Waterloo Region Museum Pressed Pennies – Canada

Not too long ago my cousin Joel had visited me from Canada for a week here in Florida and we spent a good amount of time at the theme parks. It’s pretty easy to convince your family to visit when you have some world class parks near your house. While Joel was visiting he helped me with some of our pressed penny missions including the Mickey & Minnie Runaway Railroad YouTube video you can check out here. He even filmed an outro for that video so be sure to let him know he did a great job! Of course most of our days at the park were spent waiting in long lines for the marquee attractions and during one of those times I thought we should see if there were any pressed penny machines located near his home and of course we found some.

Once he was back home and he found himself with a weekend off from work his first stop was the Waterloo Region Museum. Notice the snow? While he was visiting Florida his home town was hit with quite a snow storm that caused some issues with his return trip. Gotta love Canada!

Photo Credit: Waterloo Region Museum

The museum is also known as the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum and is a campus of historical attractions and preservation facilities including a Heritage Village, Waterloo Region Hall of Fame, and Curatorial Centre. There are two exhibit galleries. The long term exhibit explores 12,000 years of history and development of the Waterloo Region. The short term exhibit gallery showcases its own collection and traveling exhibits from other museums on a variety of topics.

I was informed that the pressed penny machine can be found just outside the main gift shop that is at the front of the museum. Admission is not required to access the machine so if you prefer to just stop in and press a set you can.

The designs on these pennies were themed around some of the permanent exhibits within the museum. The machine pressed them all very nicely (be sure to use US Cents only!) and I’m so happy to have these join my Canadian collection of pressed coins. Plus I’m excited to have recruited yet another family member into our pressed penny community. Hopefully I can convince Joel to keep tracking down more machines near his home, or maybe I’ll just have to make a trek back up to the Great White North for a family reunion and squishing’ mission.


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