Penny Adventure Journal

Most collectors at one time or another have used a pressed coin booklet for their collection. When I first started getting into pressed coin collecting I used these booklets exclusively, but my collection quickly outgrew those booklets.

These booklets can be found pretty much wherever a pressed coin machine is located. Some have custom cover designs for the location you are visiting, or some are more generic. But they are all similar in design, usually a trifold little plastic booklet with plastic pockets inside where you can just slid your pressed coins into.

Even thought I don’t use these booklets anymore to actually house my collection, I still find myself picking these up whenever I come across a unique one. It’s basically become a collection in and of itself at my home.

Not too long ago I came across a post online for a new type of penny booklet that I thought was definitely unique and had some interesting features that I wanted to check out. I headed over to our friends at who produced this item and ordered one so I could look at it in person and in much more detail.

This is called their Penny Adventure Journal and it’s pretty amazing. It’s wrapped in a nice Vegan Leather cover that comes in quite a few different colors like Crimson Red, Sunset Orange, Tie Dye, and many others. I opted for the Ocean Turquoise version.

As you can see from the above picture, this journal is pretty thick but there is a reason for that and we will get into it shortly. But this is really well made and has some fun features inside.

When you first open the journal there is a band on the cover that you would want to remove, but it does give a bit of an overview of what is included inside.

The first thing we come across is a clear pocket with a zip top. This can be used for your loose change, maybe your park tickets, some cash, or even a pen which you may need when we get a little further into the journal.

The next few pages are for your pressed coins to be stored. This is a similar design to those other booklets we spoke about at the beginning. Once nice feature of this version is the cut out at the top of each pocket that makes it much easier to insert or extract your coins from these pockets. The pennybandz website advertises this booklet as being able to store 146 coins which at first I thought I may be missing some of these pocket pages. But I believe what they were doing to get to this overall number would be having two coins in each pocket back to back and the math worked out by doing that. So just be aware if you prefer not to store your coins that way, then the number of coins you can store in this journal will be half of the advertised number.

Now we come to the actual Journal part which I really think is a fun additional.

I wish I had come up with this statement. Live the adventure…press on! This also has a spot at the bottom for the collector’s name. Just in case you have more than one collector in your family you can keep your journals separated.

The journal then has pages with cool tables where you can list the date, location and design for each of your newly pressed coins.

Then the next page is where you can really document the details of your trip, favorite moment, info on the machine, or basically whatever you would like.

There are quite a lot of these journal pages that should keep your busy on all your squishing’ missions. Or even for existing coins you’ve already collected.

After all the journal pages there are a few more of the plastic coin storage pages that are the same as the ones at the front of the booklet.

The very last plastic page has some slightly larger sized pockets so you can store your pressed quarters, or maybe other larger sized coins you may have pressed or acquired on your travels.

I think this is really a cool new all inclusive way to store your pressed coins. Personally it would not work for the way I collect and store my coins, plus this blog is really how I document and share my “journal” thoughts and details. But I am absolutely going to give one of these to each of my daughters on our next family vacation so they can use it for their own collections and just writing about our vacation together and not just about the coins but what we did, things we saw and maybe even the fun things we ate along the way. This is definitely a unique press coin booklet that I think a lot of casual collectors will enjoy using. I left a link above for the pennybandz website in case you want to check it out and maybe pick up one for yourself. This is not a sponsored advertisement, I did pay for the above booklet myself but thought it was so fun that I wanted to share it with all of you.

Keep on Pressing!


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