Disney Cruise Line Pressed Pennies – Port Canaveral FL

I wish I could say that my family just got off of a wonderful Disney cruise to the Caribbean but that is unfortunately not the case. My wife and I did go on the Disney Dream a few years ago for our Anniversary and you read about that adventure here. To be honest we have really just been waiting for our kids to get a little older before we embark on another cruise and I can’t wait for that trip.

Photo Credit: USAToday

Disney does have their fifth ship the Wish about the start its inaugural sailings later this year. Then they have their sixth and seventh ships scheduled in the near future as well. There are certainly lots of new things happening with Disney Cruise Line and I’m happy to also report that they have released some brand new pressed pennies as well here in the Port Canaveral Terminal.

Now before you hop in your car and try to press a set of these at the terminal I want to state that this machine is not available to the general public. It is located beyond the terminal security checkpoint meaning that only Disney Cruise Line passengers about to board their ship will have access to the machine. This has always been the case here at Port Canaveral and makes these pressed pennies very sought after by collectors.

As I mentioned above my family doesn’t have any Cruise trips scheduled so I was a little worried about how I could get a set of these new pennies. Thankfully I was able to cruise some very nice friends online who offered to pick up a set on their next cruise. Previously there were two separate 3-design machines in the terminal but those have both been removed and replaced with a new touchscreen 8-design model instead.

This is a great new set of pennies with images of the Disney Cruise Line logo, Captain Mickey, Captain Minnie, and their friends. Now the only thing I was sad to see is that there are no longer penny designs for each of the Disney Ships. Those designs were always very popular with cruisers to commemorate each ship they had cruised on. Maybe once Disney has all their new ships in active service we will see some updated designs or maybe even a second machine for just those pennies. I know those would be extremely popular.

Do you have an upcoming Disney Cruise? Be sure to leave me a commend down below, I’d love to hear all about it. Happy Cruising and Keep on Pressing!


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