Frozen still getting NEW Pressed Pennies | Disney California Adventure

Ok I really don’t want to be that guy…but really Disney we are getting more Frozen themed pressed pennies in 2022? I guess it would be one thing if these were brand new designs, but as I’ll show you shortly these are the same designs already available in Florida. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the original Frozen and will still sing along to those songs when they pop up on my Pandora Disney playlist. The second movie I could have really done without, but honestly these pennies I could have also really done without at this point.

First let me start off by mentioning in case you missed it, today we are inside Disney California Adventure theme park. Not too far inside you find yourself on Buena Vista Street and tucked away in the back corner is a place called Kingswell (Camera) Shop. Years ago when I visited this was an actual camera shop selling mostly those disposable Kodak film cameras, but now it seems it has just been merged into the nearby stores selling the same more standard Disney merchandise.

Photo courtesy Kelly B

Many of these stores along Buena Vista street are all interconnected similar to Main Street USA in Disneyland. Each shop has it’s own set of entrance and exits and in one of these near the Kingswell shop is where you will find the newest penny press machine. I will admit this is one very pretty look machine cabinet, and I really like those little snowflakes they have inlaid with the wood. I’m sure they are luck vinyl stickers but still a very nice touch.

As promised here is a closer look at the “new” set of Frozen themed penny designs. Included are Anna, Elsa and of course my daughters favorite Olaf.

Earlier I mentioned that these are similar to designs we have here in Florida at the Norway Pavilion in EPCOT. They aren’t identical but as you can see from the above comparison they are pretty close. Elsa seems a bit more defined and better looking details to the edges of her dress and hair. At the top the Disney logo is gone from the new versions. The other designs are very similar in comparison.

I mean there is nothing wrong with them, and I guess technically the West Coast parks haven’t had designs like this so that’s fine. It just seems like a strange new set to release now. Why not put out some Encanto designs, or Turning Red. We still haven’t seen anything from those movies yet and they are much more relevant that this point in time. Guess I just need to Let it Go!! Haha sorry I couldn’t resist.

Keep on Pressing!


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