Honolulu Police Department 90th Anniversary Pressed Coin Set

My elongated coin collection is something I’ve worked on for many years, and is primarily made up of designs from large theme parks, zoos, aquariums and many roadside attractions. I love all of them, but something I had more recently found and been exploring more and more are privately designed coins. We have reviewed quite a few already here in previous posts and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. In one of the many pressed penny Facebook groups I’m a member of, another member posted about one of his design sets that I thought was really striking. So I reached out, placed and order and was blown away when they arrived in my mail. Let me introduce you to Michael Mochizuki and he coin designs.

Michael is a fellow TEC member, and is primarily a Hawaii collector of many different categories but his main interest being elongated coins, medals and tokens. He has been designing elongated coins since 2010 specializing in Hawaiian historical subjects and commemorating various Hawaii anniversaries. To date he has created over 250 designs which is truly amazing.

One thing about some of Michael’s coin sets is the beautiful information card giving a detailed explanation of the story behind the coin design. These are limited sets that are numbered, which I think this is a fantastic touch making these sets highly sought after.

Michael’s latest design commemorates the the Honolulu Fire Department. December 7th 1941 a Day of Infamy and Fire.

The story behind the Honolulu Fire Department is really an unbelievable one, and an important part of a very tragic day in our Nation’s history. The design on this coin has some amazing details including the Department shield logo, and the Purple Heart medal.

The set I received included not only a full denomination set of coins, but also a collectible chip. Michael has quite an amazing catalog of Hawaiian elongated coin sets similar in style and amount of detail to this one. I have already ordered a few more designs so we can take a look at those in future posts. If you are interested in checking out any of Michael’s available sets I have included a link to his Facebook group page here.

Thank you for checking out more privately designed pressed coins with me, I hope you find these as interesting as I do. There are so many talented designers in our community that we have plenty to find and review. As always Keep on Pressing. Mahalo!


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