Buc-ee’s Pressed Pennies | Daytona Beach, Fl

Only a few weeks ago I made the trip up to St. Augustine Florida to visit the very first Buc-ee’s location and I was immediately hooked. In case you haven’t checked out that post you can visit it here. Shortly after that location opened the second Florida store opened in Daytona Beach. Since my first trip I’ve been thinking about those breakfast tacos, and sliced brisket sandwiches. So I had a day off from work and headed for the Atlantic coast to visit my new favorite roadside stop.

As I drove into the parking lot my mouth was already watering and I couldn’t wait to get inside. I did actually need to fill up my car with gas so I decided to do that first and just had to pick out one of their over 100 gas pumps available for travels. Yes I said that correctly, over 100 gas pumps. I don’t think you will ever need to wait for an open pump when visiting these stores.

Since this store had just opened not too long before this visit, they still had their promotional huge Bucky beaver inflated out front greeting guests.

One thing I noticed as I walked inside is the store was almost identical to the St. Augustine store, except that it was flipped in the opposite directly. St. Augustine had the merchandise area on the left of the main entrance, and the food on the right, but here in Daytona it was flipped. Not a big deal but since I was already familiar with the layout from my other trip, it made finding things much easier.

But first things first, I headed over to the penny press machine to ensure I wouldn’t forget to use it. I was so excited for breakfast that I could see myself pigging out and leaving without getting my coveted coins.

The cabinet of the machine was identical to the St. Augustine model, and I’ve checked out online some of the Texas locations and they all seem to be this same design.

I pressed my coins and noticed that they were also exactly the same as the St. Augustine versions except these listed the Daytona Beach location instead. But the rest of the details for each design were the same. Notice the beaver nuggets in the background, yeah I initially picked up just one bag but ran back inside afterwards to pickup another 2 or maybe 6 bags. Who knows when I would be back and these things are very addictive.

One quick side note, on top of the machine was a bin with some Penny Adventure journals available for purchase. In case you haven’t seen these before they are like the penny booklets you find in other locations but so much more than that inside. I already have one of these in my collection at home and posted about it already which you can read about here. Definitely take a look as I think it’s a really cool idea and a nice way to store you collection.

With my new pressed coins stored away I headed back into the food area of the store and just completely went nuts. I couldn’t help myself and ordered enough food for my entire family that should have lasted a few days but I sat in my car and just indulged myself. Feeling a little guilty afterwards I started to make my way back home with my bags of Beaver Nuggets not too far away, you know just in case I needed a snack for the ride home. My family has an upcoming vacation at Daytona Beach so I’ll be making another pit stop here before too long, and be sure to subscribe to our blog so you can check out those future posts. Plenty more pressed penny machines throughout Daytona Beach and I’ll be doing my best to find them all.

Have a fantastic week and be sure to always Keep on Pressing!


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