these coins has been changed. It appears much smaller and a bit less details in my opinion. Honestly I think I like the previous version better, but I’m one of those pesky completist so I need to get any variant versions I can get my hands on.

I love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, characters, the new ride in Epcot, but this one in California Adventure not so much. Maybe one day my daughter will drag me on it and I’ll experience it. Hopefully instead of just a new backstamp in the near future we can get some updated front designs for either the upcoming Holiday special movie or Volume III hitting theaters in a couple years. A collector can always wish can’t he. Thanks for joining me and enjoy the rest of your week. Keep on Pressing!


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