“Unofficial” Disney Pressed Coin Collector 2022 Penny

As many of you may know I’ve been collecting elongated coins for a long time, and it really all started with a trip to Walt Disney World when I was young. There have been some times during my collecting career when it’s slowed down, or even stopped for a period of time, but that itch always shows up eventually and I’m sucked back in.

Out of all the coins I’ve collected throughout the years I still maintain that the heart of my collection are the ones I’ve pressed at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. I’ve collected hundreds maybe even thousands of Disney pressed coins with designs running the gamut of classic characters, attractions, and even some depicting Disney historical themes. As an avid collector of course I have my options about designs I would love to see made available in the parks and even made a post about my wish list that you can read about here.

There is one design however that I didn’t even think of. Thankfully our friend, fellow collector and elongated coin designer Don Cade has created an “Unofficial” Disneyland and Walt Disney World Pressed Coin Collector penny. He has created variations of this design over the past few years and as soon as I found out about this fantastic design I picked up each version I could get. Some are also available pressed on different denominations but those tend to go pretty quickly.

If you are interested in one of these special coins, or any of Don’s other unique designs he makes them available through the TEC Elongated Collector Club Facebook Group. It would be nice to see Disney release an Official version in one of the machines as I think it would be very popular, but to be honest I’m extremely happy with Don’s version and may need to pick up some extras so I can hand them out to other collectors at the parks.

Have a fantastic week, stay safe and as always Keep on Pressing!


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