Disney’s All-Star Resorts NEW Pressed Pennies

I have visited and stayed at Disney’s All-Star Resorts many times in the past. During some of my impromptu vacations (ahem…penny pressing trips) I would stay here due to their lower cost. I always figured since I wasn’t going to be spending much time in my room why pay more. They may not have a Spa, or a table service restaurant but these resorts still have all the Disney charm and plenty of amenities to keep you and your family busy. Of course for us elongated coin collectors these resorts also were a treasure trove of machine having 3 or 4 machines at each resort. Unfortunately just recently that has changed, thankfully there are still pressed penny machines available, but the numbers have been trimmed down a bit. Let’s take a trip over to the All-Star Resorts to see what has changed.

After passing through the security checkpoint the first resort we come to is All-Star Sports which at the time of this post has only recently reopened after all the shut downs. It was the last Disney run resort to reopen.

As soon as I walked inside the resort I could tell the cast members were so happy and excited to be back. I must have been greeted about a dozen times during my quick visit on this day, and they were really trying to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

Once you are inside the main resort building all you need to do is head straight down the big long hallway towards the Foodcourt and just outside the Game Point Arcade you will find the new lone pressed penny machine.

I do like that the new machine has kept the same color scheme the old machines had and this changes with each of the All-Star Resorts.

Keeping with the sports theme of the resort you can see that the pressed penny designs have all our favorite Disney characters participating in various sports from Basketball Mickey, to Volleyball Donald. Plus I love that these designs include All-Star Sports on each of the designs.

Once back in my car it was only a short drive to our next destination theAll-Star Music resort.

As you may notice from these pictures these resorts are all designed very similarly. Once I walked inside All-Star Music I just headed straight down the main hallway towards the Food Court and same as at the Sports resort just outside the Note’Able Arcade was where we found the new machine.

Just as we saw previously the multiple machines that used to be here are now gone and instead replaced with one of the new 8-design versions. The cabinet is painted a bluish green and red color to match the old machines as well as the collectible medallion machine just to the side.

Here you will be able to press another fun set of themed pennies. Since we are at the Music resort it makes perfect sense to find our Disney Friends either making music or listening to it. I love seeing the design with Animal and his drum sticks, plus Chip and Dale sharing a pair of headphones is just too cute.

All the way down at the end of the road is where we found the last resort on this trip the All-Star Movies resort. Out of all the All-Star resorts this is probably the one I have stayed at the most. I’m a movie buff and this just had some really fun theming from the Mighty Ducks pool to the Herbie the Love Bug rooms.

This resort however had the pressed penny machine in a different location. Instead of outside the arcade this one is inside the World Premier Food Court.

I used to love coming in here and seeing this wall just stacked with pressed penny machines, but now we are down to just one. Plus you do have another collectible medallion machine if you are obsessed with those as well like I am.

This new set of pressed pennies is my absolutely favorite. I love the idea of showcasing these classic Disney Animated movies and including the release year for each of them right on the design. Aladdin is my favorite..holy cow 1992 am I that old?!? Hopefully they come out with more designs following these with other movies that would make for such a fantastic mega-set of pennies.

Have you visited any of the All-Star Resorts? Do you have a favorite? Let me know if the comments below. Thanks for tagging along as we did our quick visit to each of the All-Star Resorts and tracked down these new sets of pressed pennies. 24 new designs all acquired in one day, that’s not too bad!

Keep on Pressing!


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