One Fat Frog Food Trucks – Orlando FL

Years ago I used to live in New Jersey and we had quite a few pressed penny machines available throughout the state but they rarely changed. Even at our local Six Flags theme park those machines had the same designs available for years and years. Now that I’m located in Central Florida, obviously the theme parks we have around here release new designs on a nice regular basis. In my mind however finding a new brand new machine at a never before known location outside of the parks doesn’t happen to often. Recently however this exact situation happened and it was certainly an interesting experience. Let me explain.

Word was released throughout some of the online collecting communities about this new machine and it shortly after showed up on one our main resources When I read up on it, this certainly seemed like it was a strange place to have a machine but I was intrigued and headed over as soon as I could. The company is called One Fat Frog and they are known as the Nation’s Largest Food Truck Manufacturer.

The address I had for this machine was out towards the Orlando Airport, near the Florida mall and maybe 15 minutes from Universal Studios. When I drove into their parking lot I was confronted with a fairly plain building. There were a few food trucks along the sides that looked like they were waiting for their new owners to pick up and put into service. Other than that there wasn’t much from the outside that would let you know what they did here.

I walked inside and could tell immediately that this was their main sales office. There was quite a few staff members on the phones with clients, and I checked in with their receptionist to let her know I was interested in using their pressed penny machine. She was extremely sweet and said that a few other people had been in recently to use the machine as well. It did seem like they were surprised how quickly word got out.

She pointed me towards the machine which was located in the back of their office next to a large video screen. Just behind the machine was a window that gave a little glimpse into their manufacturing warehouse. They definitely seemed to have a lot of food trucks in various stages of production.

The machine worked really nicely, and pressed great. I loved the cabinet design, and color plus the fun Frog logos were a nice touch. Another plus of this machine is that it only cost $0.50 per press and I was able to use my own preferred copper pennies. Not too many of these versions available anymore unfortunately.

The designs in this set were also really cool in my opinion and certainly unique. They included their fun Frog mascot and also promoted the company as the Nation’s Largest Food Truck Manufacturer. One design stated Food Truck Owner which I think is such a cool collectible for anyone having their own Food Truck created here. The last design included the year 2022 so I’ll be curious to see what happens at the end of this year. Will we get new designs? Or will this machine just be retired and removed? Only time will tell.

As I mentioned this was a very unique place to go and press a set of coins. I fell a bit strange just walking into their company office during working hours to use the machine, but everyone I encountered during my visit was extremely friendly and so happy to see us collectors enjoying their machine.


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