Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Medallions

I want to apologize for the extended time it took me to post about this “New” medallion machine. Back in May 2022 after the All-Star Sports Resort had finally reopened they released first a new pressed penny machine that you can read about here, quickly followed by a new collectible medallion machine. With everything going on I made sure to review the new penny machine, but completely forgot about the medallions. So that’s what we are going to focus on in today’s adventure, plus there is currently a bit of a unique situation happening to this machine.

When I used to live in New Jersey and visited Walt Disney World, most of my visits I stayed at one of the All-Star Resorts. I believe I only stayed at Sports once, but they are all pretty much laid out in a similar fashion. There is one main building with the check-in, gift shop, food court, and arcade, then all the guest rooms are in various buildings nearby.

The penny and medallion machines can be found in this main building just outside the Game Point Arcade.

The cabinet for the new medallion machine has the same color scheme as the pressed penny machine. These colors are very close to the rest of this main building making them fit in nicely with the surrounding asthetics.

There are four medallion designs available at this location and they are all, as you may have guessed, sports themed. Goofy playing basketball, Cheerleader Minnie, Football Donald and Mickey playing soccer.

I love the design on the reverse side of the medallions that has the All-Star Sports resort logo and trophy design. These are really a fun set of coins, and I hope we see similar themed designs at the other All-Star Resorts, Music and Movies, in the future.

Now lets talk about this machine in it’s current state. As I mentioned these new sports themed medallions were available starting back in May 2022 and were there for a few months. But recently I was informed that those designs are no longer available and have been replaced with some 50th Anniversary designs.

First let me explain that these are NOT new 50th anniversary designs. These are duplicates of ones we have already found at other locations.

Above is a picture I took of the currently available medallion designs at the All-Star Sports resort. Mickey and Minnie are currently also available at the Port Orleans Riverside resort, Goofy is at Hollywood Studios in the Tower of Terror gift shop, and Donald can also be found at Disney Springs in the Pin Trader store.

So what happened, well I have a couple theories. First is that the Sport themed designs sold out or had low inventory so they replace them with some 50th anniversary designs to ensure the machine had coins to sell. Nothing worse than having a machine that can’t be used, and we saw this a few times earlier this year where they moved certain designs around when ones were out of stock.

Second possibility is that with the 50th Anniversary starting to head towards it’s completion in early 2023 I’m sure they have plenty of the 50th medallions that they want to do everything they can to sell off so they are putting them in as many machines as they have available.

Either way I would say that these 50th designs are not going to be in this location for very long. Once this stock either sells out or the 50th comes to a close, and I would then anticipate those Sports themed designs will return. Happy Collecting!


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