NEW Space Mountain Pressed Pennies | Disneyland, CA

Now that it seems that Disneyland on the West coast has finally woken up and started giving us lots of new elongated coins, I find that it’s been hard lately trying to keep up with them to share. I’ve got a few to share with you but I’ll post them separately just so they are easier to find based on their location and probably more importantly their design theme. First up we are headed into Disneyland, over to Tomorrowland and hopping aboard a high-speed thrill ride in the dark better known at Space Mountain.

As with most penny machines at Disney you do not actually need to ride the attraction if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground.

Photo courtesy Kelly B

The machine is located near the exit where you would be able to preview the onside photographs. It is kind of tucked away in one of the corners along the glittery space wall.

Photo courtesy Kelly B

The machine cabinet has a fun future and space theme to it, nice and shiny like a new rocket ship.

Usually I tried to photograph the entire set together, but I’ve been finding with these 8-design sets sometimes not all of the coins are shown in their full glory. So I’m splitting them up to try and show more details. The set includes pennies with the Space Mountain logo, Mickey & Minnie, Mike & Sully, and Mickey Donald & Goofy all in Space Mountain ride vehicles.

The second half of this set had a couple designs with Mickey in a space suit and doing a space walk. Then we find that cute duo Chip & Dale floating around, and we end with Donald in another space suit.

This is a fun new set of elongated coins themed for one of my favorite attraction Space Mountain, and yes I will admit that the California version is far superior to our Florida version but that could just be me. Stay tuned for quite a few more new west coast Disney themed coin sets on the way. Keep on Pressing!


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