Super Nintendo Pressed Medallions – Universal Studios Japan

I live in Orlando Florida which his known as the Theme Park capital of the world. Within a pretty short drive from my home I can be at either Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and a little longer of a drive at Busch Gardens Tampa. Along my previous travels I’ve visited Disneyland and Universal out in California and many Six Flags all along the East and West Coats. However there are still so many more parks that are on my Bucket List including Disneyland Paris, Shanghai Disney and maybe more than even those would be Universal Studios Japan.

Photo Credit: TDR Explorer

Much of my spare time has me watching all sorts of videos on Youtube about Universal Japan which just looks fantastic. Some of the attractions are similar to ones we have here in the US, but there are plenty that we do not have. Plus their HHN event seems pretty intense. However the biggest draw for me would be the Super Nintendo Land.

Photo Credit: CNTraveler

When I was young I didn’t have an original Nintendo but my neighborhood friends did. Then when the Super Nintendo was released I somehow convinced my parents I needed one and was surprised to find it under our Christmas tree that year. It became my obsession for quite awhile and my all time favorites of course were any of the Mario adventures, and of course Donkey Kong. When I first saw images of this themed land it completely blew me away. Then I hear there were special elongated medallions available and that was just the icing on the cake.

Hopefully sometime in the future my family will take a massive trip oversees to experience some of these parks, but for now it’s just on my wish list and I kind of forgot about the medallions until recently. I’m a member of a few different elongated collector clubs on Facebook and friends are always posting about their upcoming trips. In one of these posts a wonderful lady named Betty mentioned she was heading to Universal Japan offering to pickup some coins for anyone interested. I of course was interested and immediately reached out to her with my shopping list for her. It did take a little while to arrive in the mail but the coins finally arrived and they are amazing.

First was a set of three pressed coins (medallions) that were celebrating the Grand Opening of the Super Nintendo Land dated for 2021. The designs on these coins are so detailed and just so beautiful. They shine super bright and I was just blown away by them.

The second set (yes I only opted to get two this time) was themed for MarioKart. This was another game I remember playing as a child and loved playing against all my friends. Nothing more fun that dropping a banana peel and having my friend spin out when they drove over top of it. Plus in Super Nintendo Land they have an Augmented Reality attraction where you can actually join in a “Real” MarioKart race. Again with this set the designs are super details, I love the images they have of Toad, Mario and my favorite Yoshi. There is a section of a checkered flag at the top, and Universal Studios Japan at the bottom.

Betty was truly so sweet with her offer to get these and I’m just so impressed with their quality. I’m definitely going through the lists of other designs at that park so that the next time she heads over there I’ll be placing another order with her. I saw some Anime themed sets that I would love to get next time.

Quick side note, I wanted to give a special thank you to our friends over at Summers Raceway for the props used in our glamor shots above of the coins. They have a really fun and family friend Youtube Channel all about Hot Wheels collecting and racing. If you or anyone you know is interested be sure to check them out here.

Have you visited any international theme parks? Did they have any pressed or elongated coin machines? Be sure to let me know down in the comments below, I’d be interested to hear all about it and then I can add them to my future collecting list. Thanks for visiting and Keep on Pressing!


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