Small World NEW Pressed Pennies | Disneyland, CA

Based on just the title alone I’m sure that ear worm of a song has already started to repeat itself in your head. I will vow to you right now that I promise not to sing for you, and I’ll try to limit the song lyrics in this post. So if the song is still in your head after that, well you are on your own.

I’m going to assume many of you have been on this attraction at least once in one of the Disney parks, or if not maybe you saw it on TV over the years. It seems to be one of the most recognized attractions that Disney has every created. So with that in mind we are going to skip ridding it for this blog post and instead we will pretend we rode it, are exiting the attraction and now are walking towards the cute little It’s a Small World Toy Shop. You know I just realized that in Florida we don’t have a Small World Toy / Gift Shop, that’s kind of strange and seems like a missed opportunity. I wonder why?

Photo courtesy Kelly B

Inside this store of course is everything you can image Small World themed. One of the items I always laugh at when I see is the blue t-shirt that says “I conquered It’s a Small World”. Why isn’t that on a penny Disney? The penny machine is tucked away in one of the corners and is a new 8-design touch screen version that has been taking over Disneyland lately.

Look at these cuties, the classic Mary Blaire creations in all their glory just now in pressed penny form that you can slide into your pocket, and they don’t sing. That’s certainly a plus! Some of the designs include the Small World attraction facade, the little Dutch girl, Maracas player, and Toy Horse.

Also included in this set are the classic Beefeater, Can Can girl, Drummer, and my personal favorite the blinking hippo, or is she winking. You know I never can tell, but I love her just the same.

This set is unbelievably good, I can’t express how much I love these designs and it’s something I have not yet seen released here in Florida at Walt Disney World. I hope we get something like this soon, although like I said with no gift shop nearby I’m not sure where the machine would go. I hope you enjoyed this non-musical trip to collect this set of great pennies. Keep on Pressing!


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