Incredible Hulk Transformed into Fantastic Four Pressed Penny Machine

Quite a few years ago I tracked now a new at the time, pressed penny machine that was released for The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park. This machine had some great penny designs available, but was in a pretty bad location. If you rode the attraction you would pass by it as you exited, but if you didn’t want to ride (such as myself) you had to kind of walk against traffic into the exit to track it down. You can read all about it here if you are interested.

Just a few days ago I was visiting the park with some family, and my cousin opted to risk death by riding this crazy looking coaster. I insisted on keeping my feet on the group while holding his things. While I waited I kind of wondered around this area of the park just because I’m honestly almost never over here. As I checked out the area something caught my eye which I though may be something new. To try and give a bit of wayfinding, near the Hulk coaster is the Fantastic Four Cafe.

Along the one side of this cafe almost directly across from the Hulk coaster is a set of restrooms. Then tucked into the corner is a collectible tag engraver machine and what looked like a new Fantastic Four pressed penny machine.

The design of the machine cabinet was nice, and I certainly was excited to see what designs where available at this machine. But….then I noticed these were not new designs.

These were in fact the same designs that had been in that previous Hulk machine. Now during the Covid park shut downs and then subsequent reopening, there were a few times I tried to access this machines old location in the exits area to the Hulk attraction. But there were Team members stationed near a barricade keeping non-rides out. So for quite awhile I haven’t been able to actually confirm if this machine was still there or available. This has since confirmed that the machine was in fact missing for at least a little while as they refurbished its outside cabinet. It does seem very strange to have a Fantastic Four cabinet with no Fantastic Four penny designs available, so fingers crossed that maybe we will see that update or change in the future. For now this post is more of an informative update. If you are or have been interested in this set of Incredible Hulk and a few other classic Marvel characters it is now easier to access than before. Keep on Pressing!


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